Steynianism 43.0


~ KABOOM!! .. Steyn– ‘Why don’t you sue me?’ Shaidle weighs in on’t …. (Mark Steyn)

~ YOU SEE, WE JUST HAVEN’T HEARD HIM ENOUGH, argues one commenter: “I think many people do not understand why a complaint was filed against Macleans Magazine. The following YouTube link provides an interview from Khurrum Awan *himself* on the Mike Duffy Live Show explaining the facts.” Uh– yeah: that’s it. We’re totally convinced.

It’s the shampoo theory of learning: apply, lather, rinse repeat. It will soak in: repeating something often enough makes it so! Don’t believe something? It must be something wrong with you, not with the assertion or belief.

Sorry, Mike: ZZzzzz. We could rehash Khurrum’s stale pitch almost verbatim, and he’s had lots of places to explain his point. What’s still lacking from the chatter from the Four Elsmasry Puppets is the specific, serious, and substantial content of an ‘answer’ to Steyn & Company as published in Macleans over the past few years. As of yet, there’s just no ‘There’ there.

Yeah, we get it: you really, really, really disagree. What became clear from the comments of two Osgoode Hall students was their apparent expectation that the comfy-blanket of the modern university– speech-codes, tribunals, one-sided arguments and leftward intellectual life with no serious engagement with differing views, or the vast history of Western Civilization out of which everything arose– that the comfy-blanket should be imposed on the entire country and population of Canada, at least in the matter of criticism of Islam, or of ideas and institutions beloved by the left.

Perhaps you actually are all nice sincere diversitarian law-kids who just dream of, like, an inclusive tolerant enforced Trudeaupia, a heaven on earth– but that crazy world-view is not a solution: that’s part of the problem.

However, within your own religious community there are those who would use you to unmake Canada and rebuild the pieces in an exclusively Islamic shape. That the political left and aggressive Islamists cooperate to do so is a bad thing– and to be pointed out by Macleans columnists and many, many authors and commentators around the world, where free presses and free speech allow it– well, that’s a rather helpful and timely warning as to what is NOW happening in Europe (the motherland of Western Civilization), and what is slowly beginning to happen in North America.


As the nearly-silenced Pentagon expert Maj. Stephen Coughlin points out, this is not hate-speech or fear-mongering, but to simply describe what world-wide jihadis actually say, plan, hope for, and are all about. If the Osgoode 4 and Dr. Elmasry actually stand with Western Civ on this one, they’d do better to leave Macleans & Steyn & Levant alone, and get to work exposing and correcting those truly hateful elements within their own community who do espouse silencing critics, and worldwide religious war, here and abroad.


Write Those Letters!

~ REMEMBER your actionables: write, call , speak out, letters to the editor (and remember to mention the url in all of them). The ‘Echo-Chamber’ effect of the blogosphere is not enough to bring about real-world change. It’s our country, and our freedom to lose. Get to work …. (

~ STEYN: “THOSE ANCIENT FREEDOMS”— The minister speaks in Parliament. Revisit: “Attention, Canadians! Look out your window. It’s quiet out there. Too quiet. But don’t be deceived. The Nazis are out there, and they’re heading your way” …. (5fof, steynonline)

~ HUMAN-RIGHTS COMMISSIONS: Shake that role of policing ideas …. (

~ DEAR JASON.. An Important Lesson in History …. (

~ REMEMBER, KIDS: “It’s not just about Nazis” …. (

~ THE ISLAMIC WORLD has a control-problem: “Muslims riot in northern Nigeria over alleged blasphemy.” Victimologizing the problem neither explains nor excuses the offense = riot mentality. And people are more important than real or imagined offenses to holy books …. (magicstatistics)

~ GET YER Freespeecher t-shirts plus Steyn/Levant/HRC news …. (fivefeetoffury)

Click for Youtube: The Shaidle & The Brock

~ ON SPECIAL-K: “Warren poses two hypotheticals: the Jew finding a swastika scrawled on his doorstep, the person of color awakening to a burning cross on his lawn” …. (

~ DER SHAIDLE— Jason Kenney defends free speech in Parliament; Toronto Muslim “honor killer” finally charged; and “Wouldn’t it be funny if… those gleeful pro-Keith Martin posts at Stormfront that Kinsella keeps linking to and hysterically condemning were actually written by one of his comrades at the HRC?“…. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SISYPHUS BLOG: “Steyn complains about the human rights commission’s actions in Canada and asks why no liberal/left folks are worried about the oppressive precedent and I think “of COURSE they’re not worried Mark, they exist to shut you up and criminalize rightist thought, of COURSE this doesn’t worry the left.” …. (

~ THE ART of the correction …. (westislandchronicle)

Ezra Levant News

~ CURRENT EZRA LEVANT— Wayne Marston’s missed opportunity; Two newspapers …. (

~ TWEAK, TWEAK— Slight tweaking will fix Human Rights Act …. (calgaryherald)

~ SOCON.CA— Star Chambers Hit Question Period. Power to the Bloggers; MSM Lock Busted …. (

~ CANADA.COM: “We can’t ask the state to protect us from insults, just from intimidation. Levant’s cartoons were an affront to Muslims, but didn’t threaten anyone’s personal safety” …. (edmontonjournal)

~ UK INCREASES Welfare Benefits to Islamists …. (shotgun)

~ CENSOR THE CENSORS, says Kevin Steel in a Sept-07 blog entry …. (

~ LEVANT, EZRA – Pundit’s return to news reminds voters of Conservatives’ extreme views …. (

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5 thoughts on “Steynianism 43.0

  1. First binks, this is the best blog in Canada at the moment! I check in here every day for the latest outrages and giggles. You are almost as good as the great Steyn, and you know that’s a compliment.

    Second, I’ve been doing my own bit of research and today found this interesting overview of Section 13 by a former Judge. (This article was posted under a program called “Strategic Initiatives”, “Hate on the Internet” – more about this later in this post). See the link here:

    The judge quotes many statements made by Dickson C.J.C., a Supreme Court judge but a few of the most interesting are these about the concept of “hatred and contempt” which the Supreme Court defines as:

    “ardent and extreme nature of feeling”

    “only unusually strong and deep-felt emotions of detestation, calumny and vilification.”

    He then went on to express concern that the Commissions must hold to a stringent definition of “hatred and contempt” otherwise the decisions would be vulnerable to review in the courts.

    Given these statements by the Supreme Court and some of the complaints that the commissions have accepted it is clear that the CHRC and other commissions are not holding to a stringent definition of hatred and contempt. (Now that’s an understatement!)

    The other interesting post of note on the CHRC website is their summary of Section 13 cases under a program called “Strategic Initiatives”, “Hate on the Internet”. All of the cases, with the exception of one, “prosecuted” under the initiative were made by, you guessed it, Richard Warman. It’s as though Richard Warman is single handedly justifying this initiative by initiating complaints for the CHRC. How odd that the CHRC would initiate a program to deal with “Hate on the Internet” and then find by some miraculous coincidence a former staff member to initiate virtually all of the complaints then by another miraculous coincidence the CHRC agrees to refer these complaints to their tribunal. Is Richard Warman “working” for the CHRC to “initiate” complaints or is he compensated with the “fines” against the respondents which are assessed by the CHRC?

    It’s all very strange binks. Far too much initiating if you ask me. Can’t prove collusion of course, not yet anyway….


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