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~ ITEM: Save Saeed– Save an American pastor from Iranian prison-sentence

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Irreconcilables & Contradictories

An uncle and grandparents of Lee Rigby weep after laying a wreath near the scene of his killing outside the barracks of the British Army's 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in Woolwich, southeast London

~ ITEM: Woolwich Bloody Beheader Thinks He’s Calling the Shots in the Infidels’ Courtroom; London Jihadist Who Beheaded Soldier Appears In Court Clutching A Koran, Blowing Kisses; As Time Goes By– We Infidels Have Grown More and More Clueless

~ ITEM: Would-Be Train Bridge Bomber– Toronto Via Rail terror suspect wants Qur’an-guided lawyer.. “Esseghaier says the last potential lawyer he dealt with from prison told him in writing that he was unable to change the reference of his judgment “from the criminal code to the holy Qu’ran

~ ITEM: Khomeinist Zafar B. Calls for Islam to Assume “Its Natural Dominant Role”

~ ITEM: How the Boston Bombing Suspect Became a U.S. Citizen

~ IMAGINE, IF you will, that you are a resistance-fighter on trial by the Nazis. You refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the false-messiah Fuhrer, his illegitimate powers, his cooked-up laws and crooked courts, your court-appointed lawyer, who believes you guilty and undeserving of any defence.

That is how the Woolwich Beheader, and the recent Canadian terror-plotter feel. The daily screech from each mosque– “There Is No God But Allah” is not merely a religious statement, but a profoundly political one which affects every aspect of a true Muslim’s life: “There is No God But Allah.. and Sharia is His law”. Islam teaches that the Koran is written directly by Allah; sharia is based on God’s word, and so is divine law.

Drummer Lee Rigby murder
Accused Woolwich Beheader Kisses Koran, Showboats

That is, when it comes to the laws and ways of the kuffar infidels– criminal codes and human rights and constitutions– those laws are, well, ignorable infidel laws made by evil unbelieving infidels. You obey them whilst hating them when and if you have to, but this is an interim period, before the godly laws of Allah are imposed on the West. You “swore an oath” to uphold the U.S. Constitution & defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic? It is to giggle– of course your inward fingers were crossed, and you smiled as the foolish infidels believed you. Or, perhaps your Islamic identity was imperfectly formed back then, and you meant it– but now, knowing the higher law of Allah to wage holy war, you won’t be going back to turn in your citizenship– because you have more opportunities to attack The Great Satan from within.

Our Background

This is the vital difference between Judaeo-Christianity and Islam. Bearing false witness, or telling lies is to break a commandment– and in the case of Jesus’ teaching, to be a son or daughter of the devil. Although people perjure themselves all the time in court, at least theoretically, they are giving a solemn oath on their souls (so help me God, with hand on Bible), in a religio-legal world where Law comes from God, but where he allows the sphere of secularity to have its own laws as long as they are in accord with basic moral and spiritual principles– and the inherited pagan wisdom of Roman and other ancient law-codes, including the Jewish Law found in Deuteronomy.

Moreso, Christianity did not teach holy war or deception or mass-murder or armed revolution as the basic of the faith. Jesus sought to convert the Zealots, and had two or three in his company of apostles; St. Paul makes it clear that the churches ought to pray for the Emperor, pay their taxes, and go about doing all sorts of good no matter the circumstances– for the authorities and the laws, as bad as they might be, were still in some sense the image of God’s rule and power. Times might be when civil disobedience or suffering or other forms of non-violent resistance might be called for.. but revolt and the sword and the blood of others was not the Way Of the Christians.

Islam is not like this. Repeat that over and over.

Pants On Fire For Allah

In Islam, tactical and strategic deception is every day procedure; taqqiyah (lying when it comes to deceiving infidels) is a virtuous thing. That’s why all too often, Islamic terror-defendants in court go around like they own the place. Their religion, preacher, Koran, and Islamic tradition tell them so.

Infidel law has no final legitimacy, authority, or divine sanction; it will be done away with when the full Islamic revolution comes; there is no act of treachery, mass-murder, injury and death of women and children and non-combatants that is not approved-of by Allah, in the name of Jihad.

Finally, To Sum Up

We are dealing with a dehumanizing ideology, not unlike Marxist socialism, which cheerfully captures, tortures, imprisons, and kills ideological opponents, loyal Marxists, whomever– For The Cause. Or Hitlerian socialism, putting any opponent or bother to the regime in death-camps.

Until we understand this, we will be deceived, and self-deceiving. We value and honour the past– or rebel against it– within a tradition of reason, faith, science, law, principles of freedom and liberty, and all the rest.

Islam is not like this. Repeat that over and over.

Before it’s too late. ~

Runny Funny Love

warmbodies poster

~ ITEM: Warm Bodies, 2013

Extended Warm Bodies Trailer

~ ITEM: Zombie comedy; List — Zombie Comedy Movies

~ ITEM: Ezekiel 37:1-14 (New International Version)

~ ITEM: Normalizing Nihilism: Euthanasia and the Daily Mirror

~ ITEM: The internet and e-readers are ‘destroying’ creativity, youth culture and underground writing because they beam ideas around the globe too quickly, the author of cult novel Trainspotting has said

~ TEH BINKS IS a fan of a very specialized kind of movie genre– the Rom-Zom-Com, such as Shaun of The Dead, The Evil Dead 2, My Boyfriend’s Back, Fido, Wasting Away, Zombieland, and most recently (February 2013).

I intuit several things about the zombie genre– (1) that is is about us and them, i.e. initially politically of right versus left; (2) It is a secular exploration of undead-life-after-death, of the unspoken thing of death (3) It is an attempt to scare ourselves into feeling something, that there’s more to life than what is; (4) Is is an exploration of the sense that we are dead, seeking life, and asking what has our denatured rootless technological society done to us?

In Warm Bodies, these questions are made explicit, though in a light and sophisticated way. Here is no nihilist gore-fest by George Romero, but a young zombie who finds he’s not entirely dead inside– that he has a soul, a longing, a romantic heart. He doesn’t spend his days only seeking victims, but has a whole jetliner decorated in items he has collected. He plays music, he can still mumble a few words.

Spoilers Ensue

He and his zombuds go out and attack a group of human survivors, but he saves one girl by smearing zombie-guck on her. He smuggles her back to his hideaway, and she begins to realize he’s not your average zombie. Zombie-boy falls in love with her, and his heart beats again– once. As he begins to change, some of his zombuds go through a change too– they begin to speak, remember, love, dream, and seek to change other zombies into whatever rehumanizing creatures they are becoming.

It’s pretty funny, powerful, non-heavy handed stuff. I’ll leave the rest to you.. but it’s a hopeful, amazing movie about learning how to live again.

There He Goes Again

Can we come back to life, from the distracted, alienated, denatured, enslaved, fearful kind of semi-undead existence we have created in modern society, cut of from God, from mother earth, from our natural freedoms and joys; then with the doom of death awaiting all, is there more to hope in beyond death; is there hope beyond our inward deadness?

As a believer in The Great Story of God’s rescue of us from sin, hell and death by the dying rising and glorification of Jesus Christ, this story echoes both as a true story, and as a pointer to the True Story.

God’s Promise Of An Answer

The visionary prophet Ezekiel, considering the spiritual state of God’s people, sees a valley of dry bones.. God asks him “Can these bones live?” Bit by bit, they are re-assembled, clothed in flesh, and given the breath of new life.

Then he said to me: “Son of man, these bones are the people of Israel. They say, ‘Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.’ Therefore prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: My people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will bring you back to the land of Israel. Then you, my people, will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up from them. I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the Lord have spoken, and I have done it, declares the Lord.’”

Here is the promise of a new kind of life than simply physical or mental existence; it is a redeeming life, a promise of risen and everlasting life, which was initiated by the rising of God’s incarnate Son on the third day.

We Zombies, We

Thing is, when we banish faith, we a slow a choose death of the soul, the mind, of hope and love. It may take generations, or it may take years. Part of why and where we are now is the decision of our clevers and our chattering & braining classes to try– in the “Englightenment”– to banish Christian faith, and go on our own fuel without all that. Of course, such hopes went sour and resulted in destruction, blood, corpses, and the inevitable dictator or strong man to bring a horrible order out of chaos.

Our power over nature seemed another path of promise.. technology, medicine, all the rest.. and yet hear too is no abiding life, and too much of it ends up being someone’s power over someone else, or some group, or some part of the world. The 20th century was supposed to be the greatest century ever, remember, all our self-made amazing progress culminating in ever more heaven on earth. Labour-saving devices, the power of industry & chemistry and the state reaching out to solve age-old social problems….

A Dark New Era?

We know how that all worked out 1901-2000.. we don’t know how this new millennium will work out, either– except that the West is running on the fumes of our spiritual, material, and moral inheritance. We have sought self-sufficiency and power and pleasure, and said the word forbidden by God “Again!” as if all of existence were here to provide us with amusing experiences and pleasures and hobbies.

Can these dead bones live? Can we die to selfish enslavement to the world, and deceptions, and false promises of heaven on earth, and comforting lies about how long our civilization can drag on? Warm Bodies is a pointer to the Great Story, and for that, it’s a great story, and a 9.0 Binky-Stars. ~

Fight To The Death

~ ITEM: Brian Lilley on Death-Monger Morgentaler’s death

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia

~ ITEM: The Story Of ProWomanProLife

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor – Long Speech

~ I HATE ABSTRACTIONS like ‘fetus’.. Latin cheat-word in the modern context, meaning ‘unborn baby’. I know two people who might have been aborted– the She-Binks, and Binkling #2.

Both have likes & dislikes, features, names, all the specificity and mix of good and bad and otherwise which is anyone of us. Sadly, 3.5 unborn boys and girls in Canada have been hacked & burnt and discarded.. hidden, nameless, under the deceptive generalization of “Choice”, which net effect is the naked and brutal “Power of the greater over the lesser”. Might makes right. Adulthood trumps prenatal infancy, bitches.


What if there were the means for prospective parents to talk to a future projection of their unborn son or daughter? Or, have to fight them, with whoever winning allowed to live?

Abortion does not prevent parenthood, it makes a man and woman the mother and father of a dead child. Real words mean things, and truth– however painful or awkward– is better than lies or concealing abstractions.

Such were we all.. tiny one, growing one, born and now we are as we are. Not in general, but us, actually, one-and-only forever, from God’s mind via the co-creating parents, into the world. We cast them away, like leaves on the wind.

They Missed Her

Gianna Jessen is an abortion-survivor. A real person who survived her attempted murder by saline abortion. The hundreds of millions we have had killed with generally legal abortion with the aid of doctors and nurses and hospitals and clinics– these dear ones cry out to be heard, remembered, allowed to speak and ahve the say we denied them as unique individuals.

Our society is a battle between life and death, as Jessen says, and literally between heaven and hell.

The Mirror Looks Back

Men? Sitting back, being thankful to ‘dodge the bullet’ of unexpected fatherhood? Man-fail. Parents? Forcing your daughters to abort instead of give up to adoption? Betrayal. Evil.

Oh and feminists? We’re onto your smelly little orthodoxies and hellish lies– about the imaginary gabillions of women who died as a result of illegal abortion.. lie (invented talking point). About Roe V. Wade– utter injustice and social engineering, with Supreme COurt Judges pontificating, and ‘legalizing’ slow mass-murder. About how it was only to be done for rapes, and incest, and dengerous pregnancies– lies upon lies, tiny corpse upon tiny corpse.

On such things, our society is being judged. ~

The Really Ancient Stuff

The Truth of Troy – BBC Documentary 1/5

The Hittites [Narrated by Jeremy Irons]

Lost Cities of the Ancients 3 The Dark Lords of Hattusha

~ THE MORE I devote my super-wisdoms to the topic, the more I’m sure that we’re just the latest civilization in a long line.

Millions of years of humanoids? But how old are modern-ish humans? Super volcano 75,000 years ago, possible major meteor-strike 12000 years ago? What would a 100,000 year-old city look like, especially if so many cities of the past (as now) are on the coasts, in river-valleys, and other places that can be changed, worn away, submerged, and all the rest.

Heck, the Trojans, the Hittites, and many other civilizations were lost until the invention of modern archaeology. Now, with submarine archaeology still in its infancy, the discoveries are rolling in.. the undersea is still an undiscovered country in many ways, and will surprise us in ways we can hardly imagine now.

I can’t wait. ~

A Note Of Foot


~ ITEM: Our Strange Lives– We’re connected, but not connecting

~ A WORD FROM Binks on the ‘Death Of Silence’ thing I wrote about last time– I had occasion to meet a university classmate & friend who still has to do with our alma mater. She says it’s completely different from when we went there “It’s so quiet.. there’s hardly anybody around.. they’re all texting or surfing.. really creepy.”

By contrast, back in the dino-80s, when we weren’t group-hunting velociraptors, we were walking together, chatting, gathering in small clots or mobs, going downtown, walking and chatting on our way to the Student Union Building, on our way to class, on our way to social and other events which were the social life & friendship-bonding glue of the university-thing.

Now, a generation and a bit later, silence. We’ve seen a devolution; an electronic mutation of human being, behaviour, and interaction. I much prefer being well-read, socialized, and educated, and THEN using the web as a further research/ learning/ fun-tool, not as a primary interface with reality, my closest companion, my Linus comfort-blanket. ~


So Saith Teh Binksmeister

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~ PEOPLE’S CUBE OF EVIL— Vote for the Coolest SOB in 2013; Obama vs. Medea: Opera Mashup Video; Staples Presses Easy Button for Gun-Control; Swindell’s Final Solution for the NRA: Tanks and Airpower(


~ A SMALL VICTORY! Obama Won’t Bother To Sign Doomed U.N. Arms Treaty … (weaselzippers)

~ ROGER KIMBALL: Obama Is Not Nixon … (

~ YOU’VE GOT MAIL— Obama Admin continues pursuit of Warrantless Searches of our Gmail … (

~ GATEWAY PUNDIT— TEA PARTY LEADERS Will Testify Before Congress This Week – HERE IS THE LIST; Former IRS Chief’s Wife Is a Committed #Occupy Loon & Tea Party Basher; Al-Qaeda Chief Warns of More Bomb Attacks in America; Black Youth Mob Kicks Syracuse Man to Death; Obama Could Already Be the Nation’s Worst Economic President Ever; NSA Turns Surveillance Apparatus Against The U.S. Citizens; IRS Agents Point to DC Officials in Targeting Scandal; JACKPOT BROTHER!… Obama Deputy Campaign Manager: I Attended White House Meetings With IRS Chief – “I Was In Them” … (

~ CANADA FREE PRESS— Journalist Lemmings Dive Off Cliff While AG Holder Spies, Blusters & Prevaricates; The Benghazi cover-up is the proxy battle with the war with Iran; Privacy of World Citizens Wiped Out by USA(canadafreepress)

Wake Up Call 2013: Obama DHS Prepares For Civil War

~ IMAGINARY CUTS, real Presidential cruelty– Obama’s Sequester Cuts Wounded Warrior Caretakers.. But don’t worry! The sequester cuts won’t affect Michelle Obama’s extended vacation in Martha’s Vineyard … (mypetjawa, whitehousedossier)


~ ALL SHALL TRUST THE O! Cost Of Cheapest Obamacare Health Plan = $20,000 Per Family! In other news, Bush probably to blame … (theulstermanreport)

~ BREITBART— Blame the President for Benghazi … (

~ HOOCOODANODE?– Obama keeps Bush’s North American Union steamrolling along … (

~ ISSA DISMISSES Carney as a ‘paid liar’.. “Their paid liar, their spokesperson, the picture behind, he’s still making up things about what happened and calling this a local rogue” … (

~ ED DRISCOLL of evil– Nikki Finke Fired From Showbiz Blog She Founded?; Sex can extend a man’s life, Men’ Journal claims; ”Flashback: Obama pledged to reduce health insurance premiums by $2,500 per family per year”; 2013- Is College Worth It?; Don’t Sugarcoat It Darrell Issa, Tell Us How You Really Feel; Ice Cracking Beneath Eric Holder’s Florsheims?; A Long Time Ago, in a Graphic Design House Far, Far Away; Left’s Call for a New Civility Still Not Working Out; Placing the Obama IRS Scandal Into Perspective(eddriscoll)

~ DEFIANT SOUTH CAROLINA House passes bill making ‘Obamacare’ implementation a crime … (WaTi)


~ YOUR POLICE STATE— Court claims police can continue to take DNA from people they arrest without getting a warrant … (

~ HUGH HEWITT— If Taxpayers Treat Harvard As Harvard Treats Families Of Students; Obama’s Scandalous Second Term; The Over/Under On Eric Holder’s Resignation; “The Scandals and the Unwritten Constitution” By Clark S. Judge; the Manhattan-Beltway media elite either slumbered or sucked up to President Obama from 2007 until now; The Syrian Disaster and President Obama’s Golf Swing(

The Stratosphere Lounge Episode 29

~ AMERICAN DIGEST— Rumors of the Demise of Conservatism are Sorely Exaggerated; Integrity in a Post-Christian America; Kissing My Daughter Goodbye; St. John and the ‘Divine’ Art of Jane Alexander; The IRS scandal? George Bush’s fault! … (


~ WHITE HOUSE Satisfied w/ IRS Stonewall.. Targeted American citizens are not. They’re fighting back … (


~ THE SMOKING GUN? “Study history, and you will understand why no such document is ever likely to be found: That just isn’t how these things work. Very few people are aware of this, but there is no document — not one — linking Adolf Hitler to the Holocaust. Why not? Because Hitler didn’t need to sign a document…” … (americanthinker)

~ BAMA & HOLDER’S DOJ Wants You To Know That Insulting Islam Means You Might Have Broken Civil Rights Laws … (rightwingnews)

~ STAPLES CORP Presses Easy Button for Gun-Control … (

~ INSTAPUNDIT— Gang of Eight Bill Would Cost $6 Trillion; Half of recent college graduates don’t have jobs or don’t use their degree in the jobs they find; HopeyChangy: Happiness Index plunges for minorities, youth, disabled; Is Technology Ruining Dating?; Why is the Benghazi military story still classified?; Obama’s War On The Constitution(instapundit)

~ BRAIN DEAD college students sign the card thanking the IRS for targeting conservative groups … (youtube)

~ SIR DRONESALOT— “Some church officials denounce drone strikes against terrorists but don’t suggest plausible alternatives, as IRD’s Mark Tooley writes” … (

~ GOD-EMPEROR Obama Declares Evangelical Christians the Enemies of Obamastan … (

~ LOYAL IN THE BUNKER to the last– Some Dems Stand by Holder’s Survelliance of Reporters … (

~ GLAZOV GANG— Huma Abedin: The Scariest Person in America? Why it just might matter that the wife of a prospective NYC mayor is a Muslim Brotherhood operative … (frontpagemag)


~ POWERLINE— I typically like to have fun by saying the future of energy is—coal. Never fails to provoke outrage; an illegitimate leader of a kleptocratic pseudogovernment(

~ A NEW BOOKThe Cuban Connection: Nixon, Castro, and the Mob; the Obama presidency is in “an unexpected and sharp state of decline.” … (amazon, powerlineblog)


~ THE CRIMINAL OBAMA ADMINISTRATION has been waging a war on conservative organizations and a growing number of individuals who are coming forward to share their stories of how the Internal Revenue Service has been used to harass them … (canadafreepress)

~ ACE OF SPADES— US Attorney: Anti-Muslim Postings on Social Media May Be a Federal Crime; IRS Targeted Republican Donors, Too; MSNBC Is Where News Comes to Die; The Awesome Poster Project; Monday Morning News Dump; The IRS scandal as an example of runaway organizational culture; National Journal’s Michael Hirsh calls for gun metaphors to be banned from all political speech; Obama Admin continues pursuit of Warrantless Searches of our Gmail(

Glenn Beck Why Obama Hid the Truth of Benghazi

~ HOW THE HARDING family sent six kids to university by the age of 12– If you believe Kip and Mona Lisa Harding, the secret to cultivating a child’s brain is to allow them to follow their passion and study what they love … (

~ MARK TOOLEY on Dissing “God Bless America” … (

~ CANUCKI = YUCKY? US won’t allow Canadian relief for OK to cross border? … (


~ ROBERT SPENCER WARNS… Another Obama Assault on Free Speech– “If the U.S. adopts any kind of law criminalizing criticism of Islam, that would be the end of any resistance to jihad, as we will be rendered mute and thus defenseless against its advance.” … (frontpagemag)


~ SEQUESTER? Huh! Obama To Spend $700 Million In US Tax Dollars For Russian Helicopters For Afghan Air Force … (freedomoutpost)

~ A SCUMBAG? “Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, told the Tullahoma News that inflammatory or hateful posts could potentially run afoul of the law” … (

~ COWARDLY/ TREACHEROUS Obama Administration Paves the Way for Sharia Law … (

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Did Eric Holder Lie?

~ ALLEN WEST: Impeaching Obama Should ‘Absolutely’ Be on the Table … (

~ KA-BOOM! IRS Testimony Points To Washington D.C. As Source Of Scandal … (theulstermanreport)


~ PERJURED LIAR? DOJ confirms Holder OK’d search warrant for Fox News reporter’s emails … (NBC)

~ MATHA MacCALLUM calls out lapdog media with simple question … (

~ IRS: ANOTHER week, another controversy for the Internal Revenue Service. This time, the problem for the tax collectors involves misuse of agency travel cards … (



Imams convert to Christ

~ DEADLY COMMITTEE INCOMING! You can’t tackle Islamism with another committee … (

~ LONE WOLF! Convert Ashraf Islam threatened to kill Prince Harry day after soldier’s murder, British media report. Sounds like one of those Amish terrorists … (, mypetjawa)

~ FRONT PAGE— Another Obama Assault on Free Speech; Obama Inc. Sues Trucking Company for Firing Muslim Drivers Who Refused to Deliver Alcohol; Hillary Turned Over Embassy Security to Hired Gun; PM Who Filled UK with Muslims: “There Is a Problem Within Islam” … (

Crocodile Tears

~ CROCODILE TEARS— The truth about the ‘wave of attacks on Muslims’ after Woolwich murder. Talk of a “massive anti-Muslim backlash” has become routine … (

64938_458201857560949_1282610626_n4 (1)

~ WINDS OF JIHAD— American woman killed in Syria ‘was converted to Islam by her Saudi Arabian husband who hated the West’; Europe to EUrabia: the Meltdown is Real, Globull Worming is Not; Muslim school puts Christian hireling at the helm; Obama Declares Evangelical Christians the Enemies of Obamastan; Totalitarian OIC Ramps Up ‘Islamophobia’ Campaign; AussieFuhrher– “There won’t be any hateful messages under a government I lead”; Celebrating diversity; nothing to do with Islam. To say otherwise would make you a racist-bigot-Islamophobe: 5 Gang Rapes Per Week in Belgium; Muslims fear Backlash after getting caught lying about the Backlash(

~ IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING— Muslim Brotherhood considered moderate because it’s willing to say the right things, while its thugs burn down churches, terrorize; Terrorist acts generated by Muslims here and around the world have now reached an amazing 20,984 attacks(

~ SLIGHTLY CLUED INTony Blair: Woolwich attack shows there is a ‘problem within Islam’. The former Prime Minister said the ideology that inspired the act of terror that shocked Britain last month is ‘profound and dangerous’ … (

The Muslim Brotherhood “Project” (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

~ GATES OF VIENNA— Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/2/2013; We Lost the Cold War; Do these latest events in Istanbul and Ankara portend a “Turkish Spring”?; “The Netherlands Has Had Enough of Islam”; Were the Swedish Riots Orchestrated?; More Democracy and More Openness in Norway; the remarkable resemblance between the radical Islamic rhetoric and that of the Marxists; ‘Anti-fascist’ members bother and heckle ordinary people laying wreaths in honour of Lee Rigby; A representatives from Moderaterna was caught saying doubleplus ungood things; Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s (or Mursi’s) children were born in the United States, and are therefore American citizens(

~ SLAVERY, 2013— The Muslim slaves of Timbuktu find freedom after their Arab masters flee Mali … (washingtonpost)

~ THE UNSPEAKABLE PAM GELLER— AFDI Protest: Free Speech Battle in Tennessee, FIGHT, June 4, Obama’s DoJ seeks to criminalize offensive speech about Islam; They behead us in the street and then subject us to proselytizing for evil; ‘Moderate Muslims’ not protesting jihad; The Jerusalem Post ran a piece full of vicious defamation against me by Jewicidal leftist Rabbi Eric Yoffie; “HE SIMPLY DIDN’T ‘FIT THE PROFILE OF A JIHADIST‘”; Boston, London, Paris: The Goal of the “Islamophobia” Hysteria Realized; But but but but Obama said the war on terror was over; 100 Afghan schoolgirls hit by gas poisoning; “Europe’s Meltdown: A Cautionary Tale“; New Yorker’s international abduction as a toddler triggers career in politics; The FBI and DoJ couldn’t step and fetch fast enough for these Islamic supremacist goons; There are exactly zero conservatives among the commencement speakers at Ivy League universities this year(atlasshrugs2000)

~ TURKEY HAS BEEN ROCKED by four days of protests and violence, in the biggest outburst of anger since the Islamist-rooted government took power. Ruth Sherlock has five things you should know … (

~ THE MIGHTY BOSTOM— Diana West’s American Betrayal, “reads like a thriller”; “We Want A Clear Categorical Rejection of the Islamic Doctrine of Armed Jihad”; Cassandra as Historian— Diana West Interviewed by Ginni Thomas(

~ GATESTONE— Palestinians: Why Abbas Chose This Prime Minister; The War on Terror is Over: Now What?; Turkey’s Secular Backlash; Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children; Islam is on track to become the dominant religion in Britain; Bethlehem’s Female Mayor Faces Smears, Threats(

~ A NEW BOOKAmerican Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character by Diana West … (


~ CREEPING SHARIA— Florida high school history course equates Islamic terrorism and Christianity; The Muslim Jihad Against Hinduism; Wilders on Islam poll: “The Netherlands has had enough of Islam”; Obama using Executive Order for nationwide taxpayer funded Muslim outreach; Muslims halal legal jihad against McDonald’s results in… removal of all halal food!; Britain’s Muslim Sex Gangs; Meet the Islamists Who’ve Infiltrated the Media(creepingsharia)

~ PROGRESSIVE Iran Amends Stoning Execution Law … (mypetjawa)


~ CHRIS NAVIN— ‘Middle East In Flames: The Fruit Of White House Policy In Syria’ … (


~ HUNDREDS Of Journalists Attacked In Egypt Since Arab Spring … (mypetjawa)

~ SAME-SEX MUSLIMS Attend Retreat In Pennsylvania … (republicaninthearts)

~ ISLAMBERG, USA . The Muslim Only Town Where Residents Learn Guerilla Warfare Tactics … (kafircrusaders)

~ UK PM DAVID CAMERON backed violent fascist UAF organization that featured London jihad murderer– “The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is a founding signatory of the far-left, extremist Unite Against Fascism (UAF) organisation, which has previously attacked political opponents with darts and clawhammers and has been involved in many violent confrontations with the British police” … (atlasshrugs2000)

~ 29 SOMALI Muslim Gang Members Indicted for Kidnapping, Raping and Selling Underage Girls … (thegatewaypundit)

~ WEASEL ZIPPERS— Expect a three ring circus chock-full of Islamic propaganda; We Followed Direction From Washington; The Koran begs to differ; GOP Congressman To Holder: We’ll Subpoena Your Ass If You Don’t Comply With Requests For Records In Reporter Spying Scandal; London Jihadist Who Beheaded Soldier Appears In Court Clutching A Koran, Blowing Kisses; Poll: Majority Of Uninsured Americans Say They Will Likely Opt Out Of Obamacare; CAIR Demands School Accommodate Muslim Prayers, Attacks Voluntary Bible Lesson(weaselzippers)

~ A THREATENING WORLD— the video and transcript of the panel discussion “A Threatening World,” featuring Daniel Pipes, Bill Gertz, Frank Gaffney, James Carafano and moderator Michael Finch … (frontpagemag)

~ IT HAS BEEN AN interesting week in Nigeria. As most of you are aware by now, President Johnathan declared a State of Emergency in three Northern States to deal with the mayhem and chaos that has been created by Boko Haram(confusedeagle)


~ AS THE PATTERN emerges across Europe, the real problem becomes harder to whitewash … (

~ HORRID VLAD TEPES— Is revictimizing those mistreated by Muslims the new normal?; Qaeda chief warns attacks on US in ‘everyone’s reach’; Sixty teenagers ‘groomed for sex’ in Blackpool; The TRUTH about the ‘wave of attacks’ on Muslims; ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it was burned down in one’; I suspect the riots in Turkey may go down in history as one of the biggest backfires of all time; Links and news June 2 2013; An RT: White Flight from London; We are witnesses to murder, and our governments are accomplices(

The Third Jihad – Radical Islam’s Vision for America

~ EUROPE’S TOLERANCE tested by Islam– Europe has welcomed immigrants with the idea they would become part of the established culture but some groups are taking advantage of the free largesse … (

~ YAY ARAB SPRING! al-Qaeda Leader’s Brother Noted Terrorist Abd Al-Wahhab Muhammad Qaid Running for President in Libya … (mypetjawa)

~ THE SISTER OF A MAN arrested and tortured to death by the Islamic regime in Iran says the Iranian people love America and Americans and it hurt them when the Obama administration did nothing to help with a sprouting democracy movement there at the outset of his administration … (

~ WOMEN IN EGYPT suffer more sexual violence under Islamist rule … (

~ NIGERIAN JIHAD FRONT— Rebecca Micah is being treated at a Christian hospital in Jos where doctors are trying to lengthen her right leg. The bones in her leg were shattered when Islamist militants broke into her home one night and shot her. They also killed her 2 year old son and her mother-in-law … (


Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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