The Atrocious

End of World War One

~ HISTORY BELONGS to the victors, etc., blah blah blah. That may be a healthy warning against one-sided records of history; it can also be a way of denying what really happened, and saying “we’re no better than them.” It is possible to win the war, and lose the peace in what is later said about that war.

After WWI, the pacifists and other pro-militarist West-haters among the victors watered down Germany’s war-record, partly enabling the lie that Germany was “stabbed in the back” from within (socialists, communists, Jews), and thus led to the rise of Hitler. There was a horrible inevitability to it all.

The Real Problem

Versailles was a flawed peace not because it was too harsh, but because the gnawing cancer of Teutonic Supremacism had not been chopped out of the German heart. Germany– thought all right-thinking Germans– was simply better; supreme & destined; a race of supermen could not to bow to lesser races, even in apparent defeat. Hitler was inevitable, in that sense, and the pacifists and the militarists agreed in one thing: might makes right. Even in 1918-19, Germany utterly refused to learn their needful lesson.

The Atrocities

Let’s remember the actual WWI record: to get to France, Germany had to toss aside a treaty with Belgium; when the Belgians fought back, the Germans began a policy of mass executions of innocent civilians across Belgium and Northern France; the Germans invented and the Kaiser’s forces were the first to use poison gas against allied troops, and to declare unrestricted war via u-boats. Belgium was literally and economically raped: the Germans packed up whole factories worth billions and sent them home. The Germans invented and used zeppelins to bomb cities. German troops burnt the city of Louvain, including a medieval library full of treasured manuscripts. They also used famine as a weapon of war against millions of Belgians and French citizens. They were allowed: the rules don’t apply to the Superior Races.

That is, the many German atrocities of WWI became a rehearsal for the atrocities of WW2. A history of denial in the West covered up, minimized, or argued that the allies were no better or worse than the Germans (the tu quoque fallacy); that the treaties including Versailles were an unjust punishment; that Germany had been betrayed, treated shabbily, and just needed a fair chance. Combined with Darwin-inspired Aryan racial theories, such Teutonic Supremacism boiled along merrily under the superficially democratic potlid of the Wiemar Republic.

Auschwitz & More

The little horrors of the early 20th century would be sown like dragon’s teeth across Europe, and– as in the Soviet Union– would become matters of far greater horrors, as total war and atrocities became almost normal… just part of ordinary war-making, society-molding, and totalitarian world-grabbing.

Those who, in the modern setting, ignore a resurgent Russia, or a clamorous Islam for reasons of cowardice, misunderstanding, pacifism, are much like their fellow panderers in the 1920s and onwards. They float along in a willed ignorance and blindness, hoping luck and apologies will prevent greater evils. Even worse are those who misuse the freedoms of the West to act like dictators, as if 1914-1945 never happened.

Those who refuse to read history properly are doomed to have it happen all over again, on fire and with bells on. ~

Dragon Teeth, Ripe For Sowing

Dragon Teeth, Ripe For Sowing

Saith The Preacher


~ I’M NOT SURE, but I may have rolled my eyes. Or, more likely, just looked down and hid my expression.

It was the local RC priest preaching that year for the area Remembrance Day church service, and for some reason he was going on about how war is bad, the evils of war, and the military-industrial something or other, and the assembled veterans and family and community members were restless, and angry at this harangue. How needless, and stupid, and offensive. I suppose his college and seminary professors would have all approved.


War! Bad!

And Now, The Rebuttal

The next year, it was my turn to preach. I remembered what had been said the year before. Does anybody really need to tell honest-to-God war veterans that war is horrible, regrettable, wasteful, and messy? No. All I could remember was poring over the photos my Grampa George took of India and Burma, and then– after a certain point– he’d just stop, and get up, crying. The great adventure had that dark side, of deeds done, things seen, friends missing or worse.


I asked God for the wisdom and strength and sensitivity not to waste such an opportunity, nor to ever throw contempt into the faces and hearts assembled there. So I preached to my Grampa, looking out on a sea of gray hair and wrinkled faces. I spoke about the good and bad of war, of people and places remembered, of God’s love known and seen in the worst of times and present with us still in times of peace and freedom, and I actually said “nobody needs to tell the eyewitnesses that war is hell”. I told the story of my Grampa and his happy memories, and his tears. I also  said that the peace and freedom for which so many suffered and died was still worth fighting for, so that in the Canada of 1995, we might look to save our unborn, 2 000 000 dead in the last 20 years, that Hitler’s dreams of control over others and the weakest might die once and for all. That the sacrifices of those years not be cast away in our time.

The local RC priest looked daggers at me, partly because he knew this was a rebuttal– but directed to speaking the truth in love, and to those gathered men and women. Afterwards, the centotaph ceremony down, a good number of the vets thanked me for my words.

To my surprise, a big old fellow came up to me, and asked about my Grandfather, and the unit he served in during his Burma days (435 “Chinthe” Transport and Rescue Squadron). “Yes, I thought it might be.” He had known my Grampa, and as we talked, he also broke down in tears. He promised to send me something, and a few weeks later, a photocopied 3-4 page article arrived, detailing the unit, the work, and lo and behold, there in the front row of the picture, sleeves rolled up and brown as a nut was my then-young Grandfather, with all the men of his section posing proud and strong.

In 1995, I head the great honour of helping prepare the service, and preaching at, the provincial gathering for the 50th Anniversary of VE Day, in Louisbourg. I did not tell them that war was bad. 1500 gathered vets, family, military officers, chaplains, and all the rest. I did forget the printed copy of my sermon at home, and spent the first 20 minutes of the ceremony surreptitiously writing down my main points on a stray piece of paper. Eep!


Still, And More

For we are ever more at war, against enemies outside and within, of cowards and surrender-minded folks, of people who really aren’t sure if what we have and who we are is worth believing, defending, let alone dying for. Abortion is down slightly, but most of our murdered pre-born kids are killed for reasons of pleasure, hedonism, and social convenience. 100 000 every year; since I preached that sermon, we’ve slaughtered another 900 000. Hitler’s favourite eugenics– getting rid of the handicapped, elderly, and inferior– is now called family planning. The possible next Prime Minister of Canada is an intellectual and moral lightweight, who panders to militant Islam, and acts the dictator within his own party. You’ll remember his spoiled rich father, Pierre Trudeau, the anti-semite and wartime fascist who thought it a great joke to dress up as a Nazi soldier and drive around in Jewish neighbourhoods of Montreal during the war he avoided serving in.


In 2014, political correctness and totalitarian progressivism represent an auto-immune disease of Western Societies, weakened inwardly, prey to opportunistic infections like radical Islam, abortionism, feminism, intellectual Leftism, open Communism and anti-semitism, racism and so much more. The battle is not over by a long stretch in each year and age– Hitler may be dead, but Hitlerism, Stalinism, Maoism, and other homegrown forms of dictatorship, death, and societal suicide abide with us. And outside, creeping in the gates, comes the wolfish bloody-handed hordes of Mohammedism, head-cutting and seducing, and presenting an impossibly simplistic universe for the same kind of souls who eagerly joined the SS in Germany. Evil is alive, ever seeking opportunity, blood, souls to mislead, and good things to bring down to ruin.

These our our times, our battles. As the spiritual leader of the war against evil in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Gandalf the Grey says:

Other evils there are that may come; for Sauron is himself but a servant or emissary. Yet it is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.’ ― Gandalf, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, Book V, Chapter 9.

Let us remember, and so remembering, act. ~

~ Binks


More Than Remembrance: Gren, Part II


~ FOR SEVERAL years, on Remembrance Day, I’ve sent people to my memorial-page for my great-uncle Gren Stanley, shot down in 1943. Feel free to go read it again, to get the background. He fought and died for the freedom we enjoy from that day to this.

Out Of The Blue

As it turns out, there is an amazing second chapter to Grenville’s story, all because of that original posting. This e-mail arrived last Remembrance Day, 2013, from the Wings Museum in England.

Dear Binks,

I am writing regarding the brother of your grandmother, Flight Sergeant Grenville Gordon Stanley RCAF. I am writing on behalf of Kevin Hunt, curator of Wings Museum in England. He and others have located the Halifax bomber remains that your great uncle was on and are erecting a memorial in honour of that flight crew. They are looking for relatives to attend this memorial service in 2014. It looks to me like you should be one who is invited to attend. Can you help me out with more information and likewise I can reciprocate.

Rob Ferguson

ps: I was at a similar memorial service this last May, 2013 for my uncle whom I am named after and was very satisfied with the respect and dignity bestowed upon the flight crew that the memorial and what it represented to both the locals and the relatives who attended.

My post, Googled, led to this museum doing something wonderful & moving.


As it turned out, on June 21st 2014, Gren’s great-nephew and great-niece (my brother Michael, and 1st cousin Karin), and Gren’s nephew and his wife (John, above, & his wife Maxine) attended the special ceremony for the crew of Halifax DT556 in Kasterlee Belgium, on the actual site where Gren’s bomber crashed. They also visited his grave in the war cemetery nearby.


The family of Pilot Officer Genville Stanley RCAF pay their emotional personal tributes at his grave at Schonselhof Cemetery in Belgium.

Simply awesome. What a gift for our family, and so many others. A proper museum doing such an important work, for relatives, for those times, for airplanes lost, for many in Europe who are still grateful for their freedoms paid for at such a price. This work continues– please consider a donation.

Marking The Spot

From the dedicated Memorial Stone, via the Wings Museum Webpage, a wealth of information:


Memorial dedication to the crew of Halifax DT556 – 21st June 2014.

On Saturday 21st June 2014 a memorial was unveiled at Gootress near the town of Kasterlee in Belgium to the crew of a 76 Squadron Halifax bomber which was shot down in the early hours of 2nd March 1943. The memorial was a joint venture between the Wings Museum, the Heemkundige Kring a local history group in Kasterlee and the community of Kasterlee. 11 relatives of 2 of the crew attended the memorial service traveling from England & Canada.

The investigation into the circumstances of the loss of Halifax DT556 & her crew were first investigated in 1998 when the Wings Museum wrote to the local Mayor for information on the incident. Several searches were made over the years by the Wings Musuem with lots of small fragments being recovered, these findings backed up eye witness reports that the Halifax exploded over the small hamlet of Gootress scattering wreckage on the surface of the fields. These pieces also confirmed that this was indeed a Mark II Halifax by identification from part numbers located on the wreckage. The investigation came full circle when finally in 2014 a memorial was unveiled to commemorate the crew.

The Last Flight of DT556…

Handley Page Halifax II Serial Number DT556 MP-U was one of two 76 Squadron Halifaxes lost on the night of the 1st/2nd March 1943. The crew of DT556 took off at 18.27 from RAF Linton-on-Ouse to bomb Berlin. A second pilot by the name of Arthur Thomas Wheatley was on board DT556 to gain combat air experience.

After bombing the target and on the homeward leg of the flight DT556 was shot down by a German night fighter at 00.13 at Grootrees near Kasterlee in Begium. The aircraft exploded in mid air scattering wreckage over a 1km radius. Tragically out of the 8 crew members on board only 3 managed to bale out, 2 being captured by the Germans and 1 managed to evade back to England. 5 of the crew were buried at SCHOONSELHOF Cemetery.

On 1/2nd March 1943 a bomber force of 302 aircraft which was comprised of 156 Lancasters, 86 Halifaxes, and 60 Stirlings were briefed to bomb Berlin. During the raid the Pathfinders experienced difficulty in producing concentrated marking because individual parts of the extensive built-up city area of Berlin could not be distinguished on the H2S screens. Bombing photographs showed that the attack was spread over more than 100 square miles with the main emphasis in the south-west of the city. However, because larger numbers of aircraft were now being used and because those aircraft were now carrying a greater average bomb load, the proportion of the force which did hit Berlin caused more damage than any previous raid to this target. This type of result, with significant damage still being caused by only partially successful attacks was becoming a regular feature of Bomber Command raids. Some bombs hit the Telefunken works at which the H2S set taken from the Stirling shot down near Rotterdam was being reassembled.

The set was completely destroyed in the bombing but a Halifax of 35 Squadron with an almost intact set crashed in Holland on this night and the Germans were able to resume their research into H2S immediately. 17 aircraft, they being 7 Lancasters, 6 Halifaxes, and 4 Stirlings were lost on the raid. Returning from the raid shortly after midnight the aircraft was intercepted by an German night-fighter and shot down at 0013 hours, crashing between Kasterlee and Turnhaut (Antwerpen), Belgium. Five of the crew were killed and are interred in the same cemetery, two were captured, but Flying Officer E. L. Souter-Smith avoided capture and reached Switzerland where he was interned. After the Second World War he moved to Australia, but was sadly killed in a motoring accident in 1973.



The family of Grenville Stanley stand on the exact spot where the Halifax crashed – visiting the exact crash site was an important & emotional part of their visit.

Saith Teh Binks

We learned a few things about the loss of Halifax DT556: first, that indeed Gren had a fiancee; second, that three of the aircrew bailed out, and survived– “2 being captured by the Germans and 1 managed to evade back to England” according to museum research.

I give thanks this Remembrance Day 2014 for the good people at the Wings Museum in England; the people of Kasterlee, and the local historical association, my relatives for attending (I cannot travel much), and for a young man 71 years ago, who made the supreme sacrifice, that we might be free. Thanks, Great-Uncle Grenville. You are still missed. ~

~ Binks


Fury: Movie Review

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~ ITEM: Fury: the real-life tank veteran; and Behind the Scenes, This Tank Expert Kept “Fury” Authentic

~ ITEM: Sherman vs. Tiger: The Real Tanks of Fury

~ ITEM: The Bovington Tank Museum, home of `Fury`, and a genuine German Tiger Tank

~ ITEM: Brad Pitt Helped Shia LaBeouf Convert to Christianity

9 out of 10 tiny elf hats.

~ FURY IS A great war movie; what was it like for the ordinary tanker, to be in the hell of war? This is not a backslap anti-war war movie; nor a rah-rah Saving Private Ryan. It is Hollywood, so you get a ‘rag-tag band of misfits’ headed up by Pitts’ scarred veteran Wardaddy,  and The Newcomer, to whom war is not only hell, but utterly unfamiliar, The Kid.

Binks & Wars

I have read hundreds of books about the wars, thought about the wars, built war models as a kid and listening to my Grandfather talk about the war. In terms of movies and series, I’ve watched 2001’s Band Of Brothers, the 2010 follow-up  The Pacific, and I’d say Fury gets all the details pretty much straight, and the realities of war– the chaos and exhaustion and sudden loss of friends and comrades in arms– bang on. Not only that, but the Germans are not cardboard cut-out extras, all teeth-gnashing and nasty Nazis.

The film is shot non-digitally with older-style detail, and a gritty palette of greens and browns and dingy grey. The representative but non-historical events depicted in the movie take place over one harrowing day, and depict the highs and lows of human nature in a time of conflict. Writer-Director David Ayers gets the balance right: these men are a small family of brothers, fighting under terrible conditions for a just cause. War Is Hell, even if you’re on the side of good.

Other Stuff & Things

Unlike the regrettable stylized and over-the-top Inglourious Basterds, Pitt is at his very best, without chewing any furniture, or copying other actors. Wardaddy has hidden depths, we learn, when near the end of the movie, ‘Bible’ (played by Shia LaBeouf) is quoting that book, and Wardaddy tells him what chapter and book it came from.

An interesting side-note to this movie is the very public collapse of Shia LaBeouf’s mental health over the past couple of years. During the training (3 months) and shooting (3 months) for the film, Brad Pitt took a broken and eccentric LaBeouf under his spiritual wing, and helped that fame-wrecked young man into something of a spiritual rebirth, and becoming a Christian. May God bless & keep him: Hollywood Is Hell, of a sort.



Wheels For Reals!

The other amazing thing about this film is the presence of these huge machines lumbering around on the screen– they are characters on their own. Ayers depicts them as the tankers found them: part home, part weapon, part castle, part confining claustrophobic nightmare. ‘Fury’ herself is a genuine WW2 tank, as is the giant German Tiger-tank seen in the middle of the movie.

SPOILER– in the battle between  4 Shermans, and one Tiger, we see what British, Canadian, and American troops had to face, with mostly undergunned and underarmored tanks versus the over-engineered, well-gunned and rarer German machines. There is reason behind the German name for the nimble but weak Sherman: The Tommycooker, after a World War I era trench stove.

That restored Tiger 131, (a Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf.E)— captured in Africa, and repainted and fitted out for this movie– is the only still fully operational one of its kind, kept in loving repair and operation by the minders at the Bovington Tank Museum in England. Well done, gentlemen!

Finally, In Conclusion

Fury is a grim and moving reminder that, as as Shakespeare has Marc Anthony say, standing over the slain Caesar, War. Is. Hell.

 A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;
Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy;
Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quarter’d with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice
Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war;
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

(Julius Caesar, 3.1.254-275)

This movie has a lot of realistic violence, and should not be seen by pre-teens or children.

~ Binks

It would be remiss of me to note that Binkling 1 (formerly known as Baby A) took his father to the movie last evening, and paid for everything from his own hard-sweated wages. Thank you, son.


Social Misengineering

Scrooge & Marley

~ WORDS MEAN things.. thus, when radicals want to break something, they usually start with the words about that target. People who oppose a dictatorship are ‘dissidents’, or counter-revolutionaries; people with legitimate doubts over same-sex unions are ‘homophobes’. People who dislike terrorists killing people are ‘Islamophobes’. It’s hows you marginalize, re-interpret, skew reality.

In my wallet I carry a ‘partner discount card’. Oddly enough, I am not officially yoked in a business agreement with anybody, say, like Scrooge & Marley. This, again, is re-interpretation through the misuse of words. I am a husband; but, you see, that ‘discriminates’ (i.e., notices the differences) against illegal fake ‘living together’ marriages, gay unions, and boyfriend-girlfriend. Can’t have that, so call everybody the same thing, even if they are very different things.


Something Else

I’m married, 27 years, committed to one woman till death us do part; with two kids of my own, no step-anythings. That is, the actual thing, however imperfect, as decreed by God, as lived by most of civilized history, as taught in the Bible and by the Saviour himself. Partners? Well, that’s one aspect of things, but just as a sirloin steak is different from a take-out cheeseburger or bologna sandwiches, or junk food.


Don’t get on me about broken homes– I lived in one for much of my youth. Don’t get on me about ‘living together’– pseudo marriage is just that– playing at husband and wife, all of the benefits, none of the commitments come what may, and a dangerous environment for kids and other small animals.

Wording Good

Words mean things; good things are actually good; similar things may not be so good, or actually evil. That people don’t like feeling bad, or guilty, or ashamed is part of human nature: if you’ve done bad, feeling bad is the right response. Shame is your conscience warning you; guilt can be very real, for sins and crimes and hurting others. The great error of our modern age is that the virtue of compassion has run amuck, to the point of telling half-truths and lies, to make people feel better about themselves.

 If everything is lowered to one level, people may be allowed to excuse themselves much, and yet the thing itself is degraded, as if we substituted gold-spray-painted copper for gold coins. Counterfeit. Not the same. Fake.

I’m not in business with her, I’m married to her as husband and wife. More precious than gold, yea, than much fine gold. ~




Happy All Hallow’s!


~ ITEM: All Hallows; the Feast of All Saints; and All Souls Day

~ ITEM: What Monsters Portend– In The Walking Dead, evil that emerges among the living is foreshadowed by the zombies


~ WHAT A CHILLY walk Binks just had with Wee Wallace, Mini-Poodle of Doom. The leaves chased each other down the street on a almost-wintry November wind. The days grow shorter, the darkness encroaches, and all manner of spooky expert has creapt out of the woodwork to tell us what the season ‘really’ means.

We So Smarts!

As children of the 19th century, we are taught to believe that what came first is more real, original, the true thing. Hence, the Celtic fire-feast of the dead, Samhain (saw-wen) is the authentic meaning of Hallowe’en. Soon, similar experts will peep and mutter about the Roman Saturnalia, and how Christmas is a poor copy-job.

You know, because who cares about the spreading glory of an oak tree, her acorns fit for feeding wildlife, her spreading leaves and foilage giving shade and shelter, her mighty wood giving all manner of strength to things constructed of it– who cares?– after all, Acorns are the big deal, because they come first! (actually not, because they come from oak trees, but you see the problem of thought we have).

Woo! Feel The Excitement!

Woo! Feel The Excitement!

Binky Gets Thinky

One Easter, tired of the usual Jesus & Christianity bashing & explaining away in the media & TIME magazine and other reliably skewed sources of ppseudoknowledge, it occurred to me that all this ‘original things are the real ones’ is a profoundly upside down way of thinking. Aft all, we value ingredients because they can be made into stew, or bread, or cake, or pie, or whatever else, something actually better and more nourishing than if we just tried to eat the ingredients themselves. Thus, I preached, is Easter really only all about Springtime and fertility, papered over with some churchy whatnot? Nonsense: the Resurrection of Jesus is the biggest event ever– thus, Springtime is all about Easter. The old gods point to the one true God– even Socrates knew that.

Hence, Hallowe’en is not actually Samhain; Samhain is all about Hallowe’en– All The Holy Ones Evening.


Samhain.. because the dead may be wandering about.


Big Scary Questions

For what is the state of the dead? Who knows it? Who has power over such an important aspect of human experience? Where are our lost ones?

Feasting and fires and supposing they walk abroad one night of the year.. OK: but when the missionaries of Him who is Lord of the dead & the living came to Celtic lands, they said “We proclaim him who lived, and died, and is risen forever. He has conquered sin, and death, and hell, and rules over all things with love. Thus, on the longings and unanswered questions and custom of Samhain, the church created two mighty feast days not to replace, as such, but to complete the pagan questions which awaited the coming of Jesus. Jesus fulfills the hopes and fears and longings of all the years.


Even so In Christ shall all be made alive.

So All Hallow’s Eve is the first part of All Hallow’s Day, when the great friends of God are remembered, their prayers asked for, their example recalled and followed, their presence with us in the love of Christ the Resurrected celebrated. Death itself is transformed: these are not like the heroes of the pagans, dwelling in a mythical land over the sea, because God’s love is eternal, that love and life is still in his friends: the saints are not dead, but with God.

Then, the more personal feast, All Souls, when we remember the friends and family and neighbours gone from us over the past year, and in our lifetimes. This is the sadder day, of sorrow and thankfulness and remembering that we, too, have that river of death to cross in our time.

Lost In The Dark

Since the 19th century, so-caleld Neo-pagans claim the old days, as if you could actually go back in time and be their own ancestors. As my friend Frederica Mathewes-Green said to me once, such folks strike her as being like kids in superhero pajamas. Or, I might say, worse, as being rejectors of Christ, and thus foolish slaves playing with powers they do not understand, and cannot control. For if nature abhors a vacuum, so supernature abhors a vacuum. If we will not share in Christ’s victory over darkness, then the darkness is happy to oblige. Sadly, we see this in modern horror movies, TV-shows, and a pop-culture obsessed with death, the demonic, and images of ugliness and degrading violence.

Whether or not our frightened, sterile, unimaginative, death-haunted, sex-glutted Western societies can return to such healthy fountains of life and thought is in God’s wisdom and work– ours is to remember, pass it on, and understand things right-side up, for we are not the wisest things ever, but more like children playing with guns, wandering in the dark woods, lost children who are neither happy, nor good. ~



Binks Rant #42,688


~ SERIOUSLY? I do respect conscience, opinion, free thought, and having your own ideas– along with having a real clue about what you are experting away on, a decent education, facts, and a properly formed human life, and religious conscience.

Thus, however common it may be, I can not respect thinking that anyone has a divine right to their own notions somehow being true, sensible, or even likely, just because they happen to believe them. Pooling ignorance does not give you truth; nor does repeating something over and over make it true.

Lots of people will look to the allegedly bad old Middle Ages, when “The Pope Told People What To Think”. That’s bad and inaccurate history, yet how is it better when every man and women thinks they ARE the Pope, the final authority, as it were, on everything?


The first question is: what is truth? Then, what is true, and how do I know it? We’ve had at least 25,000+ years of civilization, lots of good thinkers, philosophers, story-tellers, playwrights, and even God’s own Son come down from heaven to earth. We all have built-in BS-detectors, if we care to use them properly, and instincts towards truth and goodness, as well as our other instincts and habits of evil and badness.

Howso Whatnow?

This current chaos will not last, because some of us want to be slaves of some ideology or Glorious Leader, others want to be anarchic and parasitical, and yet “all we like sheep have gone astray, every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

Jesus. Remember him? The real one– risen, victorious, glorified, ruling over all things, even times like these. Our choices are narrowing ever more, and I will say this in praise of the Islamic Statists– just like ‎Robespierre, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao– they know Jesus and his true followers are the most dangerous of their opponents. Because we are alive, believe in truth, and love, and assert– in the face of statism, terrorism, eugenicism, and all the other works of the Devil– that Jesus is Lord, to the Glory of God the Father.


Cue Evil Vicar

There is some truth in what ‘The Evil Vicar’ says, just (since it’s a comedy bit) not in how he says it.

“‘Not particularly religious’? ‘Interested’? ‘Spiritual’? Are you testing me, Satan?

“Steady on, my wife’s entitled to her views.”

“Oh, isn’t she just? Aren’t you all entitled to your half-assed musings on the divine? You’ve thought about eternity for 25 minutes, and think you’ve come to some interesting conclusions?”

In our very serious times, we can live in denial, drown in entertainment, follow the mindless herd and the talking heads, or wake up and get serious (in a lighthearted way, since treating important things with modesty and humour means you recognize their importance).

Serious matters are happening all around us. Will we doze and dream, and idly wonder where we are headed, and why we are in a handcart?

What will we live or die for? What is worth fighting for? What is worth handing down to our children and grandchildren? In a few days, just after we have buried a 25 year old man shot by a terrorist, we will remember other days, and other young people either killed, or passed on, or now grown old, all those who offered their lives on the altar of freedom in two world wars, so that the horrible experiment of a renegade Germany might finally be ended.

There are our days, our fields of rocks, our battles. ~

Redeem The Time


~ EMERGENCY! CRISIS! SHOCK! When bad stuff happens, it affects us physically, mentally, spiritually. We need to *do* something.

Do it. Here are some brilliant suggestions.

~ Donate to the families of the recent terror-victims. Get out to Remembrance Day this year.

~ Get a solid first aid program under your belt. CPR, triage, wound treatment, basic stuff. Refresh every 5 years.

~ Get ready at home: for storm, power outages, and unpredictables. Fire extinguisher, escape plan. 

~ Get ready in your car. Get a car first aid kit, and a car emergency kit. Consider keeping an emergency window-breaker knife on your belt or in your purse. Maybe even a “Tire Tester” for any pesky “tires”. Escape, and self-protection.

~ Pay attention to your environment. Dangerous circumstances, wild animals, bad neighbourhoods, iffy people. Don’t look like a victim waiting to happen, get out of trouble as fast as possible.

There.. now dontcha feel better?

The Amazing Binksmeister WebElf: Saving lives! Pass this on to loved ones, family, friends, and other folks on the web. ~

~ Binks


Me So Happy!

Mostly Harmless? Not So Much


~ ITEM: Where the Hell Are the Guns?: A Soldier’s View of the Anxious Years, 1939-44

~ ITEM: The Guns of Normandy: A Soldier’s Eye View, France 1944

~ ITEM: The Guns of Victory: A Soldier’s Eve View, Belgium, Holland, and Germany, 1944-45

~ AUTHOR George Blackburn was one of Canada’s finest soldier-journalists. His trilogy about serving in WW2 Canadian artillery reads like a
movie, and grips you in the gut at every point.

In discussing the horrible Canadian trudge to liberate the Netherlands, Blackburn mentions two items which I still think apply to Canadians today.

First, the report from a captured German soldier, who said of the Canadians that they just kept coming, a relentless marching wall of mud & green, no matter what was thrown at them. Get er done. Embrace the suck.


Alex Colville’s “Canadian Infantry Near Nijmegen, Holland.” , Via

The other notable was an observation from the Canadian side. When facing British or American troops, the feared and fanatical SS always fought until virtually the last man. However, following the mass-murder of captured Canadian troops by the SS, those German units knew that the Canadians would show no mercy.

Thus, when the toughest, best-equipped, most fanatical uber-soldiers of World War Two knew the Canadians were facing them? They ran away, or surrendered en masse.

Oh, Canada

Or, yesterday, when despite not knowing if there were 2 or 3 or 4 other shooters, and that they themselves might die, Canadian civilians, cops, and military leapt in to do CPR on our fallen soldier, reservist Cpl. Frank Cirillo, and to comfort him as he died.


Or, our Parliament’s Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers, who led the charge inside the Capitol buildings, and shot the Islamic terrorist. Given a very little opportunity, many politicians and staffers might well have died yesterday. Not on his watch, nor that of the RCMP, police, and other emergency responders, who  ran towards the gunfire, not away.

Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers

Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers

Boast? Nah, Just Do.

That’s who we are, though we don’t talk about it.

That’s what we can do, though we may not be happy about it.

Don’t try to scare us, because most of us will stand up and defy you.


That’s why– even with his many many flaws– today Prime Minister Harper is speaking for the authentic heart of us, against the panderers, fascism-supporting pacifists, would-be Jihadists, muddled thinkers and multicultural cowards who are part of our country.

As you were, and about your business then– it’s only an international war of Jihad against civilization. We’ve fought bastards like this before. Whether we win, or go down fighting, the bastards will not forget what happened when they tried to sucker-punch the wrong calm-looking mild-mannered Canucki beaver. ~

eh (1)

Get Preparated!

emergency prepare

— TEH BINKS IS not a prepper, nor prepped for any emergency past about a week. Like most of us, I have a couple of weeks worth of food here and there, a few candles (power black-out), a wood-stove (even though the genius NS government is pushing heat pumps instead, which work *so* well without power), a plethora of flashlights, a BBQ (powerless cooking), and a bottled water thingy (2-3 bottles if a big storm is a-coming). Worse comes to worse, there is water in the water heater; some tools & weapons around the house, couple of wind-up radios.. but nothing like, say, a one month extended emergency might require.

Truth is, in two generations we have mostly gone from the self-sufficiency of gardening, small-farming, canning, sewing, knitting, bottling, hunting, home-baking people… into fast-food insta-meal somebody has to look after me, just-in-time, not just in case people (and that includes our food-stores, pharmacies, and hospitals). Just-In-Time is cheaper, less storage costs.

Food: It Comes From The Fridge!

Food: It Comes From.. The Fridge!

Why, Back In MY Day

I remember working as a bag-boy & stock boy at a supermarket in 1979. Built under the story was a huge stock-filled warehouse of products. Now, in most supermarkets, there is no such warehouse. Most have 3 days of food. Similar efficiencies abound in pharmacies & hospitals– all presume that the supply-chain will always function, to bring new drugs of medical supplies, no matter what.

Because when you need insulin or your heart-meds or antibiotics, a week or two shouldn`t be a problem, right? Someone will bring us food & water when our cupboards and supermarkets run out, no doubt.

Some Resources

Remember to take into consideration the sick, elderly, those needing prescriptions, and your pets. Also, how and with what you will defend yourself from intruders & looters, wild animals, or other problems. Remember any special items needed to prepare for any particular local risks: flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, volcano, epidemic, etc.

Learn up now; watch some basic YouTube videos. You don`t have to be a bunkerized prepper to be prepared.

If you do want to be (at least) power-outage & man-made or natural disaster resistant, here are some links to at least give you some starter-ideas.

And no, I don`t get paid for mentioning any of these links. —

— Teh Binks


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