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Laird Harry MacLeggs Will Have His Say, The Noo!

~ ITEM: National Geographic, March 2015 article.

~ ITEM: Interview: Barry Marshall– Nobel Prize in Medicine

~ THE BINKS feels a wee rant coming on. Hold onto yer kilts.

OK, NatGeo.. we’ve had our tussles and misunderstandings down the years– you pandered for AlGore, climate alarmism, all the water is gone, giant storms a-comin’, blah blah blah. Feckwits.

And yet, in such, you merely keep asserting things that may or may not be true, and presenting only one side of the evidence, which is called ‘balance’ in this day and age, because data and discussion and different interpretations of theories makes some people cry. Here’s yer baby-blankets, ya wee bairns.

Now, I’m hoping to actually read this recent issue, which just arrived on the old Binks doorstep, thanks to a kind giver & friend… but just reading the cover already has my blood boiling, so there– now I have boiled blood.



Do you notice a few things in your front page list, ya wee numpties?

(1) All these things are not the same.

(2) ‘Science’ means study, evidence, theory, debate, discovery not “WE WON, SO SHUT UP!” or “Everybody in lock-step, or we bring the mock!”

(3) Thus, what your cover describes as a ‘THE WAR ON SCIENCE’ is not only bad science, but worse journalism.

(4) Stop pimping for the left-wing religion of eco-righteousness, because reality is right there behind you, mouth agape, chops well-licked, ready to bite you all right in the arse.

(5) NatGeo religion: “There aren’t really two sides to all these issues.” No. In any scientific matter, there are often many, many sides, over time. The idiots declaring “The Truth!” are acting like religious believers, not scientists. Bluidy eejits!

(6) What I said: The Lies Are Settled! Because Science!

Your Idiotic Cover

natgeo (1)

“Maybe—except that evolution actually happened. Biology is incomprehensible without it. There aren’t really two sides to all these issues. Climate change is happening. Vaccines really do save lives. Being right does matter—and the science tribe has a long track record of getting things right in the end. Modern society is built on things it got right.”

So Please Just F*ck Right Off, Mmmmkay?

Climate Change Does Not Exist.

I know of nobody who believes this. The climate is always changing, right? Look out your window. However, if you meant “Anthropogenic CO2-caused global warming is not the final word in climatology“? Yes, you’ll find MOST scientists without their hand in the pocket of the taxpayer hold to that position on the data. Well done then, eejits.

Evolution Never Happened.

Well, evolution is a theory, not something carved in stone and handed down from the Most High. There are many, many theories about changes within or between species over time. Change happened, but how? Not certain. How long? Various. Causal factors? Still being discussed. If you mean “Darwinian-Style Evolution, so there’s no God“, then you’re either a dimwit, a neck-bearded internet atheist kid, or someone trying to sell something. No serious evolutionary anthropologist believes in actual Darwinism any more.

The Moon Landing Was Fake.

Not to the best of my knowledge. Are you thus placing skeptics and critics of the rest of the list on this same level? Very sly & sneaky, NatGeo! Nice slag. When threatened, then politics of personal destruction, shaming, and association with the most extreme conspiracy theorist always works. Shame on you, Nat Geo.

Vaccinations Can Lead To Autism.

Dunno. All medicines have side effects, some serious, and just because Big Pharma says ‘Trust Us!’ does not make me feel trustful: Thalidomide. Vaccination is a balanced risk– the possible danger of the thing itself, the possible dangers of the diseases vaccinated against, the possible dishonesty of medical corporations/ government. Are you, NatGeo, telling us to blindly trust Mother Medicine, ask no questions, do no research, have no review and refining of vaccines and contents & side-effects, ever, even by medical researchers, doctors, and experts NOT in the pay of Big Pharma itself? Really?!? Who can we trust on this one? Dunno: everybody seems to be either for sale, or dogmatic about it all.

Genetically Modified Food Is Evil.

Evil? As in ‘Muwahahahaha!!’? Nice play there: always make the position of critics as ridiculous as possible. Untested? Genetically new with unknown long-term consequences for the environment, animals & plant life, and humans, when the genetic material of what we eat can permeate the gut-barrier, and interact with our own genetic material? It’s possibly genetic plutonium, and we’re apparently advised by NatGeo to trust corporations like Monsanto, which has more than proven itself evil, litigious, greedy, monopolistic, super-secretive, nasty to farmers, and a threat to the actual bio-diversity of plant seeds– or else we’re kooks! And FrankenPharm are already sneaking GMOs into the food supply, because we’re all just lab rats with no rights. So, NatGeo: Monsanto is good, Monsanto is nice, they remake our food, and won’t give us a say? There are enough people with enough problems with ordinary old every-day food, but GMOs are awesomes! That’s probably why when some recent U.S. ballot initiatives called for GMO-labelling of products, BigPharm poured a lot of money into preventing people from having a say. Because they care.

Just One Example

cute little bug

WHO’S a cute little bug?!

Remember: Everybody Knew™ at one point that stress led to excess stomach acid which was in turn the cause of heartburn, which led to peptic ulcers and even stomach cancer. So, pump the Pepto Bismol, Tums, and hundreds of other antacid products and prescriptions down there, because science and medicine have decided there’s no question. The Science Was Settled.. and besides, it was big, big business, and big medicine.

Except for 3 scientists, who kept asking questions about the co-existence of a bacteria– Helicobacter pylori— in the stomachs of people suffering from excess stomach acid and heartburn. Nonsense, said the medical establishment, gastroenterologists, BigPharm, and critics (without checking or testing the data). The $cience IS $ETTLED™. Cha-ching.

Since the science was far from settled on Helicobacter pylori, one of the scientists, Barry Marshall, decided to consume a petri-dish of the bacteria, and– boom– he got all the symptoms. He took the appropriate anti-biotic to fight Helicobacter pylori .. and immediately got better. Because actual science.

After much screaming, doubting, mocking, and backlash, Marshall won the Nobel prize. Because questions, real science, not declaring anything settled, without reproducible proof. If NatGeo had been on the case, it’s “BACTERIA CAUSE ULCERS: Fringe Extremists Agree”.

Send In The Kooks


But what do I know? I self-identify as an elf, and a wombat on alternate Wednesdays– so I’m obviously an uber-kook, like all the evil crazy deniers, right?

Thing is, science is not revealed from heaven, and since humans are mortal, fallible, moved by good and bad reasons & motives, sometimes even petty and dishonest evil ones, for anybody– especially a respected popular journal– to get on The Science Is Settled, Everybody Knows That [ fill in the blank ] is naive, narrow-minded, doctrinaire, unscientific, pro status quo forever.

Derp, NatGeo. Cut the preaching.

So Saith The Binks

The Lies Are Settled! Because Science!


~ ITEM: The Myth of Galileo: A Story With a (Mostly) Valuable Lesson For Today

~ ITEM: Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis

~ ITEM: The Science is Settled! with Mark Steyn; and Michael E Mann Repudiates His Own Hockey Stick; and Binks says Please Support The Steyn

~ ITEM: Jail politicians who ignore climate science: Suzuki; and Grampa’s off his meds again– Suzuki: Harper is building prisons for eco-activists

~ ITEM: Climate Skeptic

~ ITEM: My Global Warming Skepticism, for Dummies

~ WE ALL THINK WE KNOW the story of Galileo. Science man scienced. Church men hated science man, and science, because religion. Science man sad, all Church man hate science forever because dumb. Persecution is fun!

Except, the experts of his day were not utterly opposed to the old Greek theory of heliocentrism as such, only Galileo’s vain & prideful assertions about how super-smart he was, and that anybody who opposed him were idiots, because Galileo had THE TRUTH™, bitches. He was being a bad scientist, forgetting about theories and stuff, and his friends tried to stop him shooting his mouth off and thereby shooting himself in the foot. Read the rest of the actual story.

The science is settled! You know, like people knew for thousands of years that night air caused bad humours, and stuff. Or blood-letting was awesome medical practice.

So here we are 500 years later having devotees of the religion of Scientific Materialism tell us for 500 years a simple morality tale about science good, religion dumb (except for Scientific Materialism)– even if that’s not the actual story of Galileo.

By the way, before low-earth orbit, heliocentrism was not proven likely to be the case until Foucault’s Pendulum (1851) demonstrated the real effects of earth’s motion, and gravitational force acting on a large pendulum. Because math, and actual science.



The mess gets worse. Much worse.

Here’s the theory. Some scientists believe that current global warming is caused by the activities of human beings (hence, “Anthropogenic“= we did that). Therefore, we must go as green as possible now in order to save ourselves & the earth from climate disaster. It’s unclear what such experts think pre-industrial warming and cooling was caused by, but it’s their theory, not mine.

Such theories about earth temperature change we’ve been fighting over for at least the last 45 years (ICE AGE!! NOTHING!! WARMPOCALYPSE!) seem to owe nothing to the alleged respect for science, theory, evidence, experimentation, reproducible results (you know, The Scientific Method), and instead owe everything to social unity, big money, silencing other scientists and lowly peasant-critics– and if you listen closely, you can hear Galileo spinning in his grave.

Spinning, Spinning, Spinning.

Because many devotees of Global Warming are the most cheerful persecutors, maligners, silencers, punishers, and mockers of other actual scientists who ask forbidden questions, push the limits, or try to account for reality, versus bending everything to the theory. Global Warmists are acting like the lock-step Church supposedly did, and the global warming critics are in the position of Galileo, as represented in the false morality tale. It would be ironic, if it wasn’t so scary and stupid,and wasteful of money, time, and human effort.

Mark Steyn Rules


“Big Climate is slowly being crushed by a hard, icy reality: if you’re heading off to university this year, there has been no global warming since before you were in kindergarten…. You would think that might occasion a little circumspection. But instead the cultists up the ante: having evolved from ‘global warming’ to the more flexible ‘climate change’, they’re now moving on to ‘climate collapse’. Total collapse. No climate at all. No sun, no ice. No warm fronts, except for the heaving bosoms in Rajendra Pachauri’s bodice-rippers.”

Mark Steyn, from Climate Change: The Facts

Those of you who follow happy culture-warrior Mark Steyn will notice that in the endless peregrinations of the lawsuit against him by Global Warming High Pope and profiteer Michael Mann, that it’s all about the ‘Shut Up, he explained’, and not the science, or freedom to question, or advance new theories, or even dare to make mock of the Global Warming crazy cult and its totalitarian leaders.

Really? Is that how your pure climate science, free from dogma and nay-saying and hidebound whatnot actually operates? Sounds like bad science to me. But the money is very very good, isn’t it, boys and girls? Mmmm.. sweet, sweet carbon taxes, research grants, and green eco-funding! False prophets for real profits!

After all, if religion tries to science, that’s not good religion; but if science tries to religion, that’s horrifically bad and false science.


Get This Evil Book! Includes A Dollop Of Steyn!

A Plastic Intolerant Faith


For lack of religious certainties, folks seem glad to take on the apocalyptic cult of floods, starvation, deserts, and disasters galore as sold by the Climate Cult. Repent! Curly bulbs will save your (electrical) soul! Recycling will renew the earth! Bending the knee to big socialist money-grabbing schemes is true worship! O give glory unto the bird-chopping wind turbines, the bird-frying solar ovens, the fish-killing hydro-electric projects, and the whole host of money-wasting boondoggles, because we can and must save mother nature!

An lo, let all them who saith ‘Nay!’, or ‘Can I see your data on that?’ be anathema, like unto publicans and sinners! Cast them out from polite conversation into the outer darkness of tin-foil hats, Sasquatch-hunters, and conspirazoid loser-dom. We are just SO much better than the doubters, skeptics, extremists, and icky persons who believe not! Yay us!

Teh Binks Goes Squeee!


It’s A Horsey!

I, Teh Binks, love actual reality, nature, and all of God’s works. Remember: I was raised in a home which loved literature, art, science, music, by a father who was an actual scientist in three fields: nuclear science, computer science, and medical science (pathology). In his later years he had no use for global panic warming: “Bad science,” quoth he.

There I was, reading Dad’s astronomy books and beginning to wonder: how big is it all? How cool is that nebula-thing? What’s it made of? How big is it? Can I see one? Binks-Dad obliged on many occasions with a telescope he could point to many and various wonders.

Observation, data, theory, proof, evidence. I get it. Yet in my bones I know that whatever the flaws in his science, the mighty poet Dante loved and grasped the whole cosmic and supernatural enchilada far better than the squeaking and pious mice-men of Global Warmistry.

So Please Just STFU

Dear smug true believer twerps Michael Mann, David Suzuki, Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson– I am, in fact, talking to people like you, your minions and disciples, and all the credulous people out there who would rather believe in your fake religion, than trust their lying eyes, dissenting scientists, actual climatologists, and the data.

You all are not on Galileo’s side, nor that of humanity, or decent science. ~


In Praise Of Old Bastards

t-blacktemp1-81 (1)

~ MY OFTEN PLAIN-SPOKEN Grampa George was the founder & card-carrying member in good standing of the Proud and Noble Order of The I.O. of the I.O.B.™

The wut?

Why, The International Order of Ignorant Old Bastards™, of course. He had a card in his wallet and everything– I wish I’d found it after he died, only a few days after his wife, my Grandma Thelma. He died looking after her at home for several years, in her final illnesses.

They were my second parents, and I miss them very much. I wish very much that life had given him another 20 years– he could have then met my wife, my twin boys, and shared in the adult lives of people who would love him very much– and he had so much to teach, about fishing and hunting and business and Land Rovers and ATVs, and plowing for family and neighbours, and giving quietly to people in need, and being on friendly terms with anyone who would be befriended….


George & Thelma In London, More Than Partly Responsible For Teh Binks

Say What, Grampa?

By the I.O. of the I.O.B.™, he was not advocating mere complaining, aged surliness, cantankerousness, or curmudgeonly crankiness– rather, he was saying– in his own way, that He Had No More F***s To Give about what people (including my Grandmother) thought of his particular and cheerfully outspoken ways and views, bad jokes, and laughing and cheerful ways. After a certain age, you have a kind of natural right to speak up & speak out.

Now that Binks is 1/2 way to 100, I find myself in much the same way of braining, with a Christian twist. Provocation? Only in the cause of beauty, truth, and goodness. Speaking the truth? In love. Wild amusement at the follies of mankind? Starting with me, first. Saying what you think, and meaning what you say? Yes, and a gentle answer turneth away wrath.

580007_10152098115375179_1431105723_n (1)

Little Binks, my brother “Bubba”, and Grampa George.

Finally, And In Contusion

Not only that, but there is a dearth of spines and voices speaking back to batsh*t crazy, stupid, and evil. Is a gutless life worth living? Is silence in the face of injustice or evil an admirable quality?  Should only the voices proud of their intolerance and cluelessness have the floor, or the public square?

I miss you, dear Grandparents, and may you rest safe in the Everlasting Arms. Thus, I hereby do re-activate, establish, and declare the I.O. of the I.O.B.™ to be operational, Binks Grandson Of George, Son Of Dugald, Grand Master and inheritor of all the rights, duties, and appurtenances thereunto appertaining, type thing.

Saith Teh Binks


Mammas Galore

Saith Teh Binky

~ A BLESSED & HAPPY Mother’s day to God’s creation, mother nature; to Eve, our foremother; to Mother Church, which brings, guides, and leads us to everlasting life; to Blessed Mary of Nazareth, Mother of All Christians; and to Jerusalem above, which is the Mother of us all, her redeemed family.

And to all of you mothers.

Even if you lost or never had children, never knew your mother, had a toxic one, or have lost her to death, we are still well-provided with mothers by the Almighty Father.

For those missing their mothers this day,

O FATHER of all, we pray to thee for those whom we love, but see no longer. Grant them thy peace; let light perpetual shine upon them; and in thy loving wisdom and almighty power work in them the good purpose of thy perfect will; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Glory be to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost for these and all his many mercies. Amen. ~


“But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” (Galatians 4:26)

The Stupid With Evil, Innit.


~ THE UNTIED KINGDOM just had an election, and the Left got pasted, despite the Mighty (Left-wing) Power of Twitters, and poll-fakery and sneaky Tories.

It’s a proud English tradition to rant, make loud noises, burn some things and kill a few people, to make it clear that you are Very Very Serious, Indeed. Usually, such gatherings accomplish nothing, or make things terribly and irreversibly worse. I guess these people are acting in that tradition.

There’s a time and place for serious protest– the peaceful transition from a debt-ridden left-wing coalition government (following a legal popular vote) to a slightly less-Left wing (but still debt-ridden) party is not one of those.

Oh, and all of you Leftits now whinging about the First Past The Post system, whereby the largest number of votes directed to one party gets to form a government know darned well you’d be sitting pleased as flies in warm & fresh manure had Ed The Miliband won in exactly the same way.


An Lifeless Lump.. and Wallace, of ‘Wallace & Gromit’.

Can You Feel The Power!?

As you all know, as an elf, Teh Binky has magical powers: when confronted with an ‘orrible list like this, merely change the terms, and see what people are really saying, if they didn’t live in Upsidedownistan. No, not all the categories I switched for ‘Tory’ are actually equivalent, but they are in the minds of some Leftits, so fair’s fair.

Fun with evil lists

1. If you see a Jew, pin a rosette on them so we know who to kick in the street.
2. Never shake hands with a negro.
3. Never buy or accept a drink from a Pakistani.
4. If one of your friends is mentally ill, de-friend them and encourage your other friends to do the same.
5. If you meet a Down’s Syndrome person in public, name and shame them.
6. If you know a gay person at work, start a campaign to get them fired from their job.
7. If your boss or teacher is a handicapped person, expose them to your colleagues and demand they leave their post on the grounds of moral incompetence.
8. Refuse to work for a woman or, if that jeopardises your livelihood, sabotage the benefits they gain from your work (piss in their soup, overcharge them at the checkout, poor [sic] sugar in their petrol tank, sow salt on their garden, saw through supporting structures, etc.)
9. Never ever show respect for the property of an immigrant . . .
10. Don’t engage with handicapped trolls on social media. If they don’t understand the fundamental obscenity of their beliefs you’re wasting your time.
11. Stop reading or watching darkie-backed media and entertainment that depicts the working classes as competing monkeys obsessed with celebrity and fame.
12. The 24% of the electorate that voted Jew are our Enemy. They support a minority government that is waging a violent economic and ideological War against us, and we must fight back!
13. The wealthiest 20% of our population is 10 times richer than the poorest 20%. It is they, along with the class traitors (cops, city boys, estate agents, etc), that make up the negro electorate.
14. Exacerbate, at every opportunity, the opposition between women and Us.
15. Scratch a Liberal and they’ll bleed homeless (see the comments below).
16. This is Civil War.


Such smug nastiness kinda makes you want to rejoice

See What I Did There?

So, pre-dead minions, are we having fun yet? Debt-sunk decaying and depraved England is deeply soul-sick, if these are her critics, youth, and present/ future voters. What next– shall we behead the queen, in the name of tolerance? It worked out so well for the nasty tantrum bastards back in the 1600s.

You may use my magical trick as often as you wish– just donate a dollar via PayPal each time. ~

Saith Teh Binks

Seek What You Seek


We Must Censor Those Protesting Censorship!

~ ITEM: GamerGate is remarkable—and attracts the interest of people like me—because it represents perhaps the first time in the last decade or more that a significant incursion has been made in the culture wars against guilt-mongerers, nannies, authoritarians and far-Left agitators


~ ITEM: How to Win Any Argument About Social Justice

~ ITEM: GamerGate | Know Your Meme

~ ITEM: Go Home, Gamer girl: Press release on unjust banishment from Calgary Expo

~ ITEM: GamerGate Booth Kicked Out Of Canadian Comic Expo

~ ITEM: Relativism and the Antichrist– “The result of relativism can only be dictatorship. The strong must prevail”


~ A DARNED GOOD THING it wasn’t a Tweet to the whole world, or it might have required some hard ‘splaining.

In a letter to fellow protestant Urlich Zwingli, Luther complained bitterly about the doctrinal anarchy that was even then rampant among the new sects of Protestants:

“If the world lasts, it will be necessary, on account of the differing interpretations of Scripture which now exist, that to preserve the unity of faith, we should receive the [Catholic] councils and decrees and fly to them for refuge.”

Oh dear. Luther, Mr. Protesty former monk “the Bible is all we need” and nail documents to the door, wishing for Catholic authoritativeness, councils, and teaching authority. Oopsies.

The Dark Side

Or, in our terms, “McDonald’s CEO admits he thinks Burger King Whoppers are amazing, and that McD burgers make him vomit.”

Or, the pants-down oops from a while back, when people noticed that MicroSoft was secretly making documents and handbooks using Apple software.

There’s a creepy dark side to the Protestant thing which most churches and history books play down or ignore completely. If it’s you & the Bible, why then, come what may, right?

Thus, you get the apocalyptic cults protestants, and the naked protestants, and the mass-murdering protestants, and the polygamous protestants, and the take over a city and declare it God’s Kingdom on Earth protestants, and the restless German peasant protestants (Luther approved as 100 000 of these were butchered), and the prison camp of Geneva protestants, and the scary English protestants, with their nooses and hammers and itching hands, stuffing prisons full of popish traitors protestants (Henry 8.0 alone killing upwards of 72 000 Catholics under various excuses). Because God/ Bible + Me = chaos, as Luther observed to Zwingli.


I’m Not Tingly For Zwingli.

OK, So What, Elf-Boy?

Binks has points, however afar off they may seem. The 1500s rise of the almighty conscience is part of our freedom, and part of our slavery. Witness our current plague of Social Justice Warriorism. It’s a form of de-Godded protestant “Because I Say So, Dammit” religion.

Who, after all, is to say who actually feels threatened, offended, micro-aggressed, or ideologically injured? Why, I and my tribe, with our special Leftist Knowledge Of The Mysteries, and because we say so. And if you don’t know, or believe, you’re not one of the special ones.

As far back as we can see, mankind is not just homo sapiens (wise man), but homo religiousis (worshipping man). The advent of atheists or agnostics does not make people unreligious, it just replaces holy things with other things, which then function as beliefs, deities, commandments, and suchlike.

Bullies, And Better-Thans


The average anti-GamerGater may or may not go to church (mostly not), but they have their absolutes of Feminism, Cisgenderism, Soft Marxism, Speech Control, and right behaviour, held so strictly and applied so cruelly that in most cases they would horrify the Catholic Inquisition.

Social Justice Warriors not only believe that they are completely and perfectly right, but that such rightness means they may be heartless bald-faced liars and bullies as required.

Hence, in the 2014-2015 controversy over gaming and feminism, opponents of the SJW’s were death-threatened, some lost their jobs due to malicious e-mails, and others were ‘Doxxed’, i.e., had their address and all identifying information put online for the convenience of stalkers, and/ or righteous mobs.


Shame On Canada, Too

In the very recent case of the Calgary Comic Expo, the Honey Badgers– including a CosPlayer, a webcomic artist, and a bunch of other nerdy types who were also anti-feminists, were booted out of the convention for ‘harassment’ which consisted of a polite discussion during and open panel on women in gaming. Censored, for opposing censorship. Silenced, for rejecting silencing.


The examples can be multiplied ad infinitum into the worlds of politics, culture, and decaying Western religion itself, but the point stands: we are religious creatures, and yet we have a twisted attraction to forms of absolute belief which render us as gods, having terrible and merciless power over others, and we claw through everything and everyone to utopia.

It makes a horrible sense: if there is no God, then it’s all up to us; if there’s no heaven or last judgment, then we have to make it right, and do so now. Those who oppose must be cleansed– they are evil, or stupid, or both, and less than perfect specimens of the future, like us. Cue the guillotine, gulag, gas-chamber, killing fields, or merciless and horrid social media and politics of personal destruction. C’mon– they only look human.

What The Incarnate Said


Jesus took a very different approach from the wreckers and radicals of his day. The kingdom and right judgment require humility, discernment, great-heartedness, patience, mercy, no dehumanizing, and it’s not all over as quickly as we might want or expect. And: look to your own heart first, before pointing fingers. When young, the “bastard wheat” weeds look pretty much like wheat. Start ripping, and it’s bad news.

Christ told the Parable of the Weeds Amongst the Wheat (Matthew 13:24-43, RSV).

Another parable he put before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also.

And the servants[a] of the householder came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then has it weeds?’ He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’

But he said, ‘No; lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. Let both grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.’”


Terribly, Terribly Wrong

Sorry, Robespierre, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and your mini-copies in the Social Justice Warrior horde: you’ve got it almost completely wrong. Lay down your wrath, false religion, cruel judgment, and moral superiority.

For the Lord Jesus came to call sinners, and not the ‘righteous’ to repentance, new life, and his perfect and eternal kingdom.

So the ancient wisdom is as new and fresh as the morning dew: “Seek what you seek but not where you seek it” says Saint Augustine. ~

Just Like Magical!

And the NDP wonder why Alberta's oil sector is nervous? That's NDP Premier-elect Notley on the left, at an anti-oil rally.

And the NDP wonder why Alberta’s oil sector is nervous? That’s NDP Premier-elect Notley on the left, at an anti-oil rally. via.

~ ITEM:  REBEL Media– Four worrying things about Rachel Notley’s election night speech; and, Alberta PC’s Jim Prentice pays the price of political hubris
~ ITEM:  The NDP Demise In Nova Scotia.. an NDP take
~ AND THIS brilliant rocket surgery, because Leftits don’t money good, witness Mz. Nose-Stud’s magical & parasitical thinking above, with the frowny face of the new Socialist Queen Of Albertistan just behind her. Be afraid, be very afraid Alberta.. and Canada, because now have-nottery will spread West from bankrupt Ontariostan, and affect us all….

Economics 101

Okay, so where does money truly come from? Four main places, say the miseducated Liberal/ NDP/ soft-communist wishful thinkers: (a) From the money tree, harvested by sparkly unicorns, (b) and from government cheques, and of course, (c) taxes on every possible thing and service and source, and especially from (d) taking back from the rich people (i.e., everyone on an income) most of the gold they pillaged from the poor & the union people, cuz otherwise they wouldn’t be rich, right? RIGHT?!!
Because, Where Else Could It Possibly Come From? --- Image by ©

Because, Where Else Could It Possibly Come From? — Image by ©

Although they never will, such Leftits really need to watch some Ann Barnhardt, and read some David Mamet, and stop imagining that it’s 1987, and there are jobs and money and  taxes and no-worry Trudeaupian debts and endless social programs and money, just for a start. And Albertans of all political stripes need to stop wanting free stuff, and spendy governments generally, and taking good times and oil revenues for granted.
Because Leftits don’t money good, then taxes crash (moar taxes!), businesses suffer, jobs suffer, social programs close, personal and provincial and municipal debt skyrockets as the economy swamps, inflation goes up and taxes crash and jobs go away, and people leave the province– and the poor Leftits act all puzzled and stuff. Duhr.
Where did the magical sparkly unicorn go? Whither the money-tree? Withered, you say? Unicorn sandwiches, you darkly mutter? But.. but.. but….

After the jobs go, unicorn tastes pretty darned good.

Worth Every Penny

Free advice form reality, via the elf, Premier-elect Notley: if you start yelling “F*** Off, And Go Away!” and “MOAR TAXES!!” and “MOAR Rules!” loud and long enough at your oil & industrial & business sectors, they will indeed eff off, and not come back until later. China will then come in once again, and buy up all your things at deep-discount fire sale prices. Well done, then.
Proof, you say? Look at Obama’s debtageddon rolling catastrophe of closings, layoffs and unemployment (real rate: 23.2%, or 93 million+), business bankruptcy, and ever-growing joblessness in all sectors except overpaid bureaucracy, and his vacation resorts. He built that.

Where’s My Desk

Oh my sweet raspberries. REALLY?!?! You promised a $15/ hour minimum wage?!?!
NDeePee, why for howcum you hate business, taxes, and employees so much? Why? WHY?!?
So about the witless magical thinking proposed well-meaning $15 mandatory minimum wage thing? Yeah, Rachel, might want to go ahead and check with businesses on the U.S. left coast about how that’s working out so well for them right now, even before it’s official. Fail and double fail and bankruptcy and fail and prices go up for everything and lets’ move to other provinces (or even U.S. states) thank you very much. Reality & money is awful complicated.
But– more free advice here, worth every penny– It’s no use re-inventing the broken wheel, Mz. Notley. The war on reality is always endless: learn from other NDP/ progressive/ good intentions screw-ups, and just say no.


One more thing*– it’s not really about you, Mz. Notley, it’s about them. The prideful wasteful clumsy doofus Alberta and Federal PCs. This is not a giant swing to the commie side, I’m guessing it’s a punishment and protest vote against the normal ruling party– as is the rise of the WildRosers. I.E., in giant letters blazoned across the skies: Dear PCs– VOTE and ACT like actual conservatives; walk humbly with your God and the fickle electorate; DON’T take our votes and good will for granted; apologize and make it right, once in a while.
Next Stop.. Just Ahead

Next Stop.. Just Ahead…

If you’re not very very careful, Mz. Notley, your political graveyard is just ahead. Having your newborn MLAs act like idiots, and your Leftard activist supporters to crow and talk stupidly about stupid things– like Mz. Nose-Stud above– because they won and forever so shut-up.. will just hasten the demise.
And: it’s not YOUR province, O Notley. It belongs to God, the Queen, Canada, Parliament, the voters, and to Albertans dead, living, and yet to be born. Don’t break it because stupid, or ideologue.

And Finally, In Conclusion…

Then again, I could* be terribly, terribly wrong. Please correct me in the comments section. ~
* I’m mostly under-educated about Western & Albertan politics, so this is best-guessing, extrapolating from the Nova Scotia NDP experience, and more generalized Binky insightful brilliance.

Melty Chocolate Jesus


~ ITEM: Obama blames Baltimore Thug-a-thon on George Bush Jim Crow, Slavery.. and Christianity.

~ ITEM: Lincoln–Douglas debates; and Jim Crow laws

~ ITEM: 10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools

~ ITEM: NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama

~ ITEM: How Much Worse Off are Blacks Under Obama?


~ ITEM: Harvard Library Portal; actual Harvard books on the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

~ ITEM: Barack Obama Endorses Black Genocide by Supporting Abortion

~ ITEM: Black America: Stop The Insanity!

~ ITEM: Runaway Slave (documentary)


~ YOU MAY FREELY ignore all that follows.. after all, I’m merely a non-Harvard educated white male cisgendered Canadian elf. As a white male of my species, I’m no doubt a patriarchy racist sexism, and one of the micro-causes of endless micro-aggressions.

Still and all– the other day, in the face of the black-run Baltimore #Negrogeddon, POTUS & constitutional expert Chocolate Jesus gets his fine half-white Harvarded self up to the big podium and has the grumpy-faced cojones to mumble “Jim Crow… Slavery.. Christianity” as the cause of it all. Now, I’m not a noted constitutionalist and smartest man ever like the Emperor of Obamistan, but still– what are they teaching at schools these days?


Don’t Know Much About…

How do we explain this? Surely all of his constitutional law professors did not neglect to mention a very few facts?

Such as– the agricultural and Democratic SOUTH was largely in favour of slavery? That there was a whole set of Lincoln-Douglas Republican/ Democrat slavery debates, a.k.a. “The Great Debates Of 1858“, in which the Republicans sought to prevent slavery spreading Westward into new territories (like Missouri)?

I believe Harvard may have a liberry or two, and in said book repositories may even repose a book or fifty on the matter. But.. what do I know?

That the aforementioned Jim Crow Laws (1890-1965) of racial segregation were Southern Laws, beloved of Democrats, following on older laws of the same type? No? Nobody at Harvard ever pointed this out to you, sir? Not once, in passing, even in a single wee footnote?

Nor that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 repealing all Jim Crow Legislation was voted in via largely Republican votes (80% vs. Dem 63%, despite ex-KKK member Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia (D), who personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 straight hours to keep it from passage)? That the KKK was a Democratic-backed mob, that the Democrats largely backed the Dred Scott Decision, and that the Republican-supported NRA taught black (mostly Republican) men how to shoot, to defend themselves from lynchers and mobs. But– what do I know?

It Gets Even Worse, Factually

Oh, and Mr. Obama, I’m worried that the following may cause a blood-vessel in your head to pop– so read this slowly, pausing for breath– but black slavery (and white slavery, and virtual Pakistani & Filipino slavery) is not illegal in 2015 in many Muslim countries, and was only officially de-legalized in Saudi in the 1960s.

Worse? OK. Age-old Islamic slavery also contributed to the slaves bought and sold to America back in the day, and to the sales of human castration equipment. Nice slag there on blaming Christianity for slavery and Baltimore, Mr. President, Sir– but you clearly can’t or won’t history very good.

Now, I’ve neither been to ivy-covered Harvard, nor have I secretly funded anybody to the tune of $1 million in tuition and stuffs to go there (like someone did for former foreign student Mr. Barry Soetero), but if this is the quality of the education resulting, I think Harvard (and her profs) owes somebody a big apology, and a generous partial refund, along with curriculum reform. And POTUS may need some serious & supervised remedial reading.


See? Harvard Has Books. Open one, Barry..

He’s Faking It, Anyway

Still, it’s no surprise. Holy Chocolate Jesus is not any friend of his faithful 13 million 97% for him voters, or the 317 million others, either. In fact, blacks have in some ways had it even worse under “The First Mulatto President” Obama.

Oh no, I didn’t. Yep.

I>> Black youth and general black unemployment has skyrocketed and soared ever higher into double-digits since Obama’s coronation, and not once has he spoken to or made any serious policies, executive orders, or whatever to help them. Double the white rate?.. thanks for the votes, bitches. And that’s on top of the economic fails of this misadministration.


I>> Black abortion is still in the high 30% of total U.S. abortions (it used to be 40%+). This is a racist black genocide, a la Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood-founding racist extraordinaire.

Dead black babies? In heaps? No word or shame or effort from Partial Birth Barry & his friends at the Planned Parenthood death mills. You wear this in your time, Obama. That green thing is the buck which stopped in front of you, boss-man.

I>> Nor have the disastrous effects of the welfare state on black families been addressed by this president. But his $100 mill vaycays are really great, thanks y’all.. and the 2-3 billion in same since 2008 was just lying around anyway, and could not have helped poverty or education or a new Presidential Fund For Education or anything.

I>> The Shiny New Jim Crow, run by the police and cash-for-prisoners jail companies (COUGH attention, Marco Rubio COUGH), assure that any young black men who do survive the womb and largely fatherless (72%) homes and inferior black schools don’t get any help or support to better themselves, they get overcrowded jail-time galore. Keep dem darkies under control. Obama? Silence.


But Wait– There’s Mores!

On top of this, whilst tax-gouging the multi-coloured middle class, the establishment and Obama have continued to support long-term FED RESERVE™ stimulus money-magicking, which– while it keeps the well-holed U.S.S. Titanic afloat a little longer– actually devalues the spending-power of each dollar via inflation (shrinking money). Everybody is stolen from, especially the non-rich.

I>> Taxation hits the middle class, but devalued dollars (inflation) means that marginal wages buy even less every year. So, there’s less food on the table, less for the poor all ’round, including American black people & families.  The 2013 dollar was only a $0.63 dollar, compared to 1985– and actual 2008-2015 inflation in some sectors of the economy is ( shhhhhh! ) upwards of %15. Your dollar is even less, now.


I>> Then again, since race-baiter Obama and his minions Holder & Sharpton happily threw gasoline and TNT onto the racial fires of Trayvon, and Ferguson, and Baltimore (yay, burning black-owned homes and businesses! a victory for race equality!), all this black death and misery and poverty and gun violence is actually quite useful, in a revolutionary Alinskyite sense, isn’t it?

Because– and Binky has been saying this on and on since 2007, as this blog can attest– Obama and Soros and Jarrett and Holder and Herr Goebbels Sharpton and Boehner and all the other human toothaches, malcontents, and race-card players in the Republicrat party really don’t care about anybody, or justice, or black Americans, because you have to smash a few millions of eggs to make a Utopian omelette, and the fewer blacks at the end of it, the better.

Obama isn’t opposed to black slavery– he wants to enslave everybody in his New Omerica.


Shut Up, White Elf!

Am I racist? Yup, because every human ever born is one. But not everyone is [cue evil musicRacist™ in the U.S. Demopublican sense.

I was partly raised in 1960s Montreal, as much as my uber-liberal mother could make it so, to be somewhat colour-blind. My first kinder-crush was Michelle, a dark beauty whom I serenaded (bilingually, back then) with the Beatles song therefore named. Weird little passionate elf, I was.

Michelle, ma belle
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble
Très bien ensemble. 

My second pre-school crush was a half-black girl named Kimberley, daughter of family friends in an (gasp!) inter-racial marriage. Hubba.

My Hawaiian born & bred Grandma Jean was so full of the Portugee that in the Summer, she was much darker than Obama now is, and in the Winter, was a medium dark roast coffee with milk. ‘Coloured’? Nah. Grammaaaa!

But… DEEP SIGH.. what do I know, compared to Obama the Great and Powerful, the last word in education, leadership, and compassion?

Stupid racist elf. ~


Coren’s Uncomfy Bedfellows?

Look.. The Anglican Church!

Look.. The Anglican Church!

~ ITEM:There is no Pravda in Izvestia, and there is no Izvestia in Pravda”


~ ITEM: Binky On Canadian Anglican Innovations 1985-2004, And Beyond

~ ITEM: Binks, Steynian 477– “Why Not, Exactly? Discuss..”

~ POPE MICHAEL I has joined the Anglican Church of Canada. Yay him, he says.

Sadly, I’d suggest that Michael Coren’s new religious bedfellows may not jibe with some of his past declared positions on free speech, Islam, radical feminism, and intellectual and religious freedom– not within institutional Anglicanism.

Unless his Anglicanism amounts to a cherry-picked fantasy land of what he chooses to do and think, as opposed to the full story. Can’t speak to that.


(1) A REBEL! Michael loved him some Sun News TV, as a platform to speak outside and above the mainstream dino-news and the lockstep media-message of our chattering classes. He will thus be theoretically not pleased to learn that official Anglican news out of Toronto, New York, and London is mostly to real journalism what Soviet-era newspapers Pravda (“Truth”) & Isvestia (“News”) were to truth in news. Or as the old joke had it:

“There is no Pravda in Izvestia, and there is no Izvestia in Pravda” or in English “There is no truth in News, and there is no news in Truth.”

Who says? The former Anglican Drudge Report guy says, me, Binks WebElf. I knew this world inside out, was attacked and threatened by Canadian & American official Anglican propaganda organs– even though everybody read me, because I reported EVERYTHING, and promptly, not months later and whitewashed or distorted or lied-about. Primates, Archbishops and Bishops, clergy and lay-people world-wide read CaNN (Classical Anglican Net News), because.. News. Facts. TImely information.


(2) ONE THINK! Whatever the position the Canadian Establishment/ chattering classes hold, is reflected back to them by the Anglican Church of Canada. It’s nice architecture, pretty robes, sometimes smells and bells, but generally filled with CBC/ NDP content.

Mr. Coren considers himself a controversialist, provocateur, edgy guy. Careful, Mike. Toronto Anglicanism only likes Left Wing institutionalist positions. So as long as you keep your incorrect opinions hidden, or advocate for the correcthink, you will fit in. Anything else, and they will begin to treat you like you bathe in rotten fish guts.

Sure, they like you now because it’s a rare score for a dying, mostly irrelevant and soulless church, a hollow zombie form of itself, full of sound and fury and signifying socialism. But don’t dare criticise modern Canadian Anglicanism, however factually or justly or softly, because you will get stiff-armed at tea-time, bro. Shut down, shut up, sidelined, sniffed-at.. “Not Quite The Thing”.

And don’t you dare like the old Anglican Prayerbook too much. Those guys are batshite nucking futs crazies. Extremist. Subversive. Rebel scum. Not following the Direction The Church Is Moving In. Fish guts.


(2) THE BRAINING! Do you like to brain a lot, Michael? You know, be a well-read, thoughtful, non knee-jerk kinda guy? I do.

Canadian Anglicanism is now mostly a one-themed political party, and the formerly old strong sectors of evangelicalism and middle church and high church have all melted into a politically correct multiculti crayon-puddle of liberal pseudo-Catholicism.

Polite intolerant soft totalitarians. Trust me.

It starts at the clergy-selection stage, these days– anybody who does not think the current (and future to-be-named later) positions of upper management are leaned on, or jettisoned. Not sure about lady ministers? New liturgy? Feminism in robes? Incoherent theology? Speaking up about militant Islam? Ever-changing hymns and worship? Attention-seeking heretical clergy and bishops going off undisciplined? Gay is not quite the thing? Not willing to bully your parishioners into the latest innovation? Not willing to march lock-step with your diocesan and national church offices? It’s the secret trap door in the floor for you, would-be clergy!


I mean, the Bible is nice, and all, but don’t get carried away, type thing. God and Jesus, yes, but the exciting Diocesan sub-committees are where the Holy Spirit speaks authoritatively.

There’s just no “There”, there, Michael. And the current church you just joined is very anti-intellectual, unless you are a clever apologist word-monkey for the way things are at the moment. A word-whore propagandist.

l_pc2020 i love my cousin

(3) YAY TEH GHEY! You like the gay thing. Peachy.

You’ll also be wildly amused to know that under the initiative of the former soft-communist primate “Red” Ted Scott, and as ratified by a later General Synod, that theoretically and canonically, the Anglican Church of Canada has very few rules about who can now boink whom. In the old marriage service of the classical Prayer Book, the age-old rules of consanguinity (blood-relations/ incest) say who can and can’t marry. Those laws in turn reflected the Bible, and 1500 years of Christian practice and canon law, arising from Jewish law & practice. These ancient laws were dumped in the early 2000s, all because [ sound the trumpets! ] some Anglicans at a meeting said so. Isn’t arbitrary power funsies?

So, technically, if you are a Canadian Anglican, you are able to get married to your cousins, your step-children, your aunts and uncles, your nieces and nephews, even your grandparents. That the current Canadian law does not honour your chosen unions– why, that’s just bigotry and injustice. Yay incest!


Look At All The Mini-Popes!

(4) POPESES, PRECIOUSSS! You now have no Pope, Michael. And unlike in England, you don’t even have the Queen, House Of Lords, or Parliament to order and control your church, its leaders, or laws.

Behold indeed a plethora of mini-Popes in charge of mini-Vaticans, from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Anglican Primates, The Canadian Primate, the church bureaucrats, busy-body liturgists, your local bishops, your deans and regional deans and archdeacons and local clergy. Lots and lots of popes. Oh, and lay-popes– bossy lay people who like to give God, their minister, and others a piece of their mind about everything. On top of that, you now have no court of final resort, or body of doctrine, agreed-on sacraments, view of the Scriptures, authoritative catechism, or anything so rigid and intolerant as that.

It’s a jelly-fish, Michael– and you will be subject to the changes and chances of a spineless yet bullying institution, the vain winds of false doctrine, endless novelty and experimentation on you and your soul, depending on the whims of various levels of mini-Popes above you.


(5) GTFO. And if you question–especially if stand and speak up for what Anglicanism seems to actually mean– you will be invited to leave.. which is partly why there are so many Anglican split-off ( or ‘continuing’) churches, for the ones who could not be tolerated by officialdom. Your bishop may even sue the pants off you and your congregation, because tolerance.

Don’t get me wrong– there are some great people in the Anglican Church, even some first-class clergy and bishops– but most of them are that way because they buck the official sewer-tide, brain good, and take the resultant snubbing and attacks, and not because the church likes them that way, or made them that way. The growing parts of the Anglican Church are in the 3rd world, and unlike Michael Coren or the smug & all-but-bankrupt Anglican Church of Canada, these Anglican Christians cheerfully and resolutely uphold Biblical morality, despite much bullying, contempt, and interference from rich progressivist Western Anglicans.

Welcome to the People’s Socialist Soviet Church of Anglican, Canuckistan, comrade. You buttered your bread, now lie in it. ~

~ Saith Binks


It’s The Michael Coren Show, 24/7


Dear Popishes, And Converts, So There!

“[T]he right to criticize other people’s religions or systems of belief is a two way street. He is certainly entitled to criticize mine; but I am equally entitled to criticize his. Surely no one should need reminding of that.”

~ Prof. Robert P. George ~

~ ITEM: ‘I felt a hypocrite': Author Michael Coren on why he left the Catholic Church for Anglicanism

~ ITEM: Coren, 2014– I was wrong

~ ITEM: Homosexual Extremism Defined and Exposed

~ ITEM: Dear Michael Coren: A ‘Gay’ Catholic Responds (AUDIO)

~ ITEM: Ex-Gay Pride Still Alive Despite Anti-Ex-Gay Extremism

~ ITEM: Homosexuals Against Pride Extremism

~ ITEM: Robert P. George: Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom Cannot Coexist

~ ITEM: Michael Coren Flops Again, this Time Joining the Anglican Church… what group will he join next?

~ ITEM: Michael Coren, Crypto-Anglican becomes Anglican


~ SO.. CANADIAN talking-head and one-time Sun-TV commentator Michael Coren has loudly and gracelessly left the Roman Catholic Church, choosing instead the waffling, numerically dying, and (officially) militantly progressive Anglican Church of Canada. So… those Titanic deck chairs– they comfy?

This, he says, all because it’s for the children he hearts teh gays.


Enter The Unicorns

Well, some gays. Sadly, and exactly like the Toronto-centric Anglican Crutch of Canadia, Mr. Coren is only paying attention to the noisiest and most institutionally aggressive segment of the homosexual movement, and choosing to ignore, slight, and pretend that any other position towards gay people or about gay people simply cannot and does not exist.

I’m talking about friends and colleagues of mine, namely the former gay, celibate gay, and non-leftist gay communities. They are not unicorns, but they are a true– and ignored, mocked, and maligned– minority.

Proof Of Same

At Angrycan General Synods in 2004 and 2007 (big national meeting thing), some very courageous ex-gays and celibate gays politely wrote a letter and tried to speak up and represent that the gay community itself was not monolithic, and nor should the “Same-Sex Marriage Or Bust” bandwagon be the only ones acknowledged, or heard by Canadian Anglicans. The aggressively polite establishment in robes would have none of it, or them.

You know, cuz if you ever dare oppose teh gay, you are Westboro Baptists, and have the dumb. And probably a case of the evils.

To add churchly jackboot to injury, by voting down a 2007 motion to recognize them, the Anglican Mafia Church gave a big thermonuclear  “F*ck You!” to actual ‘listening’, dialogue’, and the all-important ‘diversity & inclusiveness’ so dear to the hearts of true leftard bullies social justice warriors everywhere.

Because Anglicans Are Nice, And Stuff

Because Anglicans Are Nice, And Stuff

Moar Bigotries!

Thus, our noble talking head Michael Coren is joining a church which knee-jerkily excludes, deliberately discriminates against, and nastily ignores the actual voices of actual Anglicans (and other all Christians, and God & Jesus) who actually have something important to say which may go against the all-holy Spirit Of The Age and the gay ‘born that way’ fascism which dominates all discussions in the media and culture– but Michael just doesn’t want to hear that, any more than he wanted to hear many of those same brave people from within the Roman Catholic Church itself.

So, Michael: to avoid personal ‘hypocrisy’, you secretly left Catholicism to publicly join a hypocritical political cult denomination which doesn’t even want to know it’s being terribly hypocritical– a kind of Double Super-Secret Hyper-Hypocrisy.


Ironically, sometime freespeecher Coren, in the great culture-war of our times over religious freedom and free speech, has just aligned himself with the silencers, the bullies, the speech-code brigade and their collaborationist religious sympathizers and minions within the Anglican and United Church of Canada. That they are Anglican, and so very polite and orderly and dignified about it, just means there’s a velvet glove on the steel claw.

Well done, then. Stick that in your culturally fashionable moral grandstanding, sir, and smoke it. I’m sure God is well-pleased.

Because He’s Betterer Than You

Social Justice Warriorism– churchy or otherwise– isn’t actually about facts, people, reality, consequences, and details. It’s a morality tale, about some people being better than the stupid and/ or evil ones, who dare disagree with The Message. The SJWs are better than. More gooder. Righteous, even. So shut up, they explained. Capital “H” Hypocrisy with huge fecking bells on.

La la la, I Can’t Hear You So You Don’t Exist is no more admirable than shouting down, insulting, social media blocking, and misrepresenting a reasonable opposition to same-sex marriage. Yes, Michael, that’s you— and you did precisely that to me and a round dozen of people trying to ask you questions and to clarify your position on FaceBook a while back.

So ex-evangelical, ex-Roman Catholic, and likely some day ex-Anglican Michael Coren can go ahead and cheerfully dislocate his shoulder by vigorous back-patting himself, but reality– and people– ain’t so simple. ~

~ Saith Teh Binks

P.S. Michael, just FYI, for converts/ reverts/ deverts/ steeple-chasers it is considered Very Bad Form to go about slagging your previous ecclesiastical home. Give it 2-3 years, then comment, mmkay? 

P.P.S. It’s also kinda skeezy to go about as a Very Public Popish– speaking and writing and getting money and bylines and attention for same– whilst secretly going to Anglican services for over a year. You buttered your bread, now lie in it, saith Teh Binks.


Via FaceBook, by Prof. Robert P. George:

I have had a series of rather sharp exchanges on Twitter this evening with Michael Coren. I had praised him on Facebook for having the integrity to leave the Catholic Church when he decided he could not believe her teachings. At the same time, I noted that the particular type of Anglican church he was likely joining was among those now on on the path to the third form of “atheism” identified by Plato in his great work *The Laws*. (I explained that “atheism” there does not mean denial of the *existence* of a deity or deities.) Mr. Coren, who freely criticized the Catholic Church upon leaving it, seems to be offended that I would equally freely criticize liberal Anglicanism. But the right to criticize other people’s religions or systems of belief is a two way street. He is certainly entitled to criticize mine; but I am equally entitled to criticize his. Surely no one should need reminding of that.

I should note, by the way, that most Anglicans in the world are definitely NOT on the path to Plato’s third form of “atheism.” On the contrary, their conception of God is the morally demanding God of the Bible. Their teachings on marriage and sexual morality are fully in line with the biblical and natural law understandings. That is true, I believe, in all the places where Anglicanism is growing, rather than declining, and especially in the places where it is growing fastest. Perhaps I should note that liberal Catholicism is in no better shape than liberal Anglicanism (theologically and in terms of growth). The same is true, I believe, for the liberal Protestant churches.

Via FaceBook, by Hilary White:

Yeah, I’ve been thinking of apostatizing and joining the other side of the War, denouncing Christ and His holy Church, joining the chorus of hate against it and claiming victim status.

I mean, srsly, imagine the payback! Big fat media contracts, appearances on Oprah. Book deals. A reality show all my own! Woot!

But, having listened to the pathetic notorious self-promoter Michael Coren making an idiot of himself doing this, I find I don’t have the stomach for it.

But hey, good on him for being willing to look like a completely disingenuous and calculating moral huckster and shill for the left… for money and notoriety.

I tip my hat. I really do.

Via FaceBook, by Gerry Hunter

You never hear of the Courage Apostolate in the media, because it falsely, and it seems deliberately, presents an organization called Dignity as being a Catholic organization of people with same sex attraction. The media ignores, and now Coren has ignored and slighted, the members of this apostolate, and have chosen to have no part of something that moved Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, a physician and therapist with extensive historic experience with same-sex attraction, to write:

“I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have met many people who have emerged from the gay life. When I see the personal difficulties they have squarely faced, the sheer courage they have displayed not only in facing these difficulties but also in confronting a culture that uses every possible means to deny the validity of their values, goals, and experiences, I truly stand back in wonder… It is these people –former homosexuals and those who are still struggling, all across America and aboard –who stand for me as a model of everything good and possible in a world that takes the human heart, and the God of that heart, seriously. In my various explorations within the worlds of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and psychiatry, I have simply never before seen such profound healing.”

Catholic teaching concerning the virtue of Chastity is the same for everyone, no exceptions. And the healing available to everyone who placed their lives under Christ, and embraces, with his help, that virtue, is also the same for everyone. The names of the SSA organizations around map out an interesting route Coren has followed. He has abandoned Courage. He has sought a false Dignity by moving to an organization that promotes a false and deceptive Integrity. Meantime, in full accord with Dr. Satinover’s observation, the Courage Apostolate remains one of the finest fruits of Catholic faith in struggle and action, with Mr. Coren’s de facto denial of their existence not diminishing that one iota.

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