Steynian 480nth

“We have now sunk to a depth at which
restatement of the obvious
is the first duty
of intelligent men.”

~ George Orwell ~


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Bleed Awhile, Then Rise To Fight Again

~ ITEM: MUST-READ– When Biblical Morality Is Declared Immoral: “it is absolutely important to recognize the refusal to compromise is not a strategy to gain accommodation, but is a requirement in obeying God, whom we must obey in all things.”


Bill Whittle – The Narrative – Political Correctness

~ ITEM: Death of the West 1of2: Frankfurt School, Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness

~ ITEM: Scalia’s Blistering Dissent on DOMA – Tim Grieve – The Atlantic; Scalia’s DOMA Dissent

~ GOD ALONE KNOWS How It All Turns Out™.. evil is always busy, always attacking and undermining from new directions, and radicals are those souls overtaken by perpetual restlessness and discontent, ever seeking something to break, overthrow, and undermine.

It can get exhausting.

War Is Tiring

Picture how the DOMA & Prop 8 supporters in California are feeling– having been subverted by a few judges pandering to the militant and vocal gay votes. They’ve spent years and dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours.. and still the fight must go on, because the radical judges will not have it.

What A Moral Monster Looks Like

Yet, as Rush Limbaugh said, the Supreme Court only prepared the way– now, in America, the usual suspects like the ACLU will begin to go state by state to enforce the radical project of Gay Marriage AGAINST state & federal law, and make it the law of the land no matter if 100% of the people oppose it, because– well, progress must progress; the radical hacking at the roots of the huge mistake of Western Civilization must continue until the whole giant tree falls over, and everything supporting it and depending on it is weakened and broken.

Radical: for Latin ‘radix’, or ‘to the root’

Tear It All Down

The great goals of pan-sexuality, one-party rule, President Is The Law, no opposition allowed, individual wealth and freedom and choice is too risky, any idea we don’t like is evil and bad, all shall be remade in our image– it’s The Big Picture for radicals: government over all– a boot stomping a human face forever, as George Orwell put it.

Like Obama, the radical movement has been clear about what they’re up to, using weasel-words to make their goals sound pleasant and worthwhile and good for everybody. They told us, and now they are doing it.

What To Do

Turn off the idiot box more often. Learn up. Speak out. Tell others. Pick an area of interest or concern, and educate yourself, family and friends. Read good books. Fight until you can’t any more, and fight some more. Remember– for people who believe, God is the author and finisher of history– it’s not up to the self-made political gods and goddesses and their ugly dreams how things work out in the end. State-mandated emancipated individualism is doomed.

Christians & people of good will & principle– prepare to suffer, or even to die; be ready for ostracism, petty persecutions, of being you naked versus state power, of being maligned and misunderstood because you aren’t willing to join the hive-mind, of standing for a higher power than nanny-state, SWAT-teams, and government against & over all.

Freedom: it is ours to lose, and we are in real danger of losing this generation. ~

Monster’s University


~ ITEM: IMDB: Monsters University

~ ITEM: Higher education bubble: Williams edition

~ ITEM: Movie Review: Monster’s University, by Daniel McInerny

In the end, Monster’s University underscores the critical need of perseverance, truth-telling, and loyalty to moral maturity. Most impressively of all, however, it deals wisely with the problem of life’s dreams and what we are to do when our talents don’t seem to suit us for what we want. Instead of allowing Mike simply to transform himself at will, the film shows him learning what his limitations are, but also how those limitations can be overcome by working in concert with his friends. For this reason alone Monster’s University deserves our admiration.

~ ITEM: Is American Theater Really Dead? by Daniel McInerny

~ ITEM:  Heteronormativity, according to many of the left, leads to discrimination against homosexuals. And the left has always believed, going back to Rousseau, that re-education of children is the place to start when leveling traditional societal institutions.

~ ITEM: Nothing Starts Here: The Decline of University Education in Canada

~ ITEM: Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education; and The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America

~ IT’S ANOTHER Pixar triumph (though I only saw it in boring old 2-D.. better to see it in Triple-D if it doesn’t bug you), good for kids & adults alike.. though very little kids might find parts scary.

In some ways, this prequel to Monsters Inc. is an 80’s movie* where the misfits conquer all competition and expectation to win.. in other ways, it’s about the heart & mind working together in individuals, friendships, and groups to get good things done. Just when you think it’s over, it isn’t.

The voice-acting and attention to detail is awesome. Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi reprise younger versions of their Monsters Inc. selves, and Helen Mirren brings a very creepy performance as the Dean.


The thing that struck me as I drooled over the lush visuals of Pixar’s Monster’s U campus was how much nostalgia there was in the depiction of a university– it was 1960, with lots of clubs, extracurricular activities, socializing, singing, serious learning, and all that stuff you associate with the pre-Marxist phase of traditional university life.

A few weeks ago I met a university classmate of mine, who has cause from time to time to visit the old Alma Mater. She said she couldn’t believe how much it had changed– it was so quiet and dead-like. The few people who were out were all staring at Shiny Thing and making thumb-clickety. The SUB, former hive of social activity?.. Shiny Thing, Netbook, Laptop.. and a creepy hush.

She recalled that back in the early 80s, it was all noisy, busy, clots or groups of friends walking to here and there, lots of socializing in the SUB, people hanging around together, all the rest.

Ye Hallowed Halls

This Pixar flick recalls the good old days, and it made me sad and nostalgic and angry. The university is meant to be the intellectual, social, and moral formation of adults into scholars, decent people, educated people in various fields and in life, upholding the liberal arts, sciences, music, teaching, and other specialties– a vision of the Good Life, put into action. Now-a-days– even though the old ivy-covered buildings may look the same, there’s too much emphasis on making worker-drones, mutating kids into politically-correct mental carbon-copies, collectivist-bots, and God knows what else.

Universities are for teaching diversity, recycling, tolerance, the correct sexual politics, and how evil the West is.

Wash Them Brains!

Free speech? Open debate on controversial topics? Genuine serious scholarship for the ages? Tolerance? Not on the modern college campus, you don’t. One opinion only; don’t rock the radical boat; only the approved Leftard causes are approved; or you will be mocked, silenced, or possibly even hauled away by the police. Too many universities are creating the ideological equivalent of orcs, and working as hard as they can to tear down all that is good, holy, wise, or beautiful.

Whatever the flaws of The Olden Days, at least the university was supposed to be about upholding, informing, and passing on Western Civilization, faith, and character. Now, it’s enough to become a parrot, addicted to Shiny Thing and making thumb-clickety, and downloading movies and nekkid pictures on the interwebs.. while being milked for obscene amounts of money and starting out with a crippling life-debt and an education of questionable worth.

Finally, In Contusion

Monsters University– 9.0 Elf Hats: I’ll be buying the Ultimate Platinum Deluxe Signature Director’s Cut Final Edition of this one. ~

* It owes a lot to Revenge Of The Nerds, including a character who looks remarkably like ‘Ogre’ (Fred “The Ogre” Palowakski, Alpha Beta), as played by 6’4″ Donald Gibb.


Crunchable African Hobbitses, Preciouss

Tasty, Snack-Sized, Now With A Variety Of Dipping-Sauces

~ ITEM: Congo rebels are eating pygmies, UN says.

~ ITEM: Guardian UK increasingly becoming a Conservative newspaper?

~ ITEM: Help The Pygmies, via Survival

~ ITEM: Why Pygmies Are Small

~ ITEM: General Sir Charles James Napier, GCB (10 August 1782 – 29 August 1853)

~ WHAT’S UP with the ever-Lefter-than-thou Guardian newspaper? And what’s with this UN newsflash, exactly?

Is there an ‘absolute morality’ being appealed to here? Isn’t it “my culture is no better than your culture” (except it’s better for being non-judgmental)?

Is eating African hobbits wrong? Why? Who says, and by what authority?

I have reasons and principles behind why neither me nor mine would eat African hobbits– reasons which are derived from reason, morality, the self-revealing God, and inherited and intuited principles of justice.

In fact, I’m not even sure I’d do the aircrash in the Andes snacking down on the dead thing.. I suppose in an extreme emergency, if there was a real chance of rescue, maybe.

Cute & Munchable?

Hobbits? Dammit, Jim, they’re people! No eat people. Eating people can make you ill, but that’s only a practical objection. Killing & eating people for food is to objectify another as subject to superior power, dehumanizing them, so they are no longer an “I” with an equal claim to life, freedom, and preservation of body and soul as a basic good.

We do it all the time in a lesser way when we treat our opponents as Them, and allow ourselves to do whatever we wish to them, via violence, or the politics of personal destruction, or other forms of exploitation and injustice.

Why Not, Then?

God has made each one; life is God’s gift, and men and women are made in the image of God; we are all sinners standing in need of God’s redemption; we should not do evil (eat hobbits) in order that good may result (we get fed). There are worse things than hunger.

Cannibalism is part of our unregenerate menu, of consuming our enemies and dehumanizing them and showing our power– 20th and 21st century stories of such amongst Chinese Communists, African rebels, Muslim Brotherhood terrorists all seem to confirm this. The cannibalism during the Lenigrad seige in WW2 was desperation, not cruelty or convenience.

Lost & Found

Modern man is very definite about questionable things (global warming, wind power, gay “marriage”) but sadly at a loss when it comes to eternal, true, and obvious things (abortion, cannibalism, divorce).


With all the flaws of British imperialism, I’m still with General Charles Napier when it comes to manifest evils, however traditional, popular, or “multicultural”. Hindu priests came to him complaining of restrictions on the horrid practice of ‘Sati’ (funeral wife-sacrifice on the pyre of her husband). He said:

Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.”

First Principles First

We are tangled up in our own contradictions– absolute relativism on most topics. Time for a little humanity, common sense, and a willingness to describe things as they are, and the reasons for saying so.

Cannibalism is evil.. because:

Human dignity (both of the eater and eatee) forbids it.. because:

That human dignity is grounded in law, tradition, and custom– which in turn is grounded on the freedom and individual worth we have in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who came to save all– Congolese rebel and pygmy alike, and to feed them spiritually with his own life. In Christ the old divisions and claims to supremacy and right to do whatever seems good to the group is overthrown.

So Lefty-Prog-Radicals: why is the eating of African Hobbits wrong? Would you stand idly by and watch a Hindu wife-burning on the ground of “multiculturalism”? Discuss. ~


Shame Shame Shame

~ ITEM: UNREAL! Obama Administration Helped Organize Trayvon Martin Race-Baiter Rallies

~ OBAMA IS A bully, but first of all a cheater– he never met a rule he couldn’t finesse, work around, subvert: it’s his thing. In sports-terms, he’s a steroid-pumper; in cards, he’s always got marked cards; in office politics, he’s always setting up his co-workers to look bad in front of the boss; in political terms, he’s a vote-stuffer, an election-fixer, a ballot-box thief… a slimeball who obeys only his own rules.

We get entangled in the day-to-day detail of complex adult politics, history, intricacies, but to take it back to grade-school, he’s the creepy but charming kid who nobody trusts near their lunch-money, new sneakers, or special show-and-tell item. He copies homework, and cheerfully switches tests, and puts his name on the A+ you earned.. after having brought cheat-notes or camera-phone spying to try and get a decent grade himself.

Bad Kid: Big Playground

Except– he’s doing all this with 300 million people, and their future, and the futures of nations around the world who depend on American markets– playing fast and loose with trillions of dollars, via lies and murder and drone-hits and working as hard as he can to wreckify America as she is, and to make sure that she’s not a democracy let alone a republic ever again.

Thing is, he’s a radical. He thinks money comes from government and rich people, and makes promises he can’t keep and spends what he doesn’t have, and winks at race-killings and dead diplomats and rapey Muslim Brotherhooders murdering protesters and Christians. He’s nasty work, a failed human, a cheater, a wooden nickel, a bad piece of work.

Up, Up And Away!

All you folks who voted for him, on the promise of free & more and cheaper and better? Get ready for expensive and less and more costly and worse. Ever more taxes, user-fees, higher health premiums, skyrocketing student-loan rates, and hidden taxes are your future under this guy and his possible successors, because he’s stabbed American business and confidence in the heart. All those social programs and freebies will be rolled back, whittled away, and worse, because money does not in fact grow on trees, and too many taxes crush spending, business investment, full-time jobs, and reasonable growth.

It. Is. All. An. Effing. Cheat.

Just to be clear. ~


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Mark Steyn

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~ SUPERMARKETS, travel cards collect metadata with discount cards, says Snowden … (

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago ~


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These Boots Are Made
For Tramplin’.. YOU

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That’s “Cuddles” Levin, Beside Shiny Pony

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~ MELANIE PHILLIPS— What has gone wrong with the Metropolitan Police? “Exposing police corruption crucially depends upon a free press. The danger now is that both corrupt police and self-serving politicians will be insulated still further from the scrutiny upon which the public interest depends” … (

~ LIFESITE— Ontario Tory leader questions premier over accused child porn maker’s role in radical sex-ed program; Robert Latimer no longer needs psychological counseling: Parole Board of Canada; California set to legalize buying/ selling human eggs and embryos; Marriage, the court, and the erosion of constitutional democracy(lifesite)

~ THE IMAGINATIVE CONSERVATIVE— Celestial Courtroom: America at the Judgment of the Nations; America, I Love You; Sherlock Holmes & the Bogus Bin Laden Report; Movie Review: Monster’s University; A Tiny Essay on Taking Offense; Wit and Wisdom of Imaginative Conservatives; Secularism: A Bridge Too Far; Our society, indeed what remains of Western civilization, seems to many people to be falling apart(


~ WHILST KING OBAMA has often been compared to leaders of the past, it’s unlikely anyone has yet associated him with Antiochus IV Epiphanes (Epiphanes = God Is Here). Ruler of the Seleucid Empire between 175 and 164 B.C., King Antiochus is best known for the persecution of Jews, and one story from the second book of Maccabees is particularly relevant here (his often eccentric behavior and capricious actions led some of his contemporaries to call him Epimanes (“The Mad One”), a word play on his title Epiphanes) … (

~ THE LAWYERED FUTURE— MN Makes Clear: Individuals, Businesses, Nonprofits All Face Lawsuits From SSM … (


~ UNTERFRAUEN! Female Inmates Sterilized Without Approval In California Prisons … (

~ PROWOMAN PROLIFE— Andrea has confided that she is seriously considering pursuing a career as a mermaid; Freedom of conscience is a duty; Dustin Hoffman & Society’s expectations; Are porn and video games leading to the demise of guys?; “Morally confused and willfully self-deceptive” … (

~ THE NEO-POPE Francis’ Preference for Simplicity Leaves Much To Be Spiritually Desired.. fugly polyester? Why not wear sack-cloth? … (

~ SOCON.CA— Vatican prostitution ring was a fake, but deep problems still remain; Archbishop Prendergast’s vision for Catholic education; St. Joseph’s parish to publicly take part in Gay Pride parade — again; Pelosi laughs off priest’s letter challenging abortion views, says he ‘was acting hysterically’; Second trimester babies respond to speech before speech centers have developed: study(

~ SCARBOROUGH NEEDS MEN, wrote Anthony Esolen a while back– Manly Chastity, Hedonism & the Law of Non-contradiction … (touchstonemag)


~ SNOWDEN UNVEILS NSA Satellite SAURON Program targeting Citizens … (

~ HATEY KATE @ SDA— Chinese Cyber-Theft And The Nortel Bankruptcy; ‘Peak oil’ web site to close its doors; Honey, I Finished The Internet; Benjamin Levin, Justin Trudeau, and Kathleen Wynne at Toronto Pride event; Let Me Fix That Headline For You; Palestinian Kids Show Airs Sick Jew-Bashing Monkey Pig Skit; We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans; I’d give up my right to vote, just to take them with me; Canada restores historical features of the Canadian Army; Lac Megantic: Crime Scene; Centre of the Universe just couldn’t take it any longer; How’s That Hopey Changey Thing Working Out For Ya?; Ontario’s NAMBLA Positive education agenda hits a bump in the road; Cameras Catch Mystery Break-In at Whistleblower’s Law Firm(SDA)

~ HANNAH ARENDT: Any Anthropology is Always-Already a Theology … (cosmostheinlost)

~ WINTRY KNIGHT— New study: men and women have different goals and expectations when cohabitating; Pastor’s Matt’s book of the year – and the rest of his astonishing reading list; J. Warner Wallace: is the idea that you should only evangelize your friends Biblical?; Is it better to form beliefs based on evidence or based on consensus?; The Talk Origins speciation FAQ and the problem of citation-bluffing; If we pay women to have children before marrying, will they do it more?; New study: children of divorce are more likely to be violent, take drugs and have underage sex(winteryknight)


~ DALRYMPLE— Lance Armstrong’s Tour of Deceit … (

~ JOSEPH FARAH— What’s the argument against polygamy, exactly? … (wnd)

~ SAITH PATELS— The army of temporary foreign workers has swelled to well over 300,000 under Stephen Harper’s watch; Get real, Canadians, we don’t need more providers(

La la la.. fakin’ it….

~ SOBERING THOUGHTS— ‘Why George Zimmerman Should Be Acquitted’; the CBO estimate is still grotesque, barbaric, and beside the point; ‘How Power Corrupts the Mind’; Question sex ed policies when perverts are educrats; “In the grand scheme of things, even the poorest 5% of Americans are better off financially than two thirds of the entire world“; Trivia about Stephen Harper’s cabinet; Premier’s statement on Toronto storm/flood; Real stimulus: let private enterprise invest; Takei, and now this.. Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s seemingly spontaneous performances in space were the product of a three-year marketing campaign complete with CBC collaboration and occasional tweets ghostwritten by government employees(

~ JUICY ECUMENISM— When Biblical Morality Is Declared Immoral; Why “Blinged-Out Weddings”?; The Canonization of the Council; Sex Scandal Comebacks: How Should Christians React?; Two Years a Country: Celebrating Independence Day in South Sudan(juicyecumenism)

~ MIDDLE ENGLAND MUST listen to Tommy Robinson; Time to be honest about the English Defence League(vladtepesblog, enlightenmentlover)

~ YEARS BEFORE THE PC BRIGADES became a fully battle-ready unit GK Chesterton predicted it all in Orthodoxy, writing: ‘The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone. Thus some scientists care for truth; and their truth is pitiless. Thus some humanitarians only care for pity; and their pity (I am sorry to say) is often untruthful.’ … (blogs.spectator)

Unspeakable Evil.. Perps Deserving All Punishments!

~ BOOT TO THE HEAD— UK Christian B&B Owner Loses Appeal Over Denying Gay Couple Room; Case Heads to Supreme Court … (global.christianpost)

~ STATE-ENFORCED LUNACY— “That way lies tyranny: A warning to America about redefining marriage” … (lifesite)

~ LT. GEN. ION MIHAI PACEPA— Communism and Nazism: 2 monstrous peas in a pod … (

~ GOOFY MARK SHEA— More of the Blessings of Atheistic Communism; Fr. Denis Lemieux holds forth onsame-sex marriage, our moral chaos, Flannery O’Connor and wingless chickens; Periodically there is a kerfuffle about Muslims worshipping the same God we do; Fortunately, it was just subhuman female prisoners who were forcibly sterilized so no big deal(

~ BLOGMOCRAT— Majority of Hispanics support Enforcement First approach to Immigration; Free Range Urban Hipster Chickens Gone Wild; Propaganda 101: Controlling the narrative by making the news old; The Art Of Indoctrination, Useful Idiocy, A Generation Of Morons; Essential VDH: The Progressive Apartheid State(

~ FACEBOOK HATES FREE SPEECH— This morning, a page “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” disappeared off of Facebook. This was a page with 600,000 conservative readers, many ex-military! … (

~ THE MAN HITLER Feared Most: Abraham Kuyper … (


~ WE ALL KNOW THAT there are lives and then there are lifestyles. Lives are unities evolving from crucial choices, while lifestyles are accretions of consumer preferences. Similarly, there are morals and moral styles. Taking offense is a moral style … (

~ THE ANCHORESS— Everyday in Every Way the Days are Gay & Gay & Gay; DC Comics introduces: The Anchoress?; “Hail Satan?” The Scud Missile that is “Amazing Grace”; Ranting on the Loss of Cursive Writing; When the Strange God Wins, You Kill Yourself; Remember– “Only Bad Guys Hate Babies”; That would be surprising! Refreshing, too, Obama(theanchoress)

~ MAN RAISED BY Two Lesbians Says Gay Marriage, Adoption Sucks … (

~ SIMCHA FISHER— “I have been brainwashed.”; Seriously, if Pope Francis hears about this, he’s gonna be mad; Ex-Gay? Is That Even a Thing? An Interview with Steve Gershom; Whoa. What a weird, sad, wretched century this is turning out to be(

~ STINKING KRAUT German Veteran Disparages Battle of Britain ‘Myth’. We call sour grapes … (guardian)

~ AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister May Face Christian Backlash Over Gay Marriage Support … (global.christianpost)

~ ‘DEAD’ ORGAN DONOR WAKES JUST IN TIME— Hospital staffers ignored signs of life: remember– most organ donors are kept alive for The Harvesting … (

~ GAY ACTIVISTS LAUNCH BOYCOTT— Author Orson Scott Card is under fire, once again, over his conservative views on homosexuality. Gay activists, angry over his opposition to same-sex unions, are boycotting a feature film rendition of his popular book “Ender’s Game” … (


~ COLLEGE FAIL! “According to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of recent grads return to the nest, moving back in with mom and dad. Will the burden of student loans encourage an extended adolescence even more so than dormitory life?” … (washingtontimes)

~ ANDY TAYLOR ON the coercive power of the state … (rogerkimball)


~ MYSTERIOUS ‘EPIDEMIC’ Of Inexplicable Cause & Somebody Else’s Fault: HIV rates, already sky-high, continuing to climb among gay men, warns CDC … (lifesitenews)

~ XANFIPPA— I’ll be away hunting for photos of the elusive white moose … (blog.xanthippa)

O Sweet Chocolate Jesus of Chicago

6a00d8341c6ca453ef010536eb22ec970c-800wi (1)

Today, people are more persuaded than ever that they have perfect freedom, yet they have brought their freedom to us and laid it humbly at our feet.”

~ The Grand Inquisitor ~

~ RED ALERT— President Obama could get 3 terms if H.J.Res 15 abolishes term limits … (

~ NOW THE REAL MARRIAGE-WAR BEGINS— Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage targeted by ACLU … (washingtontimes)

~ OBAMA-SUPPORTED Muslim Brotherhood Kept Christians From Voting at Gunpoint During Morsi Election, Megachurch Pastor Reveals; Christians Being Violated in Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizers; Muslim Brotherhood Continue to Kill Christians and Children After Morsi is Ousted by Military(global.christianpost)


~ NARCISSISTIC Polity Disorder: Its Diagnosis and Treatment … (

~ SMOOTH OPERATOR— ‘Barack Obama used to oppose health care fraud—up until the moment that opposing fraud conflicted with his goal of preserving ObamaCare … (

~ GATEWAY PUNDIT– UNREAL! Obama Administration Helped Organize Trayvon Martin Race-Baiter Rallies; An Ex-Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee tells CNN he was fired for not arresting Zimmerman; Pro-Morsi Mob Hacks Christian businessman Emile Maseem, 41, to Death With Axes; DC Democrats Pass $12.50 Minimum Wage Law… Wal-Mart Cancels Three Store Openings; Vermont Christian Business Owners Forced to Pay $30,000 in Fines for Expressing Their Religious Beliefs to Lesbian Couple; Texas Democrats and Abortion Advocates Chant “F*ck the Church!” at Texas Capitol; Texas House Approves Bill to End Late Term Abortion – Democrats Hail Satan(

~ BUSINESS-KILLER Obama’s Assault on Entrepreneurship: An Economic Roadmap to Nowhere, by Ismael Hernandez … (


~ RAINBOW BOOT, DOWN THEIR THROATS— Why is the Obama administration promoting Gay Pride Months and campaigning for gay rights in countries like Pakistan and El Salvador? … (

~ PROTEIN WISDOM— “Obama hails Muslim holiday as symbol of tolerance for other faiths”; These are the symptom of a once-vibrant free-market capitalist body politic riddled with a host of statist tumors; A Video of People Signing a Petition to Repeal the Bill of Rights; Break-in? Oh, just an interesting coincidence, I’m sure; Oh, we’re not ‘over-budget’, we’re just flexible; Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner seem ready to step in and fill that wet, hot, yearning void; More on the Third and Fourth Amendments and modern militarized policing powers(

Evil Defier Of The Glorious Obama, Irish lawmaker Clare Daly

~ THAT IRISH Obama ‘hypocrite of century’ speech goes viral … (

~ SNEAKYNESS— “What a conniving bunch of hoods these Obama operatives truly are. Last Friday, a holiday weekend no less, the Obama administration quietly issued an executive order allowing people to secure Obamacare healthcare subsidies WITHOUT any income verifications. The move is in effect, an clear and direct attempt to hand out FREE healthcare to millions of Americans right before the 2014 Midterm Election” … (


~ FORENSIC FINDINGS on Obama’s birth certificate: ‘A 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it’.. the question still remains: why? Kenyan birth? A father other than Mr. Obama Sr.? This guy is a fraud on many many levels … (

~ WHY LOIS LERNER TOOK THE FIFTH? Patterico unearthed something that, to my knowledge, had not been reported previously … (

~ ED DRISCOLL— Legendary Israeli Mossad Agent Retiring From Service; Emergent Wiener Compares Himself to Mandela, FDR; Back to the Batcave; Suspicious Federal Employee Reported; 1994 as The Good Ol’ Days; “Explaining Eliot: He’s bonkers — and always was”; The Limits of Totalitarianism; The Zimmerman Trial: Unreality TV; Yesterday we explored “Tomorrow’s Leftwing Freakout Today.” … (eddriscoll)

~ PRESIDENT “Obama Is Apparently Unaware Justice Must Be Color Blind” … (

~ ‘SCARED STRAIGHT’: WHITE HOUSE EDITION– D.J. Dolce offers culinary advice to violence-threatening vegan … (


~ CONSTITUTIONAL Scholar: Obama Is Not King, Cannot Suspend ObamaCare Law By Fiat … (FOX)


~ OMERICA LOOKS LIKE THIS.. Mob beats man on his own front porch “Now that’s justice for Trayvon!”… press ignores … (

~ DOUG ROSS— Mark Levin Introduces His New Book “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic”; Holder DOJ helped organize threat of race riots to prevent Zimmerman acquittal; The astonishing collapse of employment in America; Larwyn’s Linx: Everyone Agrees: This Term Stinks; Facebook shuts down conservative page with over 600,000 likes; Top 10 News Nuggets: Enraging Legacy Media While Enlightening High-Information Voters; GOP immigration plan devised by Communist Party to build “permanent progressive majority”; Has the Obama administration gone “full Watergate?”; The Secret of President Barack Obama’s Middle East Policy Revealed; Thank the Eco-tards’ rejection of Keystone XL for environmental catastrophes like Lac Mégantic(

~ REAL CLEAR POLITICS has far too many links for you to read … (realclearpolitics)


~ A ROYAL PREROGATIVE— Last week the Obama administration disclosed a big story in a small way. The big story: the administration is delaying the enforcement of the Obamacare employer mandate for one year.. cuz The King said so … (

~ HERE COME THE NEW Prohibitionists– The taxpayer-funded Obamacare temperance league … (weeklystandard)


~ DONALD SENSING— National birthrate hit an all-time low due to weak economic recovery; Pew Research: Republicans More Knowledgeable Than Democrats; What did he know and when did he know it?; How Jesus invented individual liberty; Just another day of Islamist rage. Of course, this has nothing at all to do with Islam; What exactly did NASA photograph in space from the ISS?; America may be a free nation, but its people are no longer at liberty; Don’t confuse freedom with liberty(


~ THE GEORGE SOROS Connection to the New Egyptian Government! … (

~ THE PHANTOM SOAPBOX— Electronic medical records: the ultimate bad idea; President Barack Obama has ordered federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues; Is our government more dangerous than a rattlesnake?; Court of the media: Rachel Jeantel is innocent! Kill Zimmerman!; Remember, its not the fall that kills you. Its the sudden stop at the bottom(

Dear America: How Doomed Are You?

~ CREEPY CHRIS JOHNSON— Why the 19th Amendment may have been a bad idea, reason #794,389; In some respects, it’s unfortunate that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution reads the way that it does; It’s just not much fun being freed up for exciting new opportunities unemployed … (

~ SMILE, NASHVILLE, YOU’RE ON FBI CAMS! — Metro area launching work with facial recognition system … (

~ MALICIOUS MALKIN— Dueling Headlines; ‘Honor system for government benefits’ edition; Thousand pictures of John Kerry boating prompts State Dept. to retract denial that Kerry was boating; Transparency: Obama’s video thank-you to librarians for helping push Obamacare will remain unseen by the public; New Obamacare slogan: Because we’ve forced ourselves to put our trust in you; Burglaries at law firm representing State Dept. whistleblower(

~ RADICAL-LOVING Obama Has Plan To Restore Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt…. Obama.. is determined to continue overthrowing secular Muslim regimes in favor of Islamist totalitarian governments … (religiousfreedomcoalition)


~ TODD STARNES: Groups Say Religious Liberty in Military is in Danger … (

~ ULSTERMAN— Law Enforcement Bracing For Zimmerman Verdict Riots; Law Firm Representing State Dept. Whistleblower Is Broken Into – Computers Stolen; What a conniving bunch of hoods these Obama operatives truly are; John Kerry Relaxes On Yacht During International Crisis – Then Lies About It; White House Panics As Paul Ryan “Goes Silent”(

~ USCIRF GROUP Urges Obama, Kerry to Press China on Religious Freedom, Human Rights … (


“Democracy never lasts long.
It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.
There was never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

~ Samuel Adams ~

~ BUT OUR RULES SAY SO! Samuel Adams beer defends removing ‘Creator’ from quote: It’s just policy! … (washingtontimes)

~ WEEKLY STANDARD Special Report Panel on the Unraveling of Obamacare … (

~ THE OTHER McCAIN— Links LIVE AT FIVE: 07.10.13; Horror: Brett Kimberlin ‘Is Giving His Wife the Full Aaron Walker Treatment’; Fight the Fight You’re Fighting; Glenn Greenwald Bamboozled People Who Should Know Better; Rush Is Right: Media Can’t Hide Their Disappointment Over Zimmerman Trial; Independence Day Weekend Catch-Up Edition; ‘Arab Spring’ Sequel: ‘Arab Anarchy’(

~ KEENER COP KILLS Sunday School Teacher in Church Parking Lot?! … (

~ LES KINSOLVING— N.Y. Times’ anti-religion hysteria … (

~ LYING LIARS WATCH— State Department: Kerry Worked ‘Nonstop’ During Egypt Crisis; Photo Evidence: Kerry Was Chillin’ … (


~ THE PEOPLE’S CUBE— New EPA Rules Set to Limit Human Greenhouse Gas Emmissions; At this point, a Petition isn’t Entirely Necessary…BUT; Loose Lips Save Administrations!; Spitzer to Run Against His Madam for New York Comptroller; Obama’s EPA To Control Comrades’ Refrigerators And More…; Obama To Make Services Easier with PROJECT MYcommunismUSA; We Must STOP Unregulated Floristry NOW!; Re: Melissa Harris-Perry’s Kid Kollektivization Program; Obama repeals 40-hour work week: part-time workers, unite! … (


~ HIM SO SMRT!— Barack Obama’s “smarter” government just made life easier for identity thieves … (

~ FORMERLY FAMOUS MAN Jim Carrey Apologizes to Assault-Rifle ‘Fans’ for ‘Heartless Motherf—ers’ Comment … (

~ GUN SEIZURES trigger fear of massive police power … (




~ THREE MEMBERS of No Specific Religion under arrest after Moreton soldier is killed in street attack … (

~ GRAB THE POPCORN— The Innocence of Islamic Jihad – Full Movie… (theblogmocracy)

~ CREEPING SHARIA— Rape in Islamic Culture – Bulletin Of The Oppression Of Women in Islam; “Of course we are out to Islamize the world”; Texas high school buys Muslim girl ‘Palestinian’ flag, lets her carry at graduation; 6th Circuit Asked to Overturn Decision on Evangelists Attacked by Muslim Mob; Danish immigration spokesperson to unhappy Muslims: “Find somewhere else to live”; Obama celebrates Ramadan again; Bin Laden raid records secretly purged in elaborate (illegal?) shell game(creepingsharia)

~ WOMEN HAVE nominal rights in Saudi Arabia, but in practice none at all … (

~ SHARIA UNVEILED— Is the War in Syria Just Another War for Oil?; Three Muslims Murder Yet Another English Soldier in the Streets of Rugby; Israeli-Arab Christian Woman Proudly Defends Enlistment in IDF; Muslim Beheading of Christians on the Rise; Muslim Man Stabs to Death an English Boy on the Streets of Manchester; A Message to the Egyptian People From the Citizens of America; Three Christian Boys Tortured and Murdered by Pakistani Police for “Allegedly” Being in Love With Muslim Girls(shariaunveiled)

Nothing™ To Do With Islam™

~ SHI’ITE IRAN’S attempt to root out Christianity one pastor at a time … (ACLJ)

~ GATESTONE— Britanistan: “As one police officer said to me, ‘There isn’t a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited.’; U.S. in the Middle East: Good Intentions, Terrible Results; Abu Qatada and the New Standard of “Rights”; Deserting the Moderates: The Dilution of Human Rights; Italy: “Fighting in the Name of Allah” … (

~ PJTV TRIFECTA— Jihadists Execute Mother and Daughters for Dancing in the Rain … (


~ JESUS-HATING Muslim Brotherhood Continue to Kill Christians and Children After Morsi is Ousted by Military; Egypt New President Pressured To End Massive Kidnappings Of Christians(


~ SULTAN KNISH— The Zimmerman case is about many things, but it isn’t about George Zimmerman; Democracy in Egypt and Turkey rewarded the lowest common denominator voter; A Nation of Living Constitutions; Friday Afternoon Roundup – Brief Briefs; The Polish Woman Who Saved 3000 Jews; The Right to Happiness(

Irena Sendler Nobel Peace Prize? – No, Al Gore

~ RECENT SIOTW NEWS— 91 Women Raped in Tahrir Square over 4 Days; Syria’s Brotherhood Says West Must Step Up Arms to Criminal Islamic Rebel Terrorists; At least 51 killed in Egypt, Islamists call for uprising; Egypt: What Is Obama’s Obsession With Muslim Brotherhood?; France: Mayor of Nice Says Islam Not Compatible With Democracy(

~ BRUSSEL’S JOURNAL— Can Islam Be Reformed? A Response Essay To Daniel Pipes … (

~ BEWARES— “The Clarion Project recently exposed how an Iranian regime front based in New York donated to over 30 colleges and over 60 Islamic centers and organizations in North America” … (

~ ATLAS SHRUBS— 5,635 Violent Attacks Committed Against Jews in Israel; The slaughter of Christians by Morsi supporters is sanctioned under Islamic law; Fort Hood suspect tells potential jurors he supports Taliban, Sharia law; Obama is standing with these savages; Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the koran; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleads not guilty. According to Islamic texts and teachings, he’s not. “Jihad is the way.”; He pits American against American. He is a vicious President; The Muslim Brotherhood in America is using me to fundraise. Love it; Moderate new Prez of Iran: 75 hangings in 22 days!; The capitulation of religious leaders (Jewish, Christian, Catholic, etc.) is a devastating failure of leadership in religious communities suffering under the boot of Islamic supremacism and sharia worldwide(atlasshrugs2000)


~ IN EGYPT, the real regime still has to fall: “Egypt’s revolutionary process is a complicated convolution of people power and military co-optation. To succeed, it will have to take on the army anew” … (

~ VLAD TEPES— Links and news for July 9 2013; Masked gunmen opened fire on Mar Mina Church in Port Said; “Corruption: Bonuses from the emir of Qatar to islamist leaders” … (vladtepesblog)

~ NEW CRITERION— “Is it possible for Islam to fully integrate into the secular international order of states?” … (

~ HAMID: The post-Morsi reality in Egypt– “The United States needs to realize that the collapse of the Muslim Brotherhood could be the beginning of the real defeat of radical Islam worldwide” … (washingtontimes)

~ ‘BLASPHEMY’ teen flees Pakistan amid persecution of Christians … (nbc)

~ ZEESLE WHIPPERS— Islamist Groups Say Morsi Coup Proof Violence Only Way Enact Change; Muslim Brotherhood Busted Posting Old Pictures Of Children Killed In Syria; Muslims Reaction To Obama’s Ramadan Greetings Not Going Over So Well; Sam Adams Commercial Intentionally Misquotes Declaration Of Independence To Omit Reference To God; Train Wreck: Obamacare Runs Out Of Money Before It Launches; No way Islamists would pass up this opportunity to kill Christians; Yet Another School District Dumps Mooch’s Lunch Menu, Cites “Hungry, Frustrated Children”; White House Has Known For Months That Obamacare Implementation Wouldn’t Work()

~ SCREW YOU, INFIDELS! Saudi Arabia Threatens Non-Muslim Foreigners Who Eat or Drink in Public during Ramadan … (

~ MYTH-BUSTED MOHAMMED— Islam’s Most Sacred History Refutes Popular Islamic Misconceptions about the Prophet of Islam; plus, What Would Muhammad Do? … (

~ DEFIANT Fort Hood Shooter Forced to Wear Military Uniform He Says Represents an ‘Enemy of Islam’.. no word on if he’s equally offended by his Army Pay in American Dollars, or not … (

~ BURNING BOOKS & CHILDREN. Bush was right: They do hate us for our freedom, by Kevin D. Williamson … (

~ JAWA REPORT— Insider Attack in Afghanistan Kills 1, Wounds 6; What kind of people think the Boston Bombings were a false flag operation?; Then again, this is the Taliban we are speaking of; What it Would Really Look Like if Obama Wanted to Kill Innocent Muslims; If my vagina was a gun, you would stand for its rights(mypetjawa)

~ RAMADAN BOMB-A-THON TIME! Oh it’s time alright… for our annual Ramadan Bombathon scorecard, which we tally for those critics who ask: “What about other religions?” … (

~ HEART-BREAKING Funeral for Coptic priest that was murdered for Jihad … (

~ JIHAD WATCH— American al-Qaeda member Adam Gadahn calls for Syrian jihad in new video; House and Senate Intelligence panel members vote to block Obama from arming Syrian jihadis, but Obama going to arm them anyway; Boston jihad mass murderer, looking bored, pleads not guilty; Leftist protesters chant “Free Jahar” as Boston Marathon jihad murderer arrives at courthouse; Egypt: Muslim mob attacks Christian homes and shops while chanting, “There is no god but Allah and the Christians are Allah’s enemies“; Hamas-linked CAIR tells family of dead jihadist not to talk to FBI(

~ LATMA— An interview with John Kerry and a Palestinian song about peace; Calone Glick: Israel’s reviled strategic wisdom; US foreign policy is failing worldwide; The Kerry peace plan deciphered! … (carolineglick)

Fun With Muslim Slavery– The Body Snatchers – Egypt

~ MICHAEL COREN examines the mob rule in Egypt and the tragic violence … (

~ MICHIGANISTAN— “At the end of a football game between two private schools in Dearborn, Michigan, four Muslim football players rushed a Christian quarterback, knocked off his helmet and beat him unconscious.” … (

Modern Slavery in Gulf Countries

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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