Finger-Wagging, Backwards


“After things are over, it is easy to choose the fine

mental and moral positions which

one should adopt.”

~ Winston Churchill ~

~ ITEM: Pope Francis: World powers did nothing when Jews were taken to Auschwitz

~ ITEM: Auschwitz bombing debate; and Could The Allies Have Bombed Auschwitz-Birkenau; plus Why Auschwitz was not bombed

~ ITEM: Pius XII and the Jews during World War II

~ ITEM: 1942 Joint Declaration by Members of the United Nations; plus, International response during the Holocaust


~ BACK SOMEWHERE in the 1950’s, George Bergoglio (b. 1936) got a vocational-school degree in chemistry technicianing. However these days, he talks freely on world politics, economics, climatology, environmentalism, saving the planet, the evils of Latin, weapon manufacturing, guns, air conditioners– why, anything he turns his mind to. Just recently, he’s ruminated on World War II & The Holocaust!

Dude got mad skillz, yo.

Stupid Elf Think


Now, I’ve been reading, learning, pondering, and studying the big wars of the last century for (give or take) 42 years. I have a history degree with an emphasis on military history. GPA 4.1. I still read about the wars, Hitler, Canadian warmaking, historical battles, and the Holocaust (since my family lost cousins in Moldova under Einsatzgruppe D, under Otto Ohlendorf).

Thus, in addition to vexing questions about the Auschwitz-Birkenau work/ death camps, and the 13 million people imprisoned and killed in the huge network of hundreds of camps across Nazi-occupied Europe, we remember the 12 million+ slave-labourers on Nazi defence-works, factories, underground projects, from Norway to North Africa, and from the Island of Jersey to Western Russia.

As of 2015, we have not really solved the question of what to do about rising anti-semitism, slavery, international human rights, sex-trafficking of women girls and boys, nor the ‘internal security’ of Communist nations where death-camps and slave-labour are still very much part of the political system, and hold far more people than were ever held in Nazi camps. The Soviet gulag system likewise held upwards of 25 million mostly political prisoners 1930-1965.

All so simple to fix, in hindsight? Guess we’ll just have to wait until 2090 to have all the perfect answers to the problems of 2015.


The Specific Issue

Could the Allies have done more and better to somehow stop the Nazi death-camp systems? Yes. Could they have seriously degraded or stopped Hitler’s final solution through bombing raids on all the camps and railways and vehicles being used for this purpose, and all the Einsatzgruppen operating in Europe and Russia? Very unlikely.

This may be a fail of the Allied leaders & war-planners, but to replay what-might-have-been is an iffy and speculative and risky/ judgmental sport for a pope to play, given what was actually done, in the reality of those past moments. Armchair generalling, hindsight 20/20 always puts you in the awesome position of supposedly knowing everything, actually changing nothing, and a toasty and uplifting moral superiority over the stupid losers who actually fought, died, decided, messed up, and lived the events of the time.

Wisdom and insight– borrowing and learning from the past, thus gaining foresight and clarity about current problems– is a hard-won and rare gift, and is usually ignored by those in power, in the church and in the world. Everybody ‘knows better’ at the time.


What Was Done

(1) In part, the Allies launched the biggest war ever to recover the freedom of Europe (including those of Jews). Countless war-graves testify to this. World powers allowed their diplomats to issue hundreds of thousands of passports to Jews and other refugees during WW2. Even German and Japanese diplomats did the same. Many pre-war Jewish and other refugees flooded westwards to escape the coming darkness.

(2) The Pope & priests and religious and laypeople spoke out, and also helped to hide, save, or aided to escape upwards of half a million people. Golda Meir and other world Jewish leaders honoured Pope Pius XII (slandered by some as ‘Hitler’s Pope’) as a hero who did more to save Europe’s Jews than anybody else. Holy Father, have you even read about what your predecessors did in the face of such unspeakable evils as Nazism and Communism?

(3) When you talk of ‘World Powers’, sir, you actually mean Winston Churchill and President FDR. Which specific choices (or failures to choose) are you concerned with?  Have you read Churchill’s 5-volume history of World War 2?

(4) Western anti-Semitism cannot be denied in many aspects of 1930s-1940s society. Still, nobody then had any conception of fighting a ‘Holocaust’, partly because they did not read Hitler’s ideas and threats, and partly because it was unthinkable. Why would any sane nation at war deflect resources, transport, troops, and construction to do something like this? Post-war, allied nations allowed mass-migration of surviving Jews, and backed a new Jewish Homeland in a rebuilt Israel– and defended her and provided weapons until the Obama Regime took over.

(5) World War I German atrocities, war-crimes, and– as it were– practice holocausting were reported, sometimes exaggerated, but covered up and pooh-poohed by pacifists in particular, who wanted to hold as morally equivalent the two sides of the conflict. Thus, the Germans learned that they could get away with much, given the well-meaning but ultimately disastrous naivete of British politicians and anti-war leaders. G.K. Chesterton tried to warn England about this, but to no avail. The seeds of Auschwitz were laid in Berlin, Belgium, Holland, Northern France.. and London, in the 19-teens and 1920s.

But, super-geniuses should already know all this.


We The Super-Awesomes!

Isn’t it is lovely and lofty for us to look smugly backwards from our moral high-ground and judge the failings and evils and hard choices of others– in the face of the biggest world-wide war to this date– three or four generations after.

After all, in 2015 there’s zero anti-semitism and little persecution of Jews anywhere, no wars threatening the world,  no slavery to worry about anymore, no threats to political freedom and freedom of speech in the West or in the world; no death-camps and work camps anywhere in the world to liberate; no Christians dying daily for their faith, and certainly no look-the-other-way lazy contentment in the West. Phew.

I sure hope that 75 years from now, people will judge our mistakes, failures, glaring blind-spots, avoidable evils, and misconceptions without coming across all smug about it.


Saith The Binks


Eat Up Your Supper, Because…..


~ ITEM: Madman who starved 60 million to death: Devastating book reveals how Mao’s megalomania turned China into a madhouse

~ ITEM: Epic history of Chinese famine in which 45 million starved to death wins £20,000 book award

~ ITEM: The Book Itself— Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962, by Frank Dikötter

~ ITEM: Interview: China’s great famine years ‘were an era of cannibalism’

~ ITEM: Another book– Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine, 1958-1962, by Yang Jisheng

+ + +

~ DID YOU EVER KNOW? For those of you of a certain age, being told to finish your beets and asparagus and table-scraps because “there were starving kids in China” will ring a bell. I never knew what it meant, or why my mother said it, exactly.

This man-made famine was widely misunderstood at the time; in modern China it is glossed over as “the three years of natural disaster”; and in the Western history books it is all but forgotten, because Leftism & Marxism. Still, it’s a cultural artifact for people who were kids in the 1960s.

My smart-ass response at the time was: “Well OK, can we send this to them, then?”  The previous era of starving Chinese children was the mid-1930s, under Japanese misrule. The slightly later version changed the starving children to Africa (particularly Eastern Africa), in the great to-and-fro of the Cold War.


The Horror: 1958-1963

Back to my era. Did you ever ask (or were you ever told, or did your parents even know) why in China– a net exporter of food– there were such conditions in the late 50s into the mid-60s? Probably not.

Communism. Mao Tse Tung wanted to hasten agricultural reform, and was greedy for hard currency from the Soviets, and so sold them most of the food China produced. He sold almost all Chinese crops, even if that meant the peasant farmers themselves had nothing left to eat. That, and crazy schemes like shutting down small farms, and making giant collective farms. Which didn’t work.

Mao Starved Them

Communism + lack of reality? = 70 MILLION direct & indirect Chinese deaths.

Mass starvation, eating grass and bark, cannibalism, and upwards of 60-70 million deaths ensued, because Communism can’t science good, and what’s a few millions dead for the progress of the Revolution, blah blah blah.

Truth is, there’s more than enough food in the world to prevent starvation, but as in 1930s Ukraine, Mao’s China or Ethiopia in the We Are The World 1980s, politics (especially progressive politics) are often found at the root of such crises. Entirely avoidable, predictable, and horrible.

Death by starvation– for ideological purposes– has proven quite convenient for human monsters of the 20th century. We’re only ever told half of the story, and well after the fact, by the useful idiots of the Western mass media, who served and still serve all too often as the willing mouthpieces of Lenin, Stalin, Che & Fidel, Mao, and their horrible policies and evil minions.

Read it, and weep: ‘Mao’s Great Famine‘. ~


Lazy, With Bells On


~ ITEM: Everything Wrong With The Hobbit– The Battle Of The Five Armies (SPOILERS)

~ ITEM: The Tolkien Nerd’s Guide to “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

~ ITEM: “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies”: Peter Jackson’s long goodbye to Middle-earth

~ ITEM: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: At Least It’s Over Now; and The Hobbit 2 Is Bad Fan Fiction; plus, The Oversized Ambitions of ‘The Hobbit’

~ ITEM: ‘The Hobbit’: How ‘The Desolation Of Smaug’ Should Have Ended (Video); and How The Battle Of The Five Armies Should Have Ended

~ ITEM: This Blog–  What Binks Said Aforetime About Peter Jackson

It all begins to have the air of an aging rock band’s ill-advised reunion tour.

~ Christopher Orr ~



~ LET’S RECALL that The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies is billionaire stupid fat hobbit Peter Jackson’s last (please God!) movie exploiting and abusing Middle Earth. One might expect care, detail, fine character touches, coherent moments of battle, and– given he’s now super-rich– the very best for his many, many fans in this long, long, long goodbye.

It is to laugh. Or, to weep. So we are presented The Hobbit: The Fellowship of The Two Towers Of The King And 5 or 4 or 8 Armies Plus Giant CGI Worms. If PJ could lay hands on it, it went into the stewpot. Flee sense, begone JRR and proportion, EVERYTHING. INTO. THE. STEWPOT!!

Down We Go!

Let us consider a few lowpoints, shall we?

  • Shrugs!

    As if people will immediately remember the end of the previous movie, Peter Jackson has the fire-bombing of Hamburg wrecking of Lake-Town and the killing of the dragon Smaug at the start of this last movie. Way to deflate the emotional and dramatic balloon, Pete. Binks rewrite– instead, Smaug dies at the end of Hobbit II, but we have 5+ amazing minutes of Smaug-recall (different viewpoints, characters, flashbacks, CGI flames) to re-establish where we are, then into the Laketown refugee thing. And no, the Worm-tongue wannabee guy does not get all kinds of Jar Jar Binksian extra screen-time. Feh.

  • Lazy!

    So we have super-friends Galadriel, Elrond and Saruman actually kung-fu fighting Sauron and the Ringwraiths (albeit in ghostly form); the elf-queen banishes Sauron somewhere or other, via a repeat of her Evil Queen routine from LOTR: Gandalf gets rescued (?!). Never mind that we just got rid of the need for most of the Lord Of The Rings Books, just there. Methinks Jackson was jealous of all the success of the Marvel superhero movies and threw some of that into the Stewpot, consequences be damned.

  • Moar Lazy!

    There is now something called ‘Dragonsickness’, expert dragonsickologist Dr. Jackson warns, and Thorins are especially susceptible. Not greed, selfishness, covetousness, dragonish hoarding, a dwarvish lust for riches, but ‘a sickness’– can you say ‘midichlorians’? Is it catching? Of course, this undercuts Tolkien’s own morally serious and realistic depiction of Thorin as a kingly but deeply flawed character, tempted– as his father and grandfather were– to worship gold and the Arkenstone. The point? ALL of us can be morally dragonish. Duh? Stewpot!

  • Even More Lazy!!

    Billionaire dragon Jackson simply could not be bothered (it seems, by the end-result) to hire a medieval war expert, a historian, or even a really really nerdy Total War video-game series fan (Will Work For Red Bull) to lay out for Jackson and his animators how medieval (if fantastical) conflict actually worked. Instead, we have a seeming infinity of CGI elves, dwarveses, and orcses and humanses and bats and trolls and wargs and sandworms and eagles directly borrowed from the past movies to show Things Are Happening! Loud noises! Dangerous, bad events which make no sense, but are very very serious! This is why Tolkien imagined and wrote the novels from hobbit perspectives, so you could identify with them, and not be overwhelmed or lost in the big details of stuff and things. Pete knows better.


I Call Nerd-Shenanigans!

Jackson wants us all to think he is the nerdiest of the nerds, but he apparently can’t even dig back into olden war-gaming, or even World Of Warcraft to work out that dwarven dukes like Dain II don’t ride sows into battle, they’d ride properly armoured-up war-boars with huge slashing tusks, tearing hoofs, levelling kicks and charges. Nope, we get a pig. Love the cameo of Billy Connolly, but I’m a sucker for a Glasgae rant. Love how they slightly muted his ‘sodding’ comment.

Lazy Jackson steals from Tolkien, indirectly from the Silmarillion (the long history book of Middle Earth), but worst of all, he steals repeatedly from himself. Every cool thing or effect in the LOTR trilogy ends up referenced, copied, or simply thrown into the hobbit Stewpot– even the female elf-warrior Tauriel is a ramped-up version of Jackson’s ramped up Arwen, because elvish princesses must fight and stuff. Girl-power!

Of course, my now having officially called Nerd-Shenanigans, Peter Jackson has one month from the time of calling to respond, or forever lose his nerd-cred. Verily, thus it is written in the ancient tomes, the Letters Of Venerable Jorath, High Nerd Scribe, and in the manuals of the holy Gygax.


“Nerd-Shenanigans” Have Been Called. Repeat: have.. been.. called.

By The Power Of Nerd!

Now: I have some nerd cred. Collected lead miniatures in the ’70s; played D&D and many other strategy & fantasy & sci-fi wargames (many ‘inspired’ directly by Tolkien); read all the books, the Silmarillion more than a dozen times; then into the new era of Middle Earth video-games, mods, Third Age Total War, and the Lord Of The Rings Online MMORPG. Not as nerdy as some, but then again I have a life, and I’m not 15, or 50 going on 15, right?

Got that? And thus you will understand the meaning of what I say when I tell you it took me TWO WEEKS of watching this ginormous cauldron of manure to get through the entire thing once and for all. Not sure I’ve recovered yet. Not sure if I can stand the upcoming extended version.

Instead of leaning his weight on the story, he relies on CGI, whipping back and forth across a giant meaningless battle of Dagorlad at the start of the Fellowship of the Pellenor Fields The Black Gate of The Five Armies, and except for no huge explosions or robots, this might be Michael Bay sacrificing the entire fillum (except the one bright spot in this long spate of visual diarrhea: Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins) to special-effing-effects. Lazy.

After all, if Sauron had all this military hidden away, he should have just attacked anywhere but where the Dwarf and Elven and Human armies were, and rampaged his way across Middle Earth until he found the Ring. But Jackson– in this detail, as in all the others– makes clear he doesn’t care for the fans, for good directing, for realistic effects, for restraint, for careful and amazing story-telling. He’s rich and lazy and can’t be bothered any more with this inferior story-teller ‘J.R.R. Tolkien’.


REWARD for information leading to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins in this endless trainwreck of a movie entitled ‘The Hobbit’.

Sad To Say It

The Hobbit is an adventure story for boys and girls; full of hobbit-sized and some adult-sized bad things, which are all overcome at the end by goodness and honour and decency and hobbitish ordinariness, and ordinary folk finding their inner hero, and the hidden hand of God ruling over all. Peter Jackson (become like George Lucas) is too smart for such tropes. What he can do, he will, whether it is well to do it or not. Kiwi Director-Man has become a story-wrecker, of a Great Story written by a better man and better story-writer than himself.

The entire Lord Of The Rings series is (a) high culture digested by one of the leading scholars in old languages of his time, and offered as a hobby/ braining thing for his readers to be enliftened thereby, and brought into a wider world of thought, feeling, literature, action, and moral imagination. And (b) As C.S. Lewis said of his reading of the faerie novels of George MacDonald, that they ‘baptised’ his imagination, so for many others (including this elf), The Hobbit & The Lord Of The Rings baptised my imagination, called me onwards and upwards to something/ someone (then) I-Knew-Not-What, left my mind and inward vision and imagination illuminated for a while with a brighter light from a far away land,  full of longing and hope and desire for The Whole Thing.

Tolkien helped lead me to Jesus, through his writing. It’s that simple.

“Frodo heard a sweet singing running in his mind: a song that seemed to come like a pale light behind a grey rain-curtain, and growing stronger to turn the veil all to glass and silver, until at last it was rolled back, and a far green country opened before him under a swift sunrise.”

That, ultimately, is why this Jacksonification is a horrid miscarriage of art, literature, and longing: it points to nothing but garbled sound and images and meaningless activity. More of the same– more of our fallen selves, looking into carnival mirrors– is not what we need.

What a waste. ~


The Pope’s Science Is Settled?



~ ITEM: Robert P. George: LAUDATO SII: CLOSE YOUR EYES, EMPTY YOUR HEART, AND PIN DOWN YOUR BRAIN, OH CATHOLIC!; and “Al Gore Moment: When Peter Fails, Look to the Church“; also, The Pope’s High Water Mark

~ ITEM: Monster-Watch: Papally-appointed Co-Presenter of climate change encyclical believes 6 billion humans need to die; Population Reduction Quack Appointed to Pontifical Academy of Science

~ ITEM: CLIMATE CHANGE LIES: One Thing to Remember

~ ITEM: MUST READ— Pope Francis’ ‘leaked’ encyclical: the good and the bad

~ ITEM: Pope Francis encyclical calls for end to fossil fuels; and ‘Laudato Sì’ calls for radical new approach to ecology, global economics

~ ITEM: With Fiends Like These… Pro-Communist, Pro-Population Control UN Climate Chief Met With Pope Francis Re: New Encyclical

~ ITEM: Heretical Teilhard de Chardin Was Annoying; also, Global warming is a pagan lie

~ ITEM: 11 Things You Probably Won’t Hear about Pope Francis’ Encyclical

~ ITEM: The Pope and climate change: Francis is slapping his conservative critics in the face

~ ITEM: UN Climate Chief: We Should ‘Make Every Effort’ To Reduce Population Increases

~ ITEM: Pope Francis: nations that block illegal immigration should seek God’s forgiveness


“A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system. In recent decades this warming has been accompanied by a constant rise in the sea level and, it would appear, by an increase of extreme weather events, even if a scientifically determinable cause cannot be assigned to each particular phenomenon.”

copied and pasted from pdf of LAUDATO SI (23)

+ + +

~ SO THERE’S A NEW— giant– Encyclical from the current Pope just released today, (partly) on The Environment.

Given who the Pope’s “climate” advisors were, we can rejoice that Laudate Sii is not much worse in that respect– parts of it are simply excellent, parts, predictable South American Liberation Theology. The MSM obviously cannot puzzle out the God bits, only the leading story elements.

Binky’s Red Pen

If I were editing it, I would have put the last sections (on God) right after the introduction, as primary theological (Papal) business; then, the crisis of sinful man with huge technical power as a theological problem, not to be solved by more power; then, the controversial bits, stated with a hugely balanced “some say, and yet others say” on the controversial global warming/ overpopulation/ evil oil/ giant supernational government thing. Then the prayers, stewardship, education thing.

Sadly, the “GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL” parts are as if Francis was blaming unicorns and robotic bananas for the problems of the world. They steal the thunder and cred from the rest– and the fact that the theological sections are waaaaay down near the bottom like an afterthought? Makes it look embarrassed about the things Catholics can all be certain of (God’s revealed truth & nature), versus the stuff in the early sections (environmental lunacy) which no Catholic can be certain of, because it’s all ideological global governance/ tax-grab fraud.

Allowed To Think?

Global warming, overpopulation, global government, energy issues– these are matters over which Catholics, Christians, and people of good will may legitimately differ, and in some cases, in which the Pope’s advisors were laughably one-sided and partisan, and failed in their duty to actually present a balanced view for the Pope to consider– this is typical progressivism, which can admit no plausibility or elements of truth in opposing views (even and especially if such views are based on better science).

Biased and wrong-headed Progressivism IS balance, right? No, it is not– in fact, progressive economics, science, and social engineering is notably based on lies, bad ideas, and time-tested failure.


In fact, it could be argued, that this move to use the Vatican as an overwhelming bullhorn to bulwark the failing panic-project of Global Warming/ Taxing/ Government is a sign that the truth about the weather is actually breaking through, and the ‘overwhelming consensus’ of scientists is actually not– most actual non-paid-for climate and related scientists do not believe in Global Warming.

Thus, the Pope is putting his spiritual authority on the line for scientific uncertainties; and alienating everyone (including most actual climate scientists) who dare not agree with horrible Warmists like effing Hans Joachim “Get Rid Of 6 Billions!” Schellnhuber and his apocalyptic ilk. Well done, then.

Needless Silly

It brings scandal and bias into the Pope’s teaching office, and fraudulently bad science is bad science, no matter who supports it. After all, things do not become true because this or any Pope says it– Popes and all of us must learn & believe in truth and true things because they are true.

The Pope has stuck his foot into a global war for global governance, global environmental and economic dictatorship, and a cull of the surplus population to a billion or even 500 million (10% rich powerful rulers, the rest their servants). Herr Schellnhuber and his allies at the U.N. (like would be global governor Christian Figueres) have big, big plans for you and me and the future.


Finally, In Concluded

Read the whole thing, ponder, pray, digest it, and where there is truth, rejoice and think and look around you at the way we use Mother Nature (and other people) as ‘resource’ to be exploited and consumed, and not as God’s property, of which we are the caretakers and keepers, until we hand it back to him when we are done our offices of stewarding.

And if in any of the above I am terribly, terribly wrong, or unfair, or partial, then show me (you know, facts, evidence, science, credible experts, non-skewed studies), and I will rewrite, with apologies. ~

Saith Teh Binks


O all ye Beasts and Cattle, bless ye the Lord


“What? I’m supposed to look where? At Da? At Mama?”

O ye Whales, and all that move in the Waters, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.
O all ye Fowls of the Air, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.
O all ye Beasts and Cattle, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.
O ye Children of Men, bless ye the Lord: / praise him, and magnify him for ever.


~ ITEM: FEELING MORAL, by J. Budziszewski

~ ITEM: BOOK– How Dogs Think: What the World Looks Like to Them and Why They Act the Way They Do, by Stanley Coren

~ ITEM: How Dogs Learn, How Dogs Think

+ + +

~ TRUTH BE TOLD, I do love ma wee doggie, Wee Wallace*. But, he’s a dog.

A creature of God, undoubtedly; a great companion; a funny little social being in his own way; a tiny wolf living in my home, who has literally saved my life. In 2009 when we got him (at the clamour of suddenly dog-loving twin Binklings), I’d been largely couch-bound for 6 years. Then, walkies.

Still and all, he’s a dog— nothing more, and nothing less. Not a human; not a fur-child (both options are lazy and wrong-headed and sentimental); not superior in the order of being; unlike my wife or kids, if he gets super-expensively sick, it’s the needle, not the bankloan. Treating him doggily is fair & proper– it is reality, not the often confusing mirage of feelings by which I seek to know him — then, all the feelings may follow the reality of his awesome little life as it really is.

Pitchforks & Torches!


Go ahead– I’m horrid, heartless, ungrateful, crool, I don’t deserve him, blah blah blah. Well, nature is not constructed according to my human feelings, possible confusions, or popular misunderstandings. He’s a dog– so I should doggedly learn about him, doggy nature, doggy social life, general dogginess.

If I mistreat him as if he were a little child, or member of the family with an equal say, he– being a wolfish critter, i.e. dog– will assume that he’s the Alpha or Alpha-Beta in the ‘pack’, with serious doggie wolf-pack social duties including endlessly giving orders, bossing people around, getting food ahead of others, yapping and nipping and biting to get his orders obeyed, and much more.

That’s what happens with dogs, especially the small yappy nippy surly and demanding ones. Their humans have done them the huge and, to the actual pooches, confusing injustice of not letting them know their place, so they can operate happily there. We often treat our kids & young people the same way: unreal lack of limits or rules or place in the family life.



Pity Thy Neighbour

There’s a nice man up the street who has one of these miserably confused beasts: part Bichon Frise, part Shih Tzu. I call her a Sh*tty-Frise.

He met me the other day walking his Precious Little Darling, who (of course) ignores Wee Wallace because he’s just a hairy smelly little DOG (whereas she, it seems, is a three or four year old human of some sort). Surreal.

“I was just out for a short walk”, says he, “but she decided different.” So, he continues to describe a nearly two mile trek he was dragged along, because the dog (clearly the boss in the relationship) decided the hairless monkey was going to follow her as long as she felt inclined to walk wherever she wanted. Alpha-dog attitude.

I said to the Missus after: it’s.. a.. Jeezly DOG!! Or, in our day, a cat, or-a-whatever pet. I’m the Alpha, Missus is the Alpha-Beta (dogs are not feminists, obviously), Wee Wallace is a whatever comes next down the line. NOT a fur-child. We did not ‘adopt’ him. D.O.G.


It is part of our insanity, malaise, and confusion in this age that we have many many laws against cruelty to animals, but (in Canada, say) none regarding our own pre-born offspring. We have astonishing medical advances in doggy chemo & doggy radiation treatment and doggy medicines– and yet cannot be honest with actual women about the horrid effects of birth control, of abortion, and endlessly delaying childbearing. We will sentimentally treat little fluffikins like a human, a surrogate child, a full ‘member of the family’, and do not feel horror at the encroaching culture of death & medicalized murder called euthanasia, threatening the sick, the suffering, the imperfect, the elderly.

He’s a dog. No more, and certainly no less. ~

Saith Teh Binks


“Hooza Gooddog? I think I know, Dad….”

* Following on my family habit, Wee Wallace has endless odd nick-names, not including ‘Nick’. He responds to most of the following: Wall, Wally, Walbert, Woglet, Wally Magoo, Weebles, Wobbles, Wobs, Woggitt, Dancin’ Dave, Dingus, Stink, Fungus, Craphound, Dog, Beast, Poodle, Killer, Wee Doggins, Destructor, Puppy, Pupper. Pupper-Doo, Pooch, Football, Evil Dog, Dementor, and Crazy-Bob. The latter two are for when he ferociously digs in his blankets as if tunnelling to the centre of the earth, or when he repeatedly races up and down the hallway as fast as mini-poodlishly possible. 

Shut Up, Bossy-Pantses


~ ITEM: Father Writes EPIC Response To Kids’ Principal For Letter Condemning ‘Unexcused’ Absences

~ ITEM: Rydal Elementary welcomes our new principal, Rochelle Marbury


~ ITEM: Sick Student Missed Classes. See The Shocking Thing This School Did To His Mom; Georgia mother arrested for son’s unexcused absences from school; In Texas, courts turn truancy cases into cash

~ ITEM: Uppity Peasants! Concord, NH Activists Hold Off a Bearcat – Complete, Low Res

~ ITEM: What The Elf Said: On a similar topic

Moley Russell’s Wart

~ WHILE SOME AMERICANS are on guard against the police-state imposed from the top-down, the top is also slowly making things a little more bossy and tyrannical for the day-in day-out of parents and ordinary people everywhere. Hence, the story above.

It’s the endless grind: notes, phone-calls, rules & regulations, signed covenants, ever more forbidden activities at school, the political correctness, horrible sex-ed curricula– and why?


Three main reasons why, IMHO:

(1) The progressives honestly believe that people are empty containers, and so the necessary social/ political/ moral revolution will come, in part, through capturing the minds of kids. Education becomes soaking in right-think.

And (2) What do you mean “Your Kids”? The state is mother, the state is all-powerful source of goodness, and you parents (especially the educated one with incorrect opinions or operating principles) are clearly not suited or officially accredited to meddle with the minds of children. That’s the public school’s job, you busy-bodies.

Thus, (3) Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic as experienced into the 70s and 80s is not the main work of Western schools– it’s become part baby-sitting, part social-work, part self-esteem building, and part moral and political formation on all the important topics, such as recycling, tolerance, the environment, tolerance, anti-bullying, tolerance, self-expression, tolerance, gay rights, tolerance, and tolerance. Except for intolerance, which includes anything not on the curriculum. This is partly why much of what passes now for first-year university has become remedial reading, writing, and arithmetic, for students who did not actually or accidentally get the basics.

Chicks, You Own This

Sadly, it is progressive feminist women in the schools who are the majority of teachers and administrators. It is woman who are thus found aiding and abetting this endumbment of our school kids, and the caring-sharing-squishy of social conditioning girls to be girls, and boys to be.. broken defective girls in need of medication.

Fighting back is ever more important, as is paying attention to curriculum. Check what your kids or grandkids are learning– or not learning– in school, and making sure that your home has a love of reading, discussing, and thinking which may well be the majority of the worthwhile education such kids receive.

Leave Rochelle Aloooone!

“But she’s just observing the rules– it’s not her fault!” It is the fault of many people, including the one who imposes the petty bullying rules. Former principals and like-minded busy bodies on school boards and in educational politics and teacher’s unions have their finger prints all over such stuff.

Scumbuckety petty school bureaucraps need to be reminded (a) who they work for, and (b) that they are the king and/ or queen of zilch. If this is not nipped in the bud, then you only encourage them to lord it over others perhaps not in a position or mindset to push back.

Speak Up, Then

Why not let Rochelle S. Marbury know what you think? Contact Ms. Marbury at

Or, via:

Rydal Elementary School
1160 Huntingdon Pike
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
(215) 884-1308 East
(215) 884-0192 West

Thanks for your support.

Saith Teh Binksmeister


Just One More Time, Sir


~ ITEM: Father Raymond J. de Souza: Michael Coren converts, Michael Coren complains

~ ITEM: Why Two Famous Catholic Writers, Michael Coren and Rod Dreher, Left the Church – Aleteia

~ ITEM: How a change of heart led to a backlash from the ‘Church of Nasty’

~ ITEM: Temporary Inattention or Willful Blindness: Why Did Michael Coren Leave the Church?

~ ITEM: The Rev’d Michael Coren?; and Michael Coren’s Twitter Stream

~ ITEM: Binks Vs. Coren Part I; and here’s Binks Vs. Coren Part II


~ PICTURE A HOWLING dark night, with someone teetering on the lip of a black and echoing chasm, buffetted by the winds this way and that. I’ve been there, spiritually.

Thus, I have a certain sympathy for those who have no steps left, except to turn back, or plunge; and I’d rather be a last-minute rescuer at Hell’s Gate than a comfy bum in the pew, confident of my own righteousness. While there’s life, there’s hope: 23rd hour 59th minute 59th second chances? Please God, yes!

So, with apologies to my various Popish friends who have no use and wish to hear nothing further from or about Michael Coren, the following is the final word from Binks on the matter.


Once More, Mr. Coren

Whatever Michael Coren has been going through in his life– a sad peregrination hither and yon, from no church to one church to another church, then away, then back, then off again– is partly God’s business, but also the business of attentive Christians concerned for souls, and for how things can be represented in the media.

The Toronto Star & National Post seem to quote Coren approvingly for leaving “The Church Of Nasty”, identified as particularly the Roman Catholic Church, or any Christian or Church which does not agree with him & the Toronto media about progressivism Über classical Judaeo-Christianity.

Two recent articles bring to bear on Coren’s situation (and depiction thereof) that fine, calm, wise Catholicism which seems to go along with accepting the whole enchilada, as opposed to sniffing and picking endlessly at the buffet.

Article The First


Amongst the gems of Fr. De Souza’s article, the Catholic journalist and priest writes:

“Coren, despite his aggressively polemical style in print, radio and TV, constantly complains that people say mean things on the Internet. That too does happen. Most columnists deal with it without public whingeing, as Coren puts it, about “the Church of Nasty.” Coren has been calling people names and disparaging their motives for decades. He doesn’t like it when it happens to him. That he is able to denounce the speck in the comment threads while ignoring the beam in his own prodigious output is noteworthy, but not news.”

Hypocrisy, that most human and easily ignored sin, is (in the Greek sense) derived from the large masks which were worn in Greek and later Roman dramatic performances, such masks showing who the actor was supposed to be playing, and magnifying the voice through the large shaped mouth on the mask. Look at me!

The hypocrite is playing a part, and expecting people to mistake the part for the real person. I’m a great supporter of hypocrisy, if the choice is between that (which at least back-handedly recognizes right and wrong), versus simply pretending there is no right & wrong, no sin or guilt to worry about anyway.

The most doomed kind of hypocrites don’t even know any more that they are hypocrites: this kind, as Jesus points out repeatedly, present a false self not only to God and others, but most of all to themselves– and then attack others for precisely that sin. I’m not sure if Michael Coren is self-blinded in this sense, but there are signs of it, as De Souza notes above. And as this Tweet indicates:

shut up twerps

Quoth The Savior


Then there’s that Bible thing, about trouble & faith. Jesus says:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Jn. 16:33

“And if the world hates you, know that it hated me before you.” Jn 15:18

“Blessed are you whenever they revile you and persecute you and they say every evil word against you for my sake, in falsehood. Then rejoice and triumph, because your reward is great in Heaven, for just so they persecuted The Prophets who were before you.” Mt. 5:11-12

“You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’ “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous….” Mt. 5:44-45.

So– might want to cut back on the snark & finger-pointing and seeming self-pity waah about “Church Of Nasty”, Michael, if you truly believe you are in the right. (1) Worry about your own sins, (2) Mind your own business, (3) “reviling back” is a human, but not a Christian choice: “love your enemies.. pray for them” is the Christian way. “Martyrs suffer + I’m suffering = therefore, I must be a martyr” is bad logic, and worse religion.

I’m serious. Big articles trumpeting you in the national dailies may get you attention, but you may have “had your reward”, and very much missed the point. (Matthew 6:5).

And why are some people so mad? Really?

Simply put, in marital terms, you betrayed and divorced and denounced them, publicly, after pretending for the past year or more that your were still deeply in love. Now, you are yelling and mocking and all whiny from the rooftops, and going on about your horrible wrecked marriage to anybody who will listen. Get it?

What The Second Article Says

Tom Hoopes, writing on, still has hope. He writes:

“Coren need not fear. The Church’s sexual morality does not denigrate human love, it protects its nobility. But in addition to what Dante can teach about sex is what he can teach about writing.

Coren, I can only guess, is tempted by the sin that every political or religious writer is tempted by — the sin of writing to increase something in my life (money, fame, social media shares, pride) instead of writing to increase something in my reader’s life (understanding, love, conviction, joy).

The sin is both more universal and more banal in the blogosphere than it was in 14th-century Florence.

Ironically, Coren and Dreher both started out as spirited defenders of the truths of the Catholic Church — and ended up inadvertently championing relativism.”

Look Around You, Dude


Any one of us can be dumb as a box of rocks, or lost in the middle of a dark wood, or not see the obvious consequences of our choices. I’d like to remind author Coren that whatever his current motivations, he is in fact rejecting the moral, Biblical, and spiritual basis and actual beliefs of C.S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, and J.R.R. Tolkien— about all of whom he wrote approving books, in a different frame of mind, and presumably in good faith at the time. Never mind ignoring Jesus, the Church Fathers, St. Augustine, Dante, St. Thomas Aquinas.. it’s a long list for “The Church Of Nasty” membership.

To consider who is on his side now in the morally relativist, liberal Christian, and progressive social engineering crowd he has adopted as his own, versus the Church Of Nasty? Sad to say, but it’s most definitely not the side of the hobbits, the Men of the West, the elves, and free folk everywhere.

Tolerance! Diversity! Man-flesh!

Tolerance! Diversity! Man-flesh!

Part of Michael Coren knows this, I believe, or I at least hope so. May that part be a crack in his interior walls through which the living God may pluck him from doom, for the day is far spent, the night is a hand, and death comes whispering for many of us unsuspected, unheard, unprepared for, sooner than we thought.

In Catholic terms, there’s a world of difference being the last one into heaven’s gates, Purgatory, versus stepping over that dark cliff-edge into perpetual screaming darkness. ~

So Saith The Binks

P.S. Just like the other two, I will be tweeting a link to this to Mr. Coren. If he chooses to regard it as insulting, or extremist nastiness from the right-wing blogosphere, well, that’s his choice, isn’t it?


Fun With Atrocities?

~ ITEM: Saint Patrick’s Breastplate

Against all Satan’s spells and wiles,
Against false words of heresy,
Against the knowledge that defiles,
Against the heart’s idolatry,
Against the wizard’s evil craft,
Against the death wound and the burning,
The choking wave and the poisoned shaft,
Protect me, Christ, till Thy returning.


~ ITEM: And what Binks said, not so intelligently: (scroll down to “JUST.. CAN’T.. Do It…”)

~ UPDATE– ITEM: What you missed on 5×06 of Game of Thrones, by Maisie Williams. Writes Hilary White: “Wallowing in evil isn’t going to make you happy. You don’t prove how grown-up you are watching this stuff. But you do make your heart just that little bit harder.”

~ UPDATE– ITEM: ‘Gratuitous and disgusting’: Senator leads boycott of Game of Thrones over shocking rape scene of Sansa Stark but actress playing her says she ‘kinda loved it’ (?!?!?!?!)

~ UPDATE– Christians, Now Is Probably a Good Time to Stop Watching ‘Game of Thrones’


“….now that’s what the show has been reduced to – fast action sequences, rape and sexual violence, and occasionally a political scene where Cersei or Dany repeat the same tired monologue from season 3 and stare off into the distance. It’s just pure laziness.

+ + +

~ AS A PROUD card-carrying member of Michael Coren’s invented “Church Of Nasty“, I like nasty verses like the one above from the Prayer Of St. Patrick. Full of dark, fun stuff, right? Muwahahahaha.

Yeah, about that nasty thing. “Defile” seems so old-fashioned. How about: poop in your soup. How many spoonfuls would you like?

Aside from the time-killing thing, too much of what passes for ‘entertainment’ on TV is all about defiling: increasing your tolerance for vicarious gory, ugly, salacious, degrading, violent, morally perved soft-porny content. You finish watching, and your soul is dirtier, your mind & memory is filled with ick, you’ve been entertained by pretend but realistic disorder, evil, murder, rape, or whatever.

Pick The Poop


Lots of it out there, for guilty pleasures: Game Of Thrones, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Sons Of Anarchy, Spartacus, Oz the prison drama, The Walking Dead, Orange Is The New Black, and on it goes. As Branko Malic observes in his excellent essay ‘GAME OF THRONES: ATROCITY EXHIBITION‘ we become hollow spectator-men, watching unreal CGI and fake savagery and atrocity and horrors, faux suffering and meaningless arbitrary story:

“For spectator-man, the pain of life was never smaller, and the urge to inflict it never greater. His hands are free of blood, while his soul drowns in it. So it goes with the soul – this thing its possessors don’t even believe exists, though its closer to them than they are themselves – it holds its own judgment, whether we like it or not.”

What about a willingness to be grossed out, offended, squirmy– and to turn something off or watch something better? Why not?

I’ve dealt with hundreds of actual dying and dead people, their relatives and friends. That’s death. With veterans who lost friends with names; with the consequences and sorrow and return from loss. Real stuff, with consequences and some wounds which never totally heal, and life must somehow go on.

It Is To Wallow

I finally quit watching morally inside-out and upside-down shows like Dexter and related, and have avoided most of the other similar series. After all, Dexter is an evil psychopathic murderer.. cheering him on or liking him, or being glad he escaped capture is actually willing– albeit fictional– evil. Do we need to fill our minds & souls & memories with such things? Yet we so quickly fall for it.

Voyeuristic pleasure and ‘entertainment’ from ugliness makes our souls ugly; coarsens our compassion and sympathy; separates suffering from the real-world people and consequences of same; has untold consequences for pre-teens, teens and young people, who watch such stuff now as people of previous generations listened to radio-dramas, or watched the comparatively sane & tame TV of the past.

How much poop would you like in your soup?

Cue The Ancient World

St. Paul lived in a time of the cheapness of human life via slavery, gladiatorial combat, temple prostitution, torture or execution of slaves, and public execution via wild animals, crucifixion, and so on. It was the Jews and then the early Christians who showed mercy to strangers; care for the abandoned babies, and to the sick and dying; who loved one another no matter class, nation, or gender; who even began to undermine the retrograde economics of slavery, by reminding masters and slaves that Jesus was Lord, and that changed everything.

Ancient Romano-Greek city, of St. Paul's Time

Ancient Romano-Greek city, of St. Paul’s Time

Thus, St. Paul knew all about the dark possibilities of unredeemed life, because it was all around him and every convert in the cultures of the day, within the Roman Empire. Therefore, Blessed Paul is not being simply a naïve scold or a fun-killer when he warns the Christians of Philippi not to be like their pagan neighbours, seeking thrill and false entertainment in gory spectacle at the forum or races, or in degrading entertainment or religious practices, so easily available all around them.

Whereof I Speak

Binks is a covert to active Christianity, not much raised in it, nor a goody two-shoes, or someone who has never known or done bad & evil things, crimes, and misdemeanors. I’ve wallowed and swilled in our toxic culture, and find it difficult to learn about without getting caught up again, or tempted to the downward moral handcart which is the ever-lowering standard of cable TV.


All of my past defiling and besmirchments I wish I could undo, as I ask for a renewed purity of heart, mind and soul– but being a fallen human, I cannot do that on my own, nor know what to replace it with, if I am not given God’s grace to look up from the mud and manure all around us and on us. I too stand convicted, as an elf of my times.

O Lord, make me pure, but not yet? St. Patrick prayed: “Against the knowledge that defiles, Against the heart’s idolatry.” Amen.

How much poop would you like in your soup?

So, What’s In Your Diet?


Mmmm.. dig in! Have a swim! Drink deep!

We, who obsess over food content, additives, vitamins, health food, GMOs, and our diets, seem to have forgotten something even more important. What you think, what you ingest mentally, what you allow to enter your mind & heart and soul is not morally neutral.

That every body is doing it is no excuse. That “I’m not hurting anybody” does not make it a good– you are actually a ‘somebody’ in reality, aside from the lie that toxic culture doesn’t hurt people, and that mass-media doesn’t want to sell us normalized sin of all sorts. And yeah, ladies, you may not be much tempted to nekkid pictures, but consider yourselves above such ‘male’ things as you read your r-rated romance mommy-porn novels.


We of the compromised Western middle classes have cheerfully embraced the pron-at home, gore on TV, and shrugs all ’round as consumers of literally almost anything on TV, video, the interwebs, and the theatre. You know, because we’re cool, with it, it’s our business, and (admit it, at bottom) the old rebel Adam & Eve yell “You Can’t Tell ME What To DO” along with the 3-year old shout “You’re Not The Boss Of Me!”, bellowed to anybody who even meekly warns about our degrading and degraded culture, and– if we are hollow cultural Christians– shouted in the face of the Father & God who loves us, redeems us, seeks to wash us clean inwardly and outwardly, and impart new life to those who believe on His Son.

So St. Paul proclaims (Php. 4:8-9):

“Therefore, my brethren, those things that are true, those that are honorable, those that are righteous, those things that are pure, those things that are precious, those things that are praiseworthy, deeds of glory and of praise, meditate on these things. The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.”

Real things, and good things, and good deeds done with love– these are best. ~


Is This Our Canada?

DALLAS, TX - APRIL 23:  A Dallas Stars ice girl cleans the ice in the second period during Game Four of the First Round of the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at American Airlines Center on April 23, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

DALLAS, TX – APRIL 23: A disgusting hockey whore Dallas Stars slut slut slut ice girl wiggles her bum cleans the ice in the second period during Game Four of the First Round of the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at American Airlines Center on April 23, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

~ ITEM: Ice Girls, FHRITP and Jets fans’ Katy Perry chants: We need to put a stop to casual sexism in sports

~ ITEMS: Via a Binks-minion– A moral panic is an intense feeling expressed in a population about an issue that appears to threaten the social order; and Moral panics are business development strategies

~ UPDATE– ITEM: 2014-15 DALLAS STARS ICE GIRLS; A veteran Dallas Stars Ice girl makes $735 per game and appearance fees range from $300 to $1500. And some former Ice Girls complain. Binks wasn’t aware that working for the NHL was mandatory…. ‘Cold’, she says? Ever been Alaska crab fishing? Standing security in a wintry parking lot? Linesman during a blizzard? Sheesh.. men often work cold “boo hoo to you!”; women gets cold, it’s a serious thing, dontcha know.

~ JOYLESS CRANKS tempt me to be joyless and cranky.

I’ll admit it– I’m a contrarian. When Mrs. Binks had a ‘Do Not Touch’ note on a recent birthday cake, part of my brain was egging me on “Touch The Cake!” And so, here goes.

Soviet Canuckistan!

In the inhuman and humourless Social Justice Warrior view of Canada, anybody who makes a swear (gasp!), says what they (objectionably) think (scream!), or like to look at women (swoon!), are stinking testosterone-poisoned man-pigs who will be taught better, or else. And we will mercilessly judge everyone, especially icky men.

Sadly, the politically correct really do believe they can forcibly redeem humanity without God, and with an ever-growing tower of rules. Mob, rage, dox, outrage! And what happens when the victims of SJWs people feel they are voiceless, bullied, silenced? They may shut up.. or keep it amongst friends.. or, tend to say stuff even more extreme than usual.. or (horrors) act like ordinary humans– imperfect, sinners, not polished racists or sexists or perfectionists like the speech-coders and finger-waggers.

Globe Theatre Fire

Puritans, y u no like?

After all, if there’s no more outrage to be had, no more triggering and tantrums and jazz-hands and minding other people’s business, and acting in a way even the 16th & 17th century English Puritans who worked so hard to shut down the theatres, (all entertainments, whatever and wherever people might enjoy something) would find extreme and bossy– why then, the whole grievance industry might shut down, and then where would we be?

Burn It All Down!

Social Justice Warriors and their media-minions– like the NatPost’s Scott Stinson— are never happy, and everything wouldn’t be enough. Without actual glaring and horrific human rights abuses in Canada, with no hordes of Canucki Nazis swarming Canadian Jews (sorry, that’s Muslims.. we can’t threaten their ‘cultural traditions’), or pyres lit for every self-identified grumpy minority.. well, we’ll just have to talk about nothing, right?

Are you also telling those Canadians who describe themselves as homosexual not to be sexist in said manner? And these ‘Ice Girls’– are they, in fact, victims of white slavery, or people employed making a fair wage in an sports entertainment venue? Self-objectifying, or canny? Part of a plot to eliminate the Zamboni? We’d better inform the chicks that they’re being oppressed, and quick.


The FHRITP guys are boors, poor excuses for men, and classless, but then what? Pillory? Duct-taping? Social-media execution? Firing a jerk doesn’t actually help him or change anything, does it? Or was this just some quick and dirty revenge?

What price, Mr. Stinson? How many human freedoms of thought, speech, association, free market, and minding your own business would you be willing to crush and erase for your notion of ‘casual sexism must die’ to triumph? Does this include all objectification of hunky hockey players and male athletes? No more semi-naked calendars featuring either gender for anyone? Human nature must be erased and scolded, not redeemed and transformed?

Cadres Of Harpies

Let’s not pretend, Mr. Stinson: behind your gentle finger wagging lurks whole screeching regiments of Toronto’s unspeakable Mz. Chanty Binx, would-be matrons and malevolent interfering hags minding everybody’s business, a tasteful low-heeled shoe stomping on male faces forever. If you don’t know that, Mr. Stinson, you are– at best– a useful idiot.

She probably won’t fetch you a sammich, men. Nor be an Ice Wench.

Here’s The Thing

We long for perfection.. that’s part of our spiritual nature, and longing for infinity, God, and heaven. Political perfection (let’s call it ‘Utopia’ = no place) cannot and will never exist, except as a horrible illusion built on blood and bones and torture and show-trials and kangaroo courts and concentration camps.

The perfectibility of human nature is a Christian idea, taught by Jesus, and only made possible by revelation of God’s love and law, and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit: God is love, so love like God does, by his life imparted through the Son, by the Holy Spirit. We partake of God’s own life, to be like him, in him: generous, merciful, true, moved by love.


Counterfeits? Not so much. To try and make that perfection (your proper end, or destination, or completeness) is a gift of God, not of committees, yelling feminists, soft-pedalling journalists, speech-codes, rules, edicts, shaming, nagging, or minding everybody else’s business for them. That’s not any kind of love, except in a twisted, ugly, bossy, force-you-to kind of way. A bit rapey, in fact. Perfectionism is not perfection.

What Kind Of Love?

Now that we’re not at a wedding, re-read what St. Paul says in his first letter to the Corinthians, and to us:

If I shall speak with every human and Angelic language and have no love in me, I shall be clanging brass or a noise-making cymbal. And if I have prophecy, and I know all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have all faith so that I may remove mountains, and I have no love in me, I would be nothing. And if I should feed everything that I have to the poor, and if I hand over my body to be burned up and I have no love in me, I gain nothing.

Love is patient and sweet; love does not envy; love is not upset neither puffed up. Love does not commit what is shameful, neither does it seek its own; it is not provoked, neither does it entertain evil thoughts, Rejoices not in evil, but rejoices in the truth, Endures all things, believes all things, hopes all, bears all.

Love never fails; for prophecies shall cease, tongues shall be silenced and knowledge will be nothing; For we know partially and we prophesy partially, But when perfection shall come, then that which is partial shall be nothing. When I was a child, I was speaking as a child, I was led as a child, I was thinking as a child, but when I became a man, I ceased these childish things. Now we see as in a mirror, in an allegory, but then face-to-face. Now I know partially, but then I shall know as I am known. For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.

The choice about what kind of Canada is rising on the ruins of Emperor Pierre’s Trudeaupia is getting clearer and clearer.. a veritable Soviet Canuckistan teeming with busy-bodies.

Saith Teh Binks


Yellow Brainwash


Laird Harry MacLeggs Will Have His Say, The Noo!

~ ITEM: National Geographic, March 2015 article.

~ ITEM: Interview: Barry Marshall– Nobel Prize in Medicine

~ THE BINKS feels a wee rant coming on. Hold onto yer kilts.

OK, NatGeo.. we’ve had our tussles and misunderstandings down the years– you pandered for AlGore, climate alarmism, all the water is gone, giant storms a-comin’, blah blah blah. Feckwits.

And yet, in such, you merely keep asserting things that may or may not be true, and presenting only one side of the evidence, which is called ‘balance’ in this day and age, because data and discussion and different interpretations of theories makes some people cry. Here’s yer baby-blankets, ya wee bairns.

Now, I’m hoping to actually read this recent issue, which just arrived on the old Binks doorstep, thanks to a kind giver & friend… but just reading the cover already has my blood boiling, so there– now I have boiled blood.



Do you notice a few things in your front page list, ya wee numpties?

(1) All these things are not the same.

(2) ‘Science’ means study, evidence, theory, debate, discovery not “WE WON, SO SHUT UP!” or “Everybody in lock-step, or we bring the mock!”

(3) Thus, what your cover describes as a ‘THE WAR ON SCIENCE’ is not only bad science, but worse journalism.

(4) Stop pimping for the left-wing religion of eco-righteousness, because reality is right there behind you, mouth agape, chops well-licked, ready to bite you all right in the arse.

(5) NatGeo religion: “There aren’t really two sides to all these issues.” No. In any scientific matter, there are often many, many sides, over time. The idiots declaring “The Truth!” are acting like religious believers, not scientists. Bluidy eejits!

(6) What I said: The Lies Are Settled! Because Science!

Your Idiotic Cover

natgeo (1)

“Maybe—except that evolution actually happened. Biology is incomprehensible without it. There aren’t really two sides to all these issues. Climate change is happening. Vaccines really do save lives. Being right does matter—and the science tribe has a long track record of getting things right in the end. Modern society is built on things it got right.”

So Please Just F*ck Right Off, Mmmmkay?

Climate Change Does Not Exist.

I know of nobody who believes this. The climate is always changing, right? Look out your window. However, if you meant “Anthropogenic CO2-caused global warming is not the final word in climatology“? Yes, you’ll find MOST scientists without their hand in the pocket of the taxpayer hold to that position on the data. Well done then, eejits.

Evolution Never Happened.

Well, evolution is a theory, not something carved in stone and handed down from the Most High. There are many, many theories about changes within or between species over time. Change happened, but how? Not certain. How long? Various. Causal factors? Still being discussed. If you mean “Darwinian-Style Evolution, so there’s no God“, then you’re either a dimwit, a neck-bearded internet atheist kid, or someone trying to sell something. No serious evolutionary anthropologist believes in actual Darwinism any more.

The Moon Landing Was Fake.

Not to the best of my knowledge. Are you thus placing skeptics and critics of the rest of the list on this same level? Very sly & sneaky, NatGeo! Nice slag. When threatened, then politics of personal destruction, shaming, and association with the most extreme conspiracy theorist always works. Shame on you, Nat Geo.

Vaccinations Can Lead To Autism.

Dunno. All medicines have side effects, some serious, and just because Big Pharma says ‘Trust Us!’ does not make me feel trustful: Thalidomide. Vaccination is a balanced risk– the possible danger of the thing itself, the possible dangers of the diseases vaccinated against, the possible dishonesty of medical corporations/ government. Are you, NatGeo, telling us to blindly trust Mother Medicine, ask no questions, do no research, have no review and refining of vaccines and contents & side-effects, ever, even by medical researchers, doctors, and experts NOT in the pay of Big Pharma itself? Really?!? Who can we trust on this one? Dunno: everybody seems to be either for sale, or dogmatic about it all.

Genetically Modified Food Is Evil.

Evil? As in ‘Muwahahahaha!!’? Nice play there: always make the position of critics as ridiculous as possible. Untested? Genetically new with unknown long-term consequences for the environment, animals & plant life, and humans, when the genetic material of what we eat can permeate the gut-barrier, and interact with our own genetic material? It’s possibly genetic plutonium, and we’re apparently advised by NatGeo to trust corporations like Monsanto, which has more than proven itself evil, litigious, greedy, monopolistic, super-secretive, nasty to farmers, and a threat to the actual bio-diversity of plant seeds– or else we’re kooks! And FrankenPharm are already sneaking GMOs into the food supply, because we’re all just lab rats with no rights. So, NatGeo: Monsanto is good, Monsanto is nice, they remake our food, and won’t give us a say? There are enough people with enough problems with ordinary old every-day food, but GMOs are awesomes! That’s probably why when some recent U.S. ballot initiatives called for GMO-labelling of products, BigPharm poured a lot of money into preventing people from having a say. Because they care.

Just One Example

cute little bug

WHO’S a cute little bug?!

Remember: Everybody Knew™ at one point that stress led to excess stomach acid which was in turn the cause of heartburn, which led to peptic ulcers and even stomach cancer. So, pump the Pepto Bismol, Tums, and hundreds of other antacid products and prescriptions down there, because science and medicine have decided there’s no question. The Science Was Settled.. and besides, it was big, big business, and big medicine.

Except for 3 scientists, who kept asking questions about the co-existence of a bacteria– Helicobacter pylori— in the stomachs of people suffering from excess stomach acid and heartburn. Nonsense, said the medical establishment, gastroenterologists, BigPharm, and critics (without checking or testing the data). The $cience IS $ETTLED™. Cha-ching.

Since the science was far from settled on Helicobacter pylori, one of the scientists, Barry Marshall, decided to consume a petri-dish of the bacteria, and– boom– he got all the symptoms. He took the appropriate anti-biotic to fight Helicobacter pylori .. and immediately got better. Because actual science.

After much screaming, doubting, mocking, and backlash, Marshall won the Nobel prize. Because questions, real science, not declaring anything settled, without reproducible proof. If NatGeo had been on the case, it’s “BACTERIA CAUSE ULCERS: Fringe Extremists Agree”.

Send In The Kooks


But what do I know? I self-identify as an elf, and a wombat on alternate Wednesdays– so I’m obviously an uber-kook, like all the evil crazy deniers, right?

Thing is, science is not revealed from heaven, and since humans are mortal, fallible, moved by good and bad reasons & motives, sometimes even petty and dishonest evil ones, for anybody– especially a respected popular journal– to get on The Science Is Settled, Everybody Knows That [ fill in the blank ] is naive, narrow-minded, doctrinaire, unscientific, pro status quo forever.

Derp, NatGeo. Cut the preaching.

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