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~ PASTOR SAEED needs your help. The ACLJ is presenting his case to the U.N. on Monday, and we would like to go with over 600,000 signatures.. (ACLJ)

Saith Teh Angry Binks

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..You won’t like me when I’m angry..

~ ITEM: ‘May God have mercy on his soul’: Canadian arch-abortionist Henry Morgentaler dead at 90

~ ITEM: ProWoman ProLife » On the death of Henry Morgentaler

~ ITEM: Morgentaler has died, and so will we one day: what will our legacy be?; Morgentaler is gone, but we’re taking back Morgentaler’s Canada

~ ITEM: Heniek “Henry” Morgentaler (March 19, 1923 — May 29, 2013)

~ INFAMOUS CANUCKI abortionist Henry Morgentaler has died.. I hope he turned to God as he did so, even in the last seconds of awareness. He has a very long list of death, suffering, lies, and betrayal of his religion, and deliberately slain unborn boys and girls to answer for, unto a higher power that does not obey lawyers.

It is beyond ironic (a) that he lived a very long life, unlike his victims, (b) was a doctor who proudly betrayed his Hippocratic oath, (c) that he was a Holocaust-survivor, of a regime which promoted abortion, infanticide, murder of the handicapped, political opponents, Jews, and other ‘undesirables’, forcing doctors and hospitals to enforce totalitarianism, and to serve political ends. Then he brought death to countless ‘undesired’, fought to overthrow provincial laws to protect the unborn, and did more for creating the current status quo (no abortion law in Canada since ’88) than any other individual.

Paving The Road To Hell

He considered his motivations fairness and “choice” and helping women in distress from restrictive laws protecting the unborn; yet his means were evil, and helped make a Canada where “We Just Don’t Talk About That”, where we silence the public free speech of abortion-protesters, and don’t encourage adoption and support for unwed mothers which is the real answer to unwanted pregnancy. All taxpayers get to pay for abortion across the country– no choice. Most major hospitals must provide baby-killing. state-sanctioned murder has cost us, according to Andrew Layton,

“3.5 million boys and girls. That’s right, 10% of Canada’s present population legally killed since R v. Morgentaler.”


Doctors & Evil

As medical science advanced under the Greeks, the Oath Of Hippocrates was the warning and wisdom that although evil doctors or unscrupulous leaders might wish to misuse the tremendous power of medicine for evil ends like killing, abortion, and stealthy injury or murder, that this was not the true spirit of healing, nor anything that could be allowed as general medical practice without terrifying and deadly results.

Sadly, the abuse of doctors and hospitals and medical power under the left-wing Soviet & Nazi regimes, and in the medicalized murder or preborns throughout modern Western societies has shown us the creeping hand of medicalized evil, easing us on to new and previously forbidden evils. We don’t want to listen to the warning of Hippocrates, or of the 20th Century of blood, much of it innocent and shed by the hands of doctors and nurses.

None So Deaf…

Neither Morgentaler’s own religion of Judaism, or the general religion of his adopted nation– Christianity– has ever allowed or encouraged medical murder of the unborn. Nor do they support infanticide of the disabled, euthanasia, and other forms of alleged “mercy” so beloved of the secular world, and the culture of death. That didn’t matter to him, prophet of death as he was.

Insofar as it may be possible, Lord have mercy on his soul, and us, and for his leaving us a blood-spattered, divided, and evil-permitting nation, with millions of slain children burnt up in incinerators. O Canada. ~


Setting The Stage


~ ITEM: ‘British Christianity dies while Islam thrives. Why?’

~ ITEM: One country, two religions and three very telling pictures: The empty pews at churches just yards from an overcrowded mosque

~ ITEM: Leading Anglican bishop: British Churches have ‘capitulated to secularism’ and politically correct lessons that whitewash Islam

~ ITEM: America is becoming less religious. That’s good news for the Democrats

~ ITEM: Study suggests bad World War II experiences led vets to church

~ ITEM: Jihad Abhors a Vacuum

~ ITEM: BBC: Tommy Robinson ‘unfair’ to Muslims

~ ITEM: “We have now reached a stage in history when the socio-political crisis of leadership goes hand-in-hand with what might be called the spiritual crisis of nihilism: that ultimate negation of moral principles of order and belief.”

~ ITEM: “The English Defense League (EDL), for example, is portrayed in the media as a bunch of racist football hooligans. So I was surprised to learn that the EDL has not only a Jewish division, but a gay division. (Harvey Fierstein could be their president!) They expressly support Israel against Muslim terror and burn Nazi flags at their rallies.”

~ WE ARE FREE in the West, sorta, but forget that true freedom is to freely desire and choose the good, the beautiful, and the true. So we end up choosing comfort, stuff, entertainment, complaining about our rulers & decreasing freedoms– wait, I just got a text. OMG!

Although it is popular to be anti-religious or skeptical or just to comfy to worry about all that God stuff, it still has to do with us. As hatemongering hatemonger blogger Mark Shea puts it, supernature abhors a vacuum. If we are empty-souled as peope and a nation and a civilization, we cannot dwell in that state, for other things want to creep in, re-emerge, and demand attention and blood and domination. Mark Shea:

“The watery secularism of the shuffling cowards who stood around taking pictures on their cell cams while a man was butchered before their eyes is a living illustration of the future of the West. Post-Christian “civilization” will not be a secular paradise. It will be the watery spirituality of the Eloi of neutered post-Christianity trusting money and tech to save them squaring off against the inflamed spirituality of radicalized Islam. In short, get rid of healthy Catholic spirituality and you don’t get nothing. You get two diseased spiritualities.”

Any true and lasting renewal of the West will not be primarily economic, material, political, or ideological– it must be spiritual, and our spiritual roots are Judeo-Christian. That moral and spiritual renewal must be individual to be corporate; we must remember, repent, restore and rebuild what our selfishness and materialism has reduced almost to ruins. If faith is the root, then civilization is the stalk and flower– cut flowers are pleasant to look at, but their time is short. That seems to be our situation, and all the idols we have chosen to serve and worship cannot save us.

Lord have mercy upon us. ~

Hey, UK– Just Wondering


~ ITEM: Russell Taylor – In praise of defying the status quo

~ ITEM: Tommy Robinson straightens out a hostile BBC

~ ITEM: Whatever you may think of Nick Griffin and the BNP, you have to give him this one

~ ITEM: Pamela Geller laughs out loud in response to media’s coverage of jihadi attack

~ THE UK ESTABLISHMENT is a jealous, greedy, vicious force protecting the “political middle ground” and castigating all other comers as evil lunatics of evil. The power, the trough, the societal control must remain in their hands, no matter how big the lie, or serious the challenge from reality.

This has an effect, and explains some stuff. First, it marginalizes any and all individual concern or group consensus which does not uphold the holy doctrines of diversity, immigration, Greenism, abortion, EUtopia, and so much more, as promoted by the modern UK nanny-state, and the kleptocrats in Brussels running the bankrupt bizarrely politicaly correct European Dictatorship. Second, this narrow definition of “True Britishness” means that anybody else saying things outside the narrative is not just wrong, but unBritish, and evil.

Horrible Evils!

UKiP? BNP? EDL? Never mind if they have points which any wise politician might adopt, and thereby (i) defuse societal and political pressures in British society, and (ii) steal their thunder by doing sensible things, people in fact have a right to say and do stuff, even if they are wrong, or out of the mainstream, or perhaps aware of the real problems in modern British society that don’t fit the mainstream permitted thoughts and words.

Thus, the BBC acts as the media-attack-dog; the cowardly British police forces (hobbled at all points by insane multiculturalism and deference to ‘Diversity) busts EDL heads, and yet stands by as Muslim gangs do the same to the EDL (or rush to protect ranting Islamists in their homes); the political classes– seemingly terrified of telling the truth, yet alone acting on it– keep repeating the same utter madness and platitudes, as the pot boils over.

Aid, Abet, Pander

The British Establishment has aided and abetted much evil in the past, and in the matter of Jihad, sharia-zones, child marriage, female genital mutilation, and all the other tentacles of Islam entangling modern Britian, that same establishment is aiding and abetting the enemies of freedom; of liberty under law; of equality for all British people, aside from religion or political position; of people happy to exploit the welfare system whilst creating chaos and terror in British society.

Peace at any price versus sharia uber alles?.. but remember, non-establishment poilitical and protest groups (and people on Twitter) are the real problem in the UK, 2013. Yeah, right. ~

Death To Silence?


~ ITEM: The hi-tech tattoo that could replace ALL your passwords

~ ITEM: Student ‘addiction’ to technology ‘similar to drug cravings‘; Online-media deprivation leads to withdrawal symptoms

~ ITEM: Going 24 Hours Without Media

~ THE DREAMERS and doers at the heart of the modern super-state, consumerism, and “security” seem obsessed with a terrible problem. Privacy, peace, and quiet.

I blame businesses, insisting that advertising be everywhere, even on clothing. Public transport, walls, sides of buildings, roadside signs, on the radio, on TV, those wonderful pop-up adds on the interwebs, every bloody where.

We Improved It.. Worse

The conspiracy against privacy, peace and quiet took a quantum leap with electronics like the xBox, iPod, televison, and internets. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that if they could make little video screens to advertise on our closed eyelids at night, they would.

The net effect? People who are lost without noise, screen, constant commercials, connectivity.


Simply Horribles!

Silence in this case is like torture; quiet reflection just not intense enough; turning stuff off pointless. All moments shall be subject to media, commercials, intense stimulation, slogans, factoids, but no thinking. Quietly thinking is inherently dangerous.. it causes mental and emotional stress, and possible ideas, pondering, and clarity about life.

On the other hand, what about the people who don’t enjoy the constant demands of the phone, the iPhone, the text-dings, the music in the earphones, the flicker and blatter of the TV, and the constant distraction we moderns seem to generate because we’re scared and bored of quietness?

The Wandering Binks

When Binks goes to the mall (not often, but still), I’m always puzzled by the (almost always) young alien persons who make constant clickety with their thumbs, looking down at the shiny thing, even if walking with friends (who may be simultaneously making clickety). I use the walking time to think, to look in shop-windows, to look around at people, greet aquaintances or neighbours, and let others bask in my glow.

I cannot imagine how this new mode of media-immersion and electronic addiction is a good thing; how it leads to an examined life worth living; how it gets below comfort and slogans into real pondering; how it leads to civilizational and individual renewal and freedom and the fulness of life.

It tends, rather, to enslavement, following the messages fed to you, and becoming a sheep.. witness all those folks who passively filmed a beheading near London, rather than actually doing anything about it.

Oh, and you kids get off my lawn! ~

…Saith Teh Binksmeister


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0ef71912-f79b-406e-9881-a22381efca5eHe Love You Long Time!

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The Glazov Gang – Part 1 of 2/

Why Won’t We Call Them Islamic Terrorists?

Part 2

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~ THAT GIANT SUCKING SOUND— “US Corporate Income Tax Now the Highest Among Advanced Economies.” And before Obama, US corporate tax rates were the second highest, so this isn’t really a new problem for the American economy … (

~ WEEKLY STANDARD— Barnstorming for Jobs and Growth; Progressives with Bombs; They’ll Always Love Obama; Goolsbee’s Mysterious Tweet About the Koch Brothers’(weeklystandard)

~ DEATH-SPIRAL WATCH— 40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe: “#1 Back in 1980, the U.S. national debt was less than one trillion dollars. Today, it is rapidly approaching 17 trillion dollars” … (

~ AN OPEN LETTER To Iranian-born Communist sympathizer Valerie Jarrett … (westernjournalism)

~ GRAHAM TO OBAMA: IRS Profiling Included Christian/Jewish Ministries … (


~ EVERYTHING You Cannot Know About Obama Is In This Photograph … (

~ VIA MALKIN— Obamacare “Navigators”: Another Sebelius Snitch Brigade? … (


~ JIM DEMINT on Fox News: “Obamacare Puts the IRS on Steroids”; The IRS, Obamacare, and You: The Complexity(

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— “Um. WOW! … We Have A Chance To Kick The Rest Of Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Buddies Out Of Congress” says horrid RNC; “California Senate approves seven gun control bills”; “DOJ Tells Employees to Verbally Affirm Homosexuality”; “House bill would force HHS to prescribe exercise guidelines ‘for all Americans’”; So honestly, there’s nothing to see here; “A Bad Relationship: How the Press Came To Love Obama More Than Itself”; Hmmm.. “Did Eric Holder Lie Under Oath? An Early Investigation of an Investigation”; My first brief conversation with Eric Holder’s soul(

~ BRASS BALLS, C. 1996— IRS Lerner to Politician: ‘If You Don’t Ever Run Again, We’ll Drop our Case’ … (

~ RINO-WATCH— Brokeback Boardwalk: Obama & Christie rekindle bromance … (

~ BARACK OBAMA: even the mainstream media has given up on the hopey-changey stuff … (blogs.telegraph)

~ DEMENTEDCRATS? “As Rubin points out, standing up for the Fifth Amendment rights of non-US citizens in Iran is not exactly going to endear the Democrats to Arkansas voters. This kind of dementia suggests a party in disarray, aware that something very bad lies ahead” … (

~ ACLJ FILES FED LAWSUIT Against IRS on Behalf of 25 Tea Party Groups; Lawsuit: IRS, OSHA, ATF, FBI probed tea party group(, WND)



~ MORE PEOPLE’S CUBE— Remarks on the Resignation of Attorney General– Recycled Bushitler Speech Serves Obama … (

~ 2 MINUTE HATE— Farewell Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party queen that the mainstream media loved to hate … (blogs.telegraph)

~ FRESH PJMEDIA— Barack Obama is the most impressive sophist of our age; If Muslim Brotherhood Can Take Tunisia, What Hope Is Left?; Argentina’s Elected Autocracy; The National Interest vs. Jacobin, by Ron Radosh; Atlantic Writer Earns Lapdog Cred, Says Obama Scandals Are No Big Deal; Which Gods Make War Inside the Premenstrual Woman Struggling To Maintain Her Mood?; The Real IRS Scandal: the IRS Exists(

~ OBAMA’S HHS MANDATE Not Just Unconstitutional, But Ungodly … (

~ THE FACTS REMAIN: “there are those in every corner of the globe who want us dead in the name of Allah (global); they are at war with the West (war); their objective is to create mass casualty of the iconic in a public display of terror (terrorism). There is a global war being waged by the terrorists; this is no time to leave the fight. Our children and our grandchildren’s security depend on it.” … (


Jihad Is Fun!


~ MURDER SUSPECT Michael Adebowale appears in court accused of killing Drummer Lee Rigby and possessing a firearm; HM the Queen visits Lee Rigby’s barracks to pay her respects … (dailymail)

~ VAGUELY CANADIAN Terrorist Omar Khadr has arrived in Edmonton. He is eligible for a parole hearing in July… (

~ THE HORRID VLAD TEPES— And Tommy Robinson gets exactly what state protection?; Links and news for end of May 29 2013; Iran to chair UN nuke disarmament conference; Whatever you may think of Nick Griffin and the BNP, you have to give him this one; Two from Reading charged with Henley child sex offences; CAIR takes on a teacher who defended himself from a Somali muslim student; Canada freezes trade with Iran over nuclear program, human rights; muslim man burned Buddhist wife in Shan state; Tommy Robinson straightens out a hostile BBC(

~ ALLAH & ALINSKY— There is a concerted ideological battle going on between the defenders of liberty and those who would impose “Allah’s laws” on all of society … (

~ UK POLICE RUSH to home of hate preacher Anjem Choudary to protect him and his family after threats as he blames Cameron’s ‘crusade’ for ‘turning young Muslims to terror’ … (dailymail)

~ JIHAD WATCH— post-London, Hamas-linked CAIR spreads hatred and lies about Pamela Geller; UK jihad murderer: “Do not be scared of the filthy kuffar. They are pigs.”; UK recommended that Kenya release jihad murderer Mujahid Adebolajo; Iraq: 20 murdered in wave of jihad bomb blasts; Islamic jihadists attack Red Cross compound, murdering guard; President Morsi—‘the Third Muhammad’— Will ‘Liberate’ Jerusalem; Obama Administration Calls for the ‘Human Rights’ of Jihadi Murderer; BBC downplays Islamic jihad violence and prefers to portray Muslims as victims of chimerical “Islamophobia”(

~ THE MYSTERY OF Refugee Jihad Terror in Boston, by Jerry Gordon … (

~ LEE RIGBY’S ALLEGED MURDERER not charged with terrorism. How peculiar … (

~ MICHAEL COREN: Sweden’s open door immigration policy has led to riots in their streets … (


~ SPIKE IN JIHAD ATTACKS prompts U.S. Muslim leaders to.. call on FBI to reduce its counter-jihad … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ ISLAMOPHOBE! It’s ‘Not Islam’? The Terrorist Disagrees … (

~ CIVIL SERVANT WARS? It’s time for MI5 to abandon the disastrous ‘clerical honeypot’ strategy; MI5 is wrong: subversion is still a threat(

~ RUSSELL TAYLOR – In praise of a country worth fighting for … (

Pat Condell: Muslims Must Reject Jihad

~ HISTORIAN: Obama helping resurrect Ottoman Empire? Pattern seen in ‘Arab Spring’ interventions began in Balkans in 1990s … (

~ VERBOTEN! The Hague: No Memorial Plaque for Jews Killed in the Holocaust out of Fear of Muslim Reactions … (

~ NEW REPORT Pakistan’s Christian Persecution Suggests Change in Blasphemy Law … (christianpost)

~ FUNSY-WUNSY Saudi preacher who ‘raped and tortured’ his five -year-old daughter to death is released after paying ‘blood money’ … (independent)

~ WIZZLE ZIZZLE— McRINO Posed For Picture With Syrian Rebels Behind Kidnapping Of Shia Pilgrims; Party Chair Who Called Obamacare Opponents Racists Runs Away From Reporters When Confronted About Her Remarks; Mooch To Donors: “Maxing Out” Would Be “Baller”; The lapdogs are in a mini-revolt; Once a Black Panther, always a Black Panther; Mooch Outraged By The Thought Of Horribly Bloated Food Stamps Budget Being Cut; FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Questioning Director Of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers; Emperor Obama Hints At Bypassing Congress If House Republicans Don’t Bow To His Demands; Alice Walker Tells Singer Alicia Keys She’s Putting Her “Soul In Danger” By Performing In Israel, Calls Jewish State “Unbelievably Evil”(weaselzippers)

~ FREEDOM-LOVING Saudi Arabia Sentences 2 Women to 10 Years/1000 Lashes for Witchcraft … (frontpagemag)

~ STILL NOT NEWS— Mainstream Media Ignores Beheading Deaths of 2 Christians In New Jersey … (

~ PAM GELLER OF darkness– Robert Spencer eviscerates the liars, the stealth jihadists and their useless idiots; The UK advocated for the release of the jihad beheader in London when he was detained for terror-related activites in Kenya; Yesterday I reported on the Muslim in Australia who honor murdered his wife; Syria– They’re Islamic jihadists who are seeking sharia; Bear in mind that the media always denounces, smears and libels our demos for freedom; Where are the Jewish MPs in Muslim countries? Prohibited under Islamic apartheid; Excellent piece over at the Huff Po (shocka!) about the fall of Constantinople and its consequences; Hamas in America, the Muslim Brotherhood group CAIR, is exploding over my piece(atlasshrugs2000)

~ MURDERER OF 13 Children Appointed Top Adviser to Palestinian Authority President … (

~ BBC REPORTER Apologizes for Telling the Truth About Muslim Beheaders in Woolwich … (atlasshrugs2000)


~ A TOP MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD Adviser Worked For Bill Clinton … (

~ MUS-BRO PARLIAMENTARIAN in Israel Proposes Law Criminalizing Mohammed Cartoons … (

~ WHY THE SWORD of Islam Cuts Apart Families, by Robert Spencer … (

~ MUST READ— A European Spring, by Fjordman: “To devout and serious Muslims, our secular laws are illegitimate and our citizenship is a worthless piece of paper, except insofar as it can be used to access our tax money. We should start taking their word for it.” … (

~ SERIOUS QUESTIONS: Terror plot suspects shouldn’t have been in Canada in the first place … (

~ GATES OF VIENNA— Police mount operation to protect Anjem Choudary. None for Tommy Robinson; Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/29/2013; Jack Vance, the creator of the real Baron Bodissey*, has died in California at the age of 96; Tommy Robinson on BBC Three Counties Radio; Sharia Comes to Canberra; An Example of Left-Liberal Treason; A Racial and Cultural War on the Indigenous People of Britain; The Voluntary Dhimmitude of the Austrian Catholic Church(

~ HATE CRIME VIOLENCE by Muslims on upswing in Michigan … (


~ A LAUGH A Minute in Europe: Swedish Riots & Ideological Lunacy … (

~ FEMINIST Saudi Muslim Cleric Says Women Who Work Should Be Sexually Molested … (

~ PATTERN, YOU SAY Muslim Soldier-Stabber was Known to French Law Enforcement … (

~ CHEERFUL Muslim Tohseef Shah, 21, daubs war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’ – but walks free. EDL probably to blame … (dailymail)

~ NOT ONLY IN CANADA, you say? A female Sun News employee was harassed by an Islamic woman for wearing a skirt … (

~ THE VOMIT-INDUCING Winds Of Jihad– An Utter Perversion of the Truth; Boris Johnson’s Mumbo Jumbo; Bookstore recruits young Muslim soldiers to fight in Syria; Hamas to Abbas: “Abducting Soldiers Is The Heart Of Our Culture”; Women who work should be molested; Under the sharia, a father cannot be executed for murdering his children, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives; Mysterious “Sectarian violence” erupts in Myanmar; Radical Wahhabis Bulldoze Shrine of Abraham in Ayn al-Arous, Syria; Islam’s ‘Rule of Numbers’ Explains London Beheading(

~ THE TERROR-SUPPORTING OPEC Is Cracking, Thanks to Fracking … (

~ MOTHER OF Boston Bomber Whines: “He Is Locked Up Like A Dog, Like An Animal” … (

~ WARNING! Muslima Women Use Their Secret Powers To Lure Islamic Politicians Into Making Foolish Decisions … (

~ POSTE DE VEILLE— Les islamistes/djihadistes/salafistes sont une maladie de la peau du monde. Kamel Daoud est un chroniqueur algérien. Ses articles sont publiés dans Le quotidien d’Oran; plus, GB : les universités doivent bannir les groupes musulmans qui imposent la ségrégation sexuelle (maire de Londres) … (

~ KINDLY Muslim Gang Hack Two Men in Machete Attack Horror at Barber Shop … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ INCORRIGIBLE Blogmocrats– Alleged Iranian terror activity in South America; Hizb’Allah’s struggles in the battle of Al Qusasyr; Behold The Evil Of A “Living Constitution.”; To a liberal, there is no such thing as a lie; Progressives dream of an end to the NRA; The Buck Most Assuredly Does Not Stop On The President’s Desk; Eric Holder is the true face of the Obama administration(

~ 14 CENTURIES OLD: Muslim Persecution Of Christians … (

~ CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Vandal who desecrated Bomber Command War Memorial with graffiti after murder of Lee Rigby … (dailymail)

~ WHY DO ANTI-WEST ISLAMISTS MOVE TO THE WEST? The Menzoid takes on those tolerating intolerance in Western societies … (sunnewsnetwork)

Four Muslims Attack White Couple Unprovoked

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11


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